Bob 2: Pink Panther Chair Print

Following on quickly from his last 'Pink Panther' inspired print, Bob 2 is back with yet another classic adaptation. Simply titled 'Chair', this new illustration features the Pink Panther relaxing in an equally pink armchair whilst enjoying a smoke!

The two colour Risograph print, on 240gsm Munken Lynx stock, is limited to an edition of 20 signed and number copies and available now via the Spray Gang online store for just £25 plus shipping.

Uchu-jin - The Beginning of the Conclusion

Saigo No Shudan ('The Last Resort') is a collective of audio visual artists based in Japan. Founded in 2009 the collective consists of Ayumu Arisaka, Ren Kohata and Oitama. The three met during their studies at the Tokyo National University Of Fine Arts And Music, and since their graduation in 2010 they've mainly worked together on music videos and short films.

This, their third music video to feature on the Animated Review, was created to accompany the track 'The Beginning of the Conclusion', taken from the 'Old Man' EP by Uchu-jin.

RichT: Nobody Like Leonardo Toy

Last year RichT published a 'zine called 'Nobody Likes Leonardo', a tribute to the bossy, boring and blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Streets of Beige were so taken with RichT's adaptation of Leo they've collaborated with their friends at Goodleg Toys to bring him to life as an extremity limited resin collectible figure.

Kit-bashed from a Mexican 5.5” Luchador and a Polish TMNT bootleg, the figure will come hand-cast in translucent neon-green resin, featuring 4 points of articulation, a sword, and a copy of the original fanzine.

"Straight from the underground's gnarliest sewer, babtized in Ooze! Streets of Beige present a RichT x Goodleg Toys resin toy release. "Nobody Likes Leonardo", the most toxic TMNT bootleg the world has ever seen!" - Goodleg Toys

The exact edition number, price and release date are yet to be announced. Typically Goodleg produce runs of around 5-10 pieces priced at around £50.00 each, so if you want one you'll have to be quick!

Masaaki Yuasa: Adventure Time

Following in the footsteps of David O'Reilly, Japanese director Massaki Yuasa ('Mind Game', 'Kick-Heart') has written, story-boarded, and directed an upcoming episode of 'Adventure Time'.

Like O'Reilly, it seems Yuasa was given free reign to make a self-contained episode in his own inimitable style. 'Food Chain' sees Finn and Jake on a field trip to the Candy Kingdom Museum of Natural History, where they learn about the food chain by becoming part of the food chain!

Equateur - The Lava

Kadavre Exquis, a French graphic designer and animator also known simply as Françoise, directed this sci-fi infused music video for Equateur and their new release 'The Lava'. You can buy the 'The Lava' EP here: iTunes

The video ends enticingly suggesting the narrative will continue in subsequent Music Video collaborations, we can't wait to see what comes next!

Kokooma: Each Other

Korean animator Lee Kyu-tae (Kokooma) has released a new gorgeously illustrated animated short, titled 'Each Other'. Lee also infrequently publishes small-run illustrated picture books, so it's pleasing to see he has also produced one to accompany this wonderful short.

Alex Schubert: Blobby Boys in Max's Song

Alex Schubert aka Zine Police, an illustrator whose work frequently adorns the pages of 'Vice' magazine and a multitude of self-published simple and puerile comics, has unleashed a new episode of his seminal 'Blobby Boys' cartoon!

Bob 2: Panther (End Version) Print

This is the forth and possibly final colour variant of Bob 2's classic 'Cider Panther' image. The illustration of Pink Panther, relaxing in his leopard print thong whilst enjoying a smoke and a 2ltr bottle of White Lightning, has previously appeared as 'Original', 'Gold' and the green 'Feeling Off Colour' variants.

Whilst the green 'Feeling Off Colour' variant was inspired by the classic 'Pink Punch' episode from 1966, perhaps this new 'blue' interpretation was influenced by the 'Pickled Pink' episode, in which Pinky is turned blue in the fridge!

The two colour Risograph print is limited to an edition of 20 signed and number copies and available now via the Spray Gang online store for just £25 plus shipping.

