Keimzeit - Junges Blut

Sonja Rohleder, of Talking Animals Animation Studio, directed and animated this wonderfully stylised music video for Keimzeit, and their new track 'Junges Blut' taken from the album 'Auf einem Esel ins All.'

Bob 2: Works Of Bob

'Rinky Dinky Pink'

Bob 2 is back with a brand spanking new website and a bunch of fantastic new prints inspired by Snoopy & The Pink Panther, both regular features in his work.

Each of these massive A2 giclee prints is limited to ten copies a piece, signed and numbered. They're available now via, priced £40.00 each.

We're also excited to hear that Bob 2 is also collaborating with Sydney Pinnerz on a new release!

'Canary Yellow'

'Abandoned Hope (In An Abandoned Church)' 

'Graveyard Summer'


4Creative & Nexus: The Outsider

This unexpected Disney-esque promo for The Crabbie’s Grand National Festival tells the story of a wingless unicorn foal, striving to overcome all the odds and prove its worth to its disapproving peers. 'The Outsider' has all the heartwarming cliches of a classic underdog tale, as the foal manages to make something out of nothing by transforming its fortunes through its uncompromising internal will.

“People love the Grand National because even the outsider has a chance. We wanted to dramatise this whilst at the same time blowing the whistle on all the prejudiced unicorns out there.” - John Allison & Chris Bovill (4Creative)

LEGOLAND Awesome Awaits Advert

A new advertising campaign for LEGOLAND sees swathes of LEGO bricks transform into dragons, pirates, dinosaurs, knights and a multitude of other animals characters and vehicles, and descend upon the resort.

The slogan "Awesome Awaits" is obviously developed from the irritatingly catchy and inescapably memorable "Everything Is Awesome" song from 'The LEGO Movie.'

Astro Boy Reboot Sneak Peek

Pairs-based animation studio Caribara Animation are currently producing twenty-six half-hour episodes of a new 2D/GCI hybrid of Osamu Tezuka's seminal manga creation 'Astro Boy.'

Aptly titled 'Astro Boy Reboot' the series, co-produced with Monaco-based Shibuya Productions and Japan’s Tezuka Productions, draws inspiration from the original illustrated stories, but will feature a new storyline and characters.

Sign up to the 'Astro Boy Reboot' community to receive news and updates on the project. Visit to subscribe.

Zeus: Love Is A Drug (Bart Simpson)

London artist Dean "Zeus" Coleman has been drawing inspiration from urban culture to create dynamic, experimental compositions fusing fine art, sculpture and graffiti, that reflects both his background on the streets and his formal training at the Chelsea College of Art.

For his latest exhibition at the Prescription art gallery in Brighton, Zeus unveiled a series of enlarged Ecstasy pills hand-moulded and cast from plaster. Each design was produced in an edition of 10 and comes framed and ready to hang on the wall.

Among the more common ecstasy pill symbols and icons used for the exhibition there is a reference to the Bart Simpson tablets, which are notoriously dangerous and pressed to resembled a popular brand of children's chewable vitamins.

The 'Love Is A Drug' Bart Simpson pill is still available via the Prescription online store, priced £150!

Laura & Greg - Muscle Memory

Greg from the folksy indie-pop duo Laura & Greg animated this music video for their new track 'Muscle Memory', the first song taken from their upcoming full length album 'Forever For Sure.'

The video sees a series of disconnected, whimsical memories linked together through the clever use of a circular visual transition, like a watch face fading to the gas cap on a motorbike or a giant bubblegum bubble turning into a button badge on a jacket lapel.

'Forever For Sure' is due for release on the 12th of May. Keep an eye on the Laura & Greg Facebook or Bandcamp pages for further updates and releases.

Simon Appel: Action Bronson Fighting Gravity

There is something wonderfully hypnotic about this 'Action Bronson' hand-drawn animation from Simon Appel.

We could watch smoke rings drift down that flowing red beard for hours!

Eighty Five - Spring

Clement Le Bouc is a freelance animator, art director, motion graphics designer and musician, releasing work under the pseudonym Eighty Five.

