Vampillia - Lilac (Bombs Jun Togawa)

Independent Japanese animation collective, ONIONSKIN are back with yet another brilliantly innovative music video, marking their third collaborative outing with intense pop-orchestra, Vampillia.

Their previous Vampillia videos included hellish (although gorgeously animated) sequences featuring decapitation, face-melting, vomiting and exploding heads! So it should come as no surprise that this new video, accompanying the track Lilac (Bombs Jun Togawa), is equally horrifying and beautiful.

The superb animation depicts the flesh slowly tearing and bursting from the body of a drowning school girl, before the corpse is re-animated by worms infesting the skeletal remains. Interspersed with flashes of childhood memories, the short piece captures the final terrifyingly-painful moments of this young life.

Vanilla Seed: Anna & Froga

Vanilla Seed animation studio created this super cute teaser for a TV adaptation of Anouk Ricard's 'Anna & Froga' books.

The animated series will follow the adventures of a little girl named Anna and her gang of animal friends. Anna's best friend is the titular Froga, and they often hang out with Bubu the dog (an aspiring artist), Christopher the gourmand earthworm, and Ron (a practical joker of a cat).

Thumbs: Adventure Time Mashups

Nick Thompson aka Thumbs is a London-based graphic designer, illustrator and self-professed sticker addicted. For fun he mashes together cartoon characters and applies these illustrations to t-shirts, prints and of course, stickers! Amidst the items for sale in the Thumbs Etsy store you'll find Popeye with Squidward's legs, The Simpsons family re-imagined as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Maggie as Master Splinter!) and Goofy as Lady Rainicorn. A recurring obsession is to depict various iconic cartoon duos as 'Adventure Time' protagonists Finn & Jake!

Dewy Sinatra - Bubble

Following on from the release of his debut EP 'Wasted Youth', songwriter Dewy Sinatra shares his latest offering 'Bubble'. Accompanied by a great music video animated by Jeannette Lee.

A dog, a bubble, a jacket...

King Raam - Pegasus

The Iran-based Hoorakhsh Studio animated this anime-influenced music video for King Raam's track 'Pegasus' using a combination of Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, premiere, and Maya.

Directed by the studio founder Ashkan Rahgozar, the video draws strongly from Katsuhiro Otomo's 'Akira' depicting a man whose body breaks the confinement of its own skin, before engulfing his entire apartment block. There are also anime references in some of Hoorakhsh’s other work too... Their earlier music video 'If You Go Away' was a self-professed tribute to Mamoru Oshii’s 'Ghost in the Shell'.

PilotPriest - The Last Goodbye

In 2014, French directors/animators Thibaud Clergue, Aurélien Duhayon, Sébastien Iglesias and Camille Perrin fresh out of Supinfocom, formed the BRVTVS Collective. Their debut film was the John Carpenter-esque biker gang mini-horror 'Horde', in which we see a demonic biker gang "recruit" a new member for their undead throng.

Following the resounding success of 'Horde', musician and film-maker PilotPriest, aka Anthony Scott Burns, asked BRVTVS to create a music video to accompany the track 'The Last Goodbye' taken from his 'W​/​W​/​D​/​K​/​F' album. Having mastered the horror genre with their first short, BRVTVS turned their attention to science fiction, which is also a great source of inspiration for PilotPriest and his synthesizer-heavy cinematic compositions.

Influenced by black and white movies of Fritz Lang ('Metropolis') and other German expressionist directors, the resulting video is epic in its cinematic scope and steeped in sci-fi nostalgia. The narrative sees a female astronaut pursue her college through space, before encountering a strange mirrored barrier which transports her into the unknown...

Jonah Burke Primiano: IDLE

Watch Jonah Burke Primiano's Savannah College of Art and Design 2015 graduation film 'IDLE'...

"An isolated gas station pulls into focus the difference between our current generations. The younger unwilling to identify with the older. The older disappointed with the younger. Despite each being characterized by their differences, they are both rooted in the same existential doubts."

