Antonio Vicentini: Bhutanese Passport

Brazilian animator Antonio Vicentini has taken a bizarre uncredited audio recording, lifted from the "spoken word" Bhutanese Passport entry on Wikipedia, and applied it to a hilarious exercise in simple animation and lip synchronization!

Equateur - Cheval Noir

In 'Cheval Noir' Kadavre Exquis, a French graphic designer and animator also known simply as Françoise, continues the sci-fi infused narrative seen his first music video collaboration with Equateur and their track 'The Lava'.

Both these tracks are taken from 'The Lava' EP with the third and final track 'Ira' potentially providing the score for one last installment of this animated saga. You can buy the 'The Lava' EP here: iTunes

Jurian Möller: EVO

Graphic designer and illustrator Jurian Möller has released an animation condensing 550 million years of human evolution into a minute long walk-cycle.

The animation complements the release of Jurian's impressive 30 metre leporello (concertina) publication 'EVO' and the accompanying exhibition at the Amsterdam Public Library. The exhibition runs until February 2015, with the book available to buy online here: EVO book

"What does your father look like.. and your grandfather... and your great-great-grandfather... and what about his father? 'EVO' is a book that goes back in time and shows you the evolution of the generations in both a personal and scientific way. The differences between the generations on each page are very difficult to see, but the long, continuous ancestral line goes right back to our very origins." - Jurian Möller

David OReilly: The Horse Raised By Spheres

'The Horse Raised By Spheres'

Earlier today David OReilly published a mysterious URL in his twitter timeline...

Clicking the link leads you down a wormhole of previously unreleased shorts featuring OReilly's archetypal aesthetic and classic black humor. The shorts are wonderfully packaged and presented in a multi-verse tied together with a looping pseudo-sci-fi narrative about a machine left alone for billions of years contemplating its own creation and existence.

'The Fractals'

'Children's Song'

'Wrong Number'



Stephen McNally: Forgot

'Forgot' is a short film about memory, emigration, longing, Jesus kitsch, cocktail sausages and children’s television.

'Forgot' explores the shape of memory, telling the story of a life through its effacing. A non-linear narrative that flashes between childhood and maturity, as it all slips away... From what we long to remember, to what we'd sooner forget.

Mauro Gatti: Radio

Animator Stefano Meazza and illustrator Mauro Gatti animated this characterful spot illustrating the emotive effect of different musical genres.

"Music has the ability to arouse a myriad of emotions, so be careful the next time you’re skipping between radio stations!"

Jessica Ashman: Fixing Luka

Jessica Ashman's superb 2011 Scottish BAFTA and New Talent BAFTA award winning stop-motion short film 'Fixing Luka' is finally online. Inspired by Jessica's own experiences growing-up with a younger brother with autism, 'Fixing Luka' is a touching tale of hope, determination and acceptance.

"In a ramshackle cottage beside a forest, Lucy and Luka live with their parents. Every day, Luka drives his sister mad as he happily performs obsessive, nonsensical routines with sugar cubes and thimbles. Watching his antics, Lucy thinks her brother is broken but when she’s given the chance to fix him, will she take it?"

Amazing Simpsons Patches

Fat Bart - "Rag On A Stick" patch by Applesauce Industries

Simpsons-themed sew-on patches are being brought to our attention on an almost daily basis, so we thought we'd post a collection of our current favorites.

Get sewing... You're denim jacket will have never looked so rad!

Beat It Nerd! patch by Mean Folk

Bartfield patch by Michael Shantz

Hang In There & Can You Spare A Feeling patches by Mike McCabe

Kamp Krusty & Bart Simpsons Treehouse Club patches by Lucas Jubb

Bart Simpson Misfits patch by SprawlMart

Bart Headroom patch by Spoking Fun

Jazz Rules & Jimbo Jones Ain't Nutin Ta Fuck Wit patches by Elbartoh

When Pigs Fly, Knifey Spoony Champ & Can't Stop Won't Stop patches by Stuntin

Al Bart patch by MVH Philadelphia

Eric Dyer: Zoetropes

Eric Dyer, artist, filmmaker, experimental animator, and educator, loves pioneering interesting and unique zoetropic projects.

'Copenhagen Cycles Journey (Midnight Moment)' features 25 zoetrope-like paper sculptures, comprised of a photo-collaged reconstruction of a cyclists travels through a fantastical interpretation of Denmark's capital city.

In a more recent project, dubbed 'Baldwin Geotrope', Eric experiments with an 80ft wide simple phenakistoscope image etched into a field and filmed from a rapidly rotating drone.

A quick scan of Dyer's website also hints at tests with a hot air balloon and an ambitious zoetrope tunnel in which to immerse viewers... Interesting stuff!

JAAA! - Spook

Karolina Glusiec has applied her archetypal , simple yet inventive, pencil-on-paper illustrative style to a new music video for polish "freak-electronic" group JAAA!

The animation accompanies the track 'Spook', taken from JAAA!'s forthcoming, as yet untitled, debut album.

KWGT: Yukisusumisariyuki

The latest animated project from digital visual artist KWGT turns a Tumblr into a user controlled interactive animation medium.

An anime-style girl changes appearance just as quickly as she walks through the surrounding trippy, morphing landscape. The speed of the animation and the resulting transmutations are dictated by the viewers use of the scroll wheel.

Visit the site to try it for yourself ( or watch the sample video embedded below.

Bart Hoover Print (Coming Soon)

The Animated Review and our cohorts at Henry Press have combined our two great loves into one spectacular collaborative print. Bart Simpson and Henry Hoover have been amalgamated into our dream Numatic cleaning product, the... Bart Hoover!

"I didn't think it was physically possible, but this both sucks and blows!" - Bart Simpson

Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & A$AP Ferg - Old English

RUFFMERCY has injected a whole heap of Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired neo-expressionist and primitivist graffiti styling to this brilliant animated music video for 'Old English' featuring Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & A$AP Ferg...

Peter McVeigh feat. Ciara O'Neill - Song For Winter

Belfast-based illustrator and animator Ashling Lindsay animated this suitably arresting snowy music video to accompany the hauntingly beautiful harmonization of singers Peter McVeigh and Ciara O'Neill, and their track 'Song for Winter'.

Emmanuelle Walker: Beautiful Birds

Emmanuelle Walker animated this gorgeous avian promo for the upcoming book 'Beautiful Birds', illustrated by Emmanuelle Walker, written by Jean Roussen and published by Flying Eye Books.

Pre-order the book from Flying Eye Books on, out in March 2015!