Lucas Jubb: Simpsons Club Patches

Freelance illustrator and illustrative designer Lucas Jubb dedicates all his time to make the world a beautiful and more interesting place to live in. Alongside his professional output he creates personal projects more in-tune with his own hobbies and interests.

Lucas is obviously a massive fan of 'The Simpsons' (Who isn't, right!?) and as a result he has designed and released some unusual fan-art pieces based on classic episodes.

Inspired by clubs and organisations from the episodes 'Kamp Krusty' and 'Bart The General', Lucas has released two, very limited, embroidered sew-on-patches, ideal for embellishing any Simpson fans denim jacket or rucksack!

The 'Kamp Krusty' patch, inspired by the run down summer camp from the episode of the same name, was also influenced in its design by classic American Scouts patches and the three triangles are a nod towards the face paint Bart adopts during his time at the camp.

“Dear Mom, I no longer fear Hell, for I have been to Kamp Krusty. Our nature hikes have become grim death marches. Our arts and crafts hut is, in truth, a Dickensian workhouse. Bart makes it through the day clinging to his hope that Krusty the Klown will come. But I am far more pessimistic. I am not even sure if this letter will reach you, as the normal lines of communication have been cut. So I close by saying, SAVE US! SAVE US NOW! Bart and Lisa.”

The 'Bart Simpson Tree House Club' patch was inspired by the classic season one episode 'Bart The General', in which Bart, Grampa Simpson, and Herman Hermann rally the town’s children into fighting back against Nelson Muntz and his bullying cronies. The three logs illustrated in the design obviously refer to Bart's three house HQ, whilst also hinting at military service stripes.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Contrary to what you’ve just seen, war is neither glamorous nor fun. There are no winners, only losers. There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: The American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars Trilogy. If you’d like to learn more about war, there’s lots of books in your local library, many of them with cool, gory pictures”

These first two patches are due for release via the A Little Summit online store on August 1st, limited to just 15 units each and priced at a very reasonable £7.00 a piece! These are sure to sell out unbelievably quickly.

There is also an illustration for a 'Springfield Wacking Day' patch in Lucas' Instagram feed, alluding to the possibility of more Simpsons patches to come! Which other Simpsons clubs and organisation would you like to see... Perhaps the 'Stonercutters' or the 'Krusty Klub'!?

Alex Grigg: Tower Block

Alex Grigg's animated loop 'Tower Block' is a voyeuristic peep through the windows of those weirdos living next door!

Rairairai Team - Toyokazu

We're always thrilled to see a new animated music videos from independent Japanese animation studio ONIONSKIN... They never disappoint!

Their latest offering, animated to accompany the Rairairai Team track 'Toyokazu', looks like the demented felt-tip, pencil crayon and Microsoft Paint scribblings of a lovelorn school girl!

Brikk: A Story Of A Story

Swedish animation studio Brikk created this self-initiated project in order to illustrate to their clients the playful yet complex process behind their work.

"It (animation) can all seem a bit too magical and otherworldly (because in a way it is), but it’s also a damn serious process. We wanted to explain how each step leads to another in the twist of a story and have fun with loads of different animation techniques... An ode to our own job, ‘cause that’s how much we love it!" Brikk

Will Blood: Bare Bones

Like a macabre taxidermist, Brighton-based illustrator, Will Blood has applied his swarm of Dermestid beetles in the skeletonisation of all your favourite cartoon characters.

The series of skeletal drawings features 'Adventure Time' through to 'Zelda', all stripped back to their "Bare Bones"!

Available now as a range of high-quality A4 digital prints, T-shirts and Tote Bags through Will's online store.

Timor Barshtman: Habitus

Timor Barshtman's graduation project for Shenkar College of Engineering and Design Visual Communication department 2014, is wonderfully stylised animated short called 'Habitus.'

The piece illustrates how our unique life experiences all inform our individual characteristics and behavior... Our personalities a messy construct, designed by it's environment in order to best survive and thrive in it.

Alexey Zakharov: Futurama 3D

Russian digital artist and animator Alexey Zakharov has created a short 3D test shot of the 'Futurama' opening credits... We'd love to see more!