Ana Mouyis: Pussy!

Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator and animator Anastasia Mouyis has released her debut short film, titled 'Pussy!'

The short animation follows an insecure but ambitious feline and her attempts at learning to swim. The mixed-media film, which incorporates 2D animation, hand-painted backgrounds, paint-on-glass animation and stop motion, poses the questions... "Can cats swim? Should they?!"

Psychonauts Trailer

'Psiconautas' ('Psychonauts'), a new 78-minute Spanish animated feature film directed by Alberto Vazquez, and produced by Zircozine and Basque Films, just premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Based on Vazquez's own comic book of the same name, 'Psychonauts' follows Birdboy and Dinki on their harrowing journey to escape an island devastated by an ecological catastrophe.

Watch the teaser trailer (with English subtitles) below:

Aardman Nathan Love: Full ANL

Nathan Love is now Aardman Nathan Love... The new brand is the result of Aardman Animations becoming a majority stakeholder in NYC-based Nathan Love, which was announced through the magnificently conceived 'Full ANL' logo reveal.

The inspiration for the film comes from Aardman's stop-motion roots with the clay-like, characteristically rubbery Aardman-style eyes & mouths, combined with Nathan Love's typically impressive and detailed CGI.

Streets Of Beige: Bootleg Simpsons T-shirt

The once peaceful town of Springfield has been taken over by a criminal syndicate, including the police. Mass violence has become extremely dominant and no one is safe. Bart Simpson (an accomplished boxer), Milhouse Van Houten (skilled martial artist) and Lisa Simpson (judo expert) are young ex-police officers who had to quit the force in order to fight back the syndicate...

Streets Of Beige (lowbrow art bloggers and purveyors of fine bootleg merchandise) have collaborated with illustrator Dan Evans (aka Danxdraws) and Bristol-based screen printers Not Guilty Press in the release of this superb Simpsons Vs. Street Of Rage mash-up tee.

The T-shirt sports a Bart Simpson skull and crossbones pocket print and an impressive back print featuring Bart, Milhouse and Lisa (as Axel, Adam and Blaze) ready to fuck shit up!

The 3-colour, screen-printed heavyweight Gildan tee is available from the Streets Of Beige online store, priced just £16.50!

Yoann Hervo: Weird Simpsons

Director and animator Yoann Hervo, along with the help of Hugo Moreno, created this deliberately shonky, wonderfully weird and mind-meltingly strange tribute to The Simpsons.

The piece was originally intended to be just a small part of a collaboration project, including Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon and James Hatley, in which animators created (in their own style) a short story based in the Simpsons universe. The project was ultimately abandoned, but happily Yoann persisted and finished his contribution.

With any luck Yoann Hervo's brilliantly nightmarish interpretation of the opening credits will follow in the footsteps of Paul Robertson & Ivan Dixon's pixel art tribute, which was picked up by the show's creators and ended up being screened as the opening of episode 14, season 26, My Fare Lady.

Matt Reynolds: Sport In The Land Of Plenty

In this madcap short from Matt Reynolds we observe the supreme beings of The Land of Plenty enjoying their murderous leisure time...

Vincent Tsui - Made In China

Vincent Tsui's darkly comic short depicts a world of wooden toys striving to act like humans, despite their physical limitations.

Their rigid inanimate bodies, expressionless faces and uniform appearance make it impossible to perform everyday tasks like waling the dog, drinking a cup of coffee or speed dating. The animation takes a melancholic turn as characters are seen to be identifying a criminal in a police lineup, failing to extinguish a fire and even attempting to commit suicide!

Himuro Yoshiteru - Fushigi Man

King Deluxe, who frequently grace our blog with their artists' incredible animated music videos, presents a short but sweet release from Japanese electronic musician Himuro Yoshiteru. A digital version of the 'Fushigi Man EP' is available now priced $3 via King Deluxe Records.

Julian Glander applies his iconic visual flair and quirky animation style in the "fishy fun" music video accompanying the title track 'Fushigi Man'...