Spudgun: Simpsons Prints

Liverpool-based graphic artist Spudgun works with a cleanly symmetrical illustrative aesthetic, utilising bold black strokes, geometric shapes, straight lines, block colour and dot patterns to represent his chosen subject matter. Often inspired by TV, music, football and other pop-culture interests, Spudgun's latest series of prints centres around iconic Simpsons characters.

Originally illustrated as a massive A1 screen print for the No Homers Club exhibition, the 18 stylised characters are now available as individual A4 digital prints, priced at a mere £8 a pop!

You can choose from... Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Ned Flanders, Groundskeeper Willie, Krusty The Clown, Otto Mann, Comic Book Guy, Snake, Chief Wiggum, Ralph Wiggum, Moe Szyslak, Mr Burns, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Milhouse Van Houten & Nelson Muntz.

Visit spudgunstore.tictail.com and pick up a bunch now!

Treat Studios: Adult Swim Idents

Akira-eqsue mutation, intestinal knitting and live butchery!

Watch these disturbingly grotesque and gory transformations, imagined by London-based Treat Studios on behalf of Adult Swim.

Lei Lei: One Missing Player

Noted Chinese animator Lei Lei delves inside his personal history to bring to life his latest work. The kaleidoscopic animation humanises the game of Mahjong, depicting three characters in search of the fourth player.

'One Missing Player' expresses a general feeling of melancholy, lamenting the lack of sympathy in human relations.

Wizard Skull: The Sexy Yellow Beast

'The Sexy Yellow Beast' is a collaboration between bootleg toy-maker Scott Campbell (Ride With Death) and Brooklyn-based artists & illustrator Wizard Skull.

Based on a Wizard Skull drawing, this mutated figure amalgamates iconic yellow-hued pop culture characters... Big Bird, SpongeBob SquarePants and Bart Simpson!

Each 7" resin figure has been individually cast and hand-painted! Head over to The Midnight Society to grab one from the first run of just ten!! Priced $100.

Wizard Skull has also drawn other colour-themed cartoon monstrosities (see below) so perhaps we'll see a follow-up project soon!?

LEGO Adventures In The City

This unbelievably ambitious stop motion mini-epic adventure, encapsulating all the spark of imagination and originality seen in 'The LEGO Movie', was created for LEGO China.

'Adventures In The City was realised by Dutch director/writer/animator Rogier Wieland, his dedicated crew of animators, thousands of real LEGO bricks and a boy in a snake costume!


Bernard the limpet discovers a vibrant aquatic community in his new rock pool home, in this sweet minute-long animation from EMCA students Camille Monnier, Paul Vibert-Vallet and Victorin Ripert.

Son Of Lux - Change Is Everthing

This impressive music video, for the lead single from Son Lux’s upcoming album 'Bones,' features a simple, yet highly effective, use of ball-head push pins and elasticated thread in a painstaking combination of rotoscoping and stop motion animation.

'Change Is Everything' is an amazing project, conceived and animated by visual artist & producer Nathan Johnson. Nathan elaborates on the laborious technique in the 'Making-of'' (also posted below.) Including the necessity for rubberised finger thimbles and safety goggles!

Kid Acne: Krang T-shirt

After a lengthy hiatus, MONGRELS (aka Kid Acne & Benjamin) are set to return with a series of limited edition vinyl releases. The first of which, a 6 track 10" EP, will be due imminently!

Whilst the vinyl is in the process of being pressed you can now pre-order the MONGRELS T-shirt featuring an awesome boombox-toting interpretation of Krang from the 1980s version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The limited edition, hand-pulled screen printed tee is currently available to order via kidacne.bigcartel.com, priced £20!

A 50cm x 70cm single colour screen print of the same image is also dropping soon. With the proceeds of these sales going towards the production of the MONGRELS album.

Sophie Koko Gate: Travel

Sophie Koko Gate expounds the virtues of travel, in this animated piece for The School of Life...

Motionlab: Mr Mustache

Korean-based animation and motion graphics studio Motion Lab, have released a hand-drawn self-initiated project based on famous mustachioed faces from Hulk Hogan to Adolf Hitler.

Yon Hui Lee: Dodoba

'Dodoba', Yon Hui Lee's spectacularly good animated amphibian Jidaigeki adventure, tells the the story of a red-skinned r┼Źnin toad who must face trail over the murder of a frog.

The Helio Sequence - Upward Mobility

The Helio Sequence recently released an animated music video for their song 'Upward Mobility,' take from their forthcoming self-titled album released via Sub Pop Records.

The video, directed and animated by Emanuele Kabu, encompasses a variety of expertly executed animation techniques. Abstract shapes and colourful patterns transition between hand-drawn marker pen illustration, fast-moving digital sections, watercolour washes and thickly applied acrylic paint. The lively vibrancy of the animation really elevates the track to a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Brandon Wu: The Mountain King

A selfish king, hell bent on expanding his kingdom through plundering the surrounding countryside of all its natural resources, must learn humility in land populated by giant guardians of nature.

Watch Brandon Wu's Calarts graduation film 'The Mountain King.'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Simpson Bootleg

Bootleg Bart catalogue the cultural phenomena of knock-off Simpsons T-shirt. After over a decade of searching, and collating a vast number of obscure tributes to the iconic yellow family, several recurring themes started to emerge. These visual trends have formed the basis for a series of super limited custom action figures being periodically released through the Bootleg Bart online store.

Following on from last years, long sold out, 'Black Bart' bootleg action figure, they've now released another classic rip-off! Merging iconic characters from two hit tv shows. 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Simpson' combines Bart Simpson and Raphael of 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' into a spiky-haired hero in a half shell!

This new 3" figure, available in two distinct colour varients, has been booted from the same original 1989 Playmates Bart used for 'Black Bart', and customised by SonicYoot. Each toy has been individually cast by MR Anonymous, hand-painted, numbered and completed with sai & nun chuck accessories!

Available as a timed release (May 4th - May 15th), priced $69. Pick one up via the Bootleg Bart online store whilst you still can!

Nicolas Pomet: Nothingness

Nicolas Pomet, the Parisian graphic designer and animator behind the Kn1ght - 'Last Moon' music video, is back on the Animated Review with a new personal project, titled 'Nothingness'.

The super stylish short follows a huntsman's encounter with a wolf in a desolate and bleak woodland, ravaged by winter.