To accompany his latest musical release, the 'Equinox EP' (a four track mini-album celebrating the contrasting seasons) and the track 'Spring', Clement has animated a gorgeous music video embracing the verdant rebirth of nature. Plants extend new shoots, flowers bloom and birds fly... The idea behind the video was to emphasis the spiritual, cyclic and ephemeral facets of nature.

Hopefully we will also see equally stunning music videos to accompany the seasonal nuances of Summer, Autumn and Winter too.

Buy the 'Equinox EP' on Itunes here:

Jeff Scher: Psychadeliachrome

Jeff Scher, renowned painter and experimental filmmaker, has recently joined Vimeo... And we are thrilled!

Much of his work is created in a style he calls "psychadeliachrome," in which the colour varies wildly from frame to frame whilst the focus remain constant. The resulting hand-drawn animation creates a distorted percussive shimmer, and has become a signature characteristic of Scher's work.

We've chose a handful of our favourites to showcase here.

'Lost And Found'


'White Out'

Tord Torpe: Here (Trailer)

This is a trailer for an as yet unfinished project from Norwegian animator Tord Torpe, titled 'Here.' The piece is based on a short story by Frode Grytten and explores our surroundings and the infinitesimally insignificant space we individually occupy.

Hopefully he'll find the time to finish, it, so far it's looking absolutely fantastic!

The Animation Workshop: The Wanderer

'The Wanderer' is a touching allegory for the fragility of life, played out through an alien creature, The Wanderer, who goes through his entire life cycle during the course of a single day and slowly dies as the daylight fades. In the end he comes to term with the conditions of his life.

This affecting film was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual students’ below and click the links to learn more about the talent behind the film!

Simon Ternowitz (Director, Storyboard, Editing & Compositing)
Ann-Helen Rinvar (Environment Artist)
Elisabet Hau (Art Director)
Kristján Ingólfsson (Production Manager & CG Generalist)
Mathias Nørgaard (Technical Director, Rigging & VFX)
Belinda Larsen (Animator, Design & Editing)
Jules Garreau (Animation Lead, Editing & Animation)
Karina Venneberg (Animator, Storyboard & Design)

DVA - Nipomo

Prague-based independent animator Marek Partys created this collaged animation to accompany the track 'Nipomo' by the Czech Republic alt-pop musicians DVA.

The concept for the cut and paste aesthetic came from a desire to animate in a style mimicking the way DVA create their music, recording snippets of interesting sounds from their surrounding before mixing them into the music they produce. Marek collected lots of old magazine cuttings and mixed the found images to create a surreal world governed by different rules to that of our own. A world populated with bizarre creatures, alien landscapes and levitating dismembered heads!

Milhouse From Memory Zine

Illustrator Kieran Gabriel first conceived, edited and published the 'Milhouse From Memory' zine back in 2013. He asked friends, family members, practicing illustrators and anyone on the internet who fancied having a go to draw Milhouse Van Houten from memory, without any reference.

The results varied from superbly accurate interpretations to downright laughable efforts resulting in a fascinating look into the collective memory of this icon character. Unsurprisingly the 84-page, A5 publication was a huge success, swiftly selling out in under a week!

Two years later, after some belated praise for Simpsons creator Matt Groening, the book is set to be re-released by cult indie publisher Belly Kids in May, and accompanied by an exhibition at Beach London later in the year.

The new book will be comprised of the original 78 drawings plus a curated selection of new submissions bringing the total image count up to a nice round 100. There is still time to submit your own contribution. Simply draw Milhouse from memory (no cheating) and upload you image to

Belly Kids are taking pre-orders for 'Milhouse From Memory' now, priced £7.00

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Jean Jullien

Josh Wayles

Ryan Humphrey

Krtistyna Bazcynski

Fever The Ghost - Source

Check out this fantastically bizarre music video for Fever The Ghost and their track 'Source', directed and animated by Felix Colgrave.

You may recall his jaw-droppingly freakish animated short 'Man Spaghetti', which we posted back in 2013... Terrifying!