Mondo: Coraline & ParaNorman LP's

This month Mondo is celebrating the works of LAIKA Animation Studios with the premiere release of the soundtracks to both 'Coraline' and 'ParaNorman' on deluxe limited edition vinyl. Both records will be available in limited numbers via Mondo on April 22nd. A special edition of 'ParaNorman', featuring a randomly inserted clear splatter disc that glows in one of three colors, will be available at select Independent retailers as part of US Record Store Day on April 19th.

'Coraline' - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Bruno Coulais
Original Song by They Might Be Giants
Artwork by Michael DePippo
2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Black & White Swirl Vinyl - $32

"The soundtrack to 'Coraline' is haunting, and beautiful. With the help of the Budapest Orchestra and Choir behind him, Coulais captures the dark child-like imagination of the titular protagonist with a menace and aplomb. Without seeing the film you can follow the musical journey of the story from Coraline’s angsty reality, to her dreamy uneasiness, to the ultimate unraveling."

'ParaNorman' - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jon Brion
Artwork by DKNG
2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted “Aggie Fights” Highlighter Yellow Vinyl, with Bone Haze - $30

"For those familiar with the works of Jon Brion ('Magnolia', 'Punch Drunk Love') you’ll immediately recognize the melancholy, ear-worm melodies in his score to 'ParaNorman'. Mixed with 80′s slasher throwback motifs and a whimsical family sensibility it is a terrific score front-to-back."

'ParaNorman' - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack RSD Exlcusive

"The Record Store Day version of 'ParaNorman' features variant Glow-in-the-Dark artwork, as well as mystery colored Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl. This edition is Limited to 500 copies, and each copy comes with a randomly inserted clear splatter disc that glows one of three colors (RED, BLUE or GREEN)."

Sander Joon: Humr Sampson

DBLG: Bears On Stairs

DBLG's in-house studio projects are a platform for them to experiment with creative concepts. For their latest self-initiated project they wanted to explore and combine 3D animation, 3D printing and stop motion!.

Working alongside Blue Zoo, who created the character rig and animated the walk cycle, DBLG created 50 3D printed model bears each acting a single pose in a then traditionally animated stop motion loop.

Club America - All The Things I've Done

Brazilian synth-pop duo Club America asked Daniel Bruson to create an animated music video to accompany the second single from their album 'To Get There', released in 2013.

Blessed with complete creative freedom, Daniel decided to tell a cartoonish and delirious tale about the bands encounter with, 'All The Things I've Done' collaborator and hip-hop emcee, Da Deputy.

Juan Fontanive: Flip Book Machines

Juan Fontanive makes animated installations, often recycling the mechanical parts of found clocks and bikes in the creation of his sculptural flip book machines. His hand-drawn characters contained with the leaves of these machines, often Animalia in their subject matter, cascade like a paper fountain in a sequential and repetitive loop.

'Vivarium' 2014

'Ornithology E' 2013

'Colibri' 2011

'The Lake' 2006

Shugo Tokumaru - Poker

Regular visitors to the Animated Review will know we love Shugo Tokumaru’s music and the consistently beautiful animated visuals that go hand in hand with each release.

For his latest collaboration, Shugo Tokumaru has teamed-up with acclaimed independent Japanese animator Mirai Mizue & Yukie Nakauchi! The official music video for 'Poker', the third single release from Shugo's 'In Focus?' album, sees Mirai's micro-organism characters (typical of his recent work) pulsate in time with music before building into a crescendo of colour and intensity... Spectacular!

Imbue: Acid Mickey Print

This new screen print released by Imbue, titled 'Acid Mickey', features a classic Imbue Mickey Mouse image in both red and blue variants. The large format screen print (50x70cm) is hand-printed on 310gsm archival print-making paper, signed and numbered in pencil and limited to just 15 copies of each colour-way.

You can grab one, red or blue, for £50.00 each from the Imbue online store. You can also so buy them as a set at a discounted price of £90.00 for the pair.