Ash Davies: Bartholio Toy

Disart ToyLabs have partnered with tattooist Ash Davies, to unleash this Bart Simpson x Beavis mash-up, dubbed the 'Bartholio' bootleg!

Inspired by Ash’s hugely popular pin badge design of the same creation, the hilarious mash-up of iconic ′90s cartoons has been kit-bashed by Disart’s Tru:Tek from a vintage 4″ Beavis bendy toy, and an originally sculpted Bart head from NolanJP.

The three variants made their debut at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con, with the remainging stock now available through the AshMadeThese online store.

Bartholio “OG Hand Paint” edition: Cast in hard resin, these limited figures have been painstakingly hand-painted by Ash. Each is unique, with an individually cutomised metal-tinged slogan scrawled across the front of the T-shirt. Priced £25.00

Bartholio “Naked Bart” and “Naked Beavis” jumbo keshi editions: Cast in a keshi-style rubber, these playable versions have been produced in yellow and flesh inspired by both 'The Simpsons' and 'Beavis & Butthead' skin tones. Priced £10.00 each.

Keep your eyes peeled for more variants and exclusive editions, coming soon!

Johnny Ryan: Prison Pit Trailer

Johnny Ryan's fascination with WWE wrestling, grindhouse cinema, first-person action video games, Gary Panter's Jimbo comics and Kentaro Miura's 'Berserk' manga culminated in the creation of the 'Prison Pit' series of books, a brutal and often hilarious showcase of comic violence!

The first volume of 'Prison Pit', featuring Cannibal Fuckface, Jizzra, Rabies Bloodbath, Rottweiler Herpes and the Prison Guards kicking the shit out of each other, is finally being adapted into an animated short by Rug Burn, an animation channel on YouTube founded by Titmouse & Six Point Harness.

You can pre-order a digital download of 'Prison Pit - Volume One' now. A limited edition DVD and T-shirt option is also available for pre-order, with 50% of the proceed going towards animating more 'Prison Pit!' The successful completion of the 5-book 'Prison Pit' series would flow together like a full-length feature film!

Watch the trailer:

Efrat Benzur - Robin

Renowned Israeli stop-motion animators Yuval & Merav Nathan created this gorgeous music video for 'Robin' by Efrat Benzur.

Painstakingly animating fresh plants, petals, leaves, pine cones and sticks, picked straight out of nature, the duo bring to life the plight and salvation of a fainting Robin.

Nendo Winnie The Pooh Glassware

Following on from their range of knitting-clad wooden furniture, subtly suggesting Winnie The Pooh and Friends characters, Nendo have now released a range of glassware inspired by the lovable bear.

The Pooh Glassware was designed for Walt Disney in Japan as part of a series of products themed around the children's story books. Keeping the glass components as simple as possible, the designers could focus their attention on creating a series of yellow silicon bases and tops that depict the activities and habitats of the cartoon bear.

The lids, stoppers and coasters capture some of Pooh's most notorious mishaps, including climbing trees, sticking his head in a jar of honey and hanging from a balloon.

Jasu Hu: Life

This beguiling short about the fleetingness of life, beautifully illustrated through the antler growth of a young deer and falling cherry blossom, was animated by Maryland Institute College of Art illustration student Jasu Hu.

Lucien Antigny: BARK

Lucien Antigny's EMCA graduation short 'BARK' tells the story of a derange lumberjack, still sharing his remote forest cabin with the decomposing bodies of his deceased family.

Matt Gondek: Kill 'Em All 'Zine

Have you ever wondered what some of your favourite cartoon, TV and movie characters would look with exploding faces? Well, wonder no more! Illustrator Matt Gondek, aka The Frown Crown, has complied a 14 page black & white'zine titled 'Kill 'Em All!' of just such cartoonish cranial cataclysm.

Buy 'Kill 'Em All' through The Frown Crown online store for just $5.00!

Justine Vuylsteker: Fish Don't Need Sex

Justine Vuylsteker's Esaat graduation short, 'Fish Don't Need Sex', is a sensuously animated silhouetted paper-craft tryst between two lovers, built around the track 'Glace Bay' by Marconi Union.