Damien Hirst & Marc Jacobs: Mickey T-Shirt

Back in 2009 Disney invited Damien Hirst to re-appropriate the design of Mickey Mouse, stripping him back to his bare essentials. Hirst’s unique representation of Mickey Mouse, used his trademark spot motif to interpret one of Disney’s best loved characters like we've never seen before.

The original artwork was auctioned off in early 2014 raising £902,500 for Kids Company, a charity organisation that focuses on bettering the lives in Britain’s inner-city youth.

Whilst the likelihood of ever owning the original 'Mickey', or even one of the super limited edition signed prints which sold for between £4,000 and £10,000 each, is a virtual impossibility, their is now a change to acquire a slightly more affordable version in the form of a T-shirt.

Hirst's art publishing house, Other Criteria have teamed up with fashion designer, Mar Jacobs to produce this exclusive limited edition design of only 2300 units which is available for adults in either washed black or white, and a kids cut in white. The adult T-shirts retail at £73.00 and the kids T-shirt at £43, with all the proceeds again being donated to Kids Company. The T-shirts will be exclusively available through Marc Jacobs retailer and Other Criteria stores.

"Mickey Mouse represents happiness and the joy of being a kid and I have reduced his shape down to the basic elements of a few simple spots. I hope people love it, because it is still instantly recognisable - Mickey is such a universal and powerful icon." Damien Hirst

Compassion Crew - Master Of The Gentlemanly Art

Simon Landrein continues his series of square framed Lichtenstein-esque pop art animation with a sexually charged music video for the Compassion Crew, and their new track 'Master Of The Gentlemanly Art'.

The 'Masters Of Gentlemanly Art' 12" EP is out now on vinyl-only record label Major Problems, based in Dublin.

In the video a train conductor has a series of suggestive encounters with some buxom female passengers, all illustrated in Simon's distinctive style with lots of negative space, abstract shapes, dots, lines and bold, flat colours... Sexy!

Sijia Ke: Aye

Sijia Ke is an illustrator and animator based in UK and China. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2013, before continuing her studies at the Royal College of Art.

'Aye' is her first project out of the RCA... and it's stunningly wonderful! It abstractly examines low self-esteem, self-loathing and the mental anguish that ensues, all told through beautifully hand-rendered animation in watercolour, charcoal and oil pastel.

"Loneliness occurs when someone is lost in himself. The one will try to find the lost part however the result may be disappointed. When people try to find the lost things to get stronger they may also find stronger powers which force them to abandon themselves even more." Sijia Ke

Simon Larsen - Milkshakes

Frederik Storm asked his friend and musician Simon Larsen if he could use one of his tracks for a fun weekend animation jam project, with fellow animator Sophie Refshauge. Simon agreed and this madcap unofficial music video is the bizarre, but hugely enjoyable result.

Tom Rosenthal - It's Okay

RCA graduate Hannah Jacobs animated this beautiful illustrative music video for folkster Tom Rosenthal, and his latest release 'It's Okay'. The track is taken from his new EP 'The Pleasant Trees', which is available to buy via iTunes now.

Joshua Catalano: POULICROC

'Poulicroc' by Joshua Catalano (aka Laurent Ulvoas) was created as an imitation music video for 1983 electronic synth-pop track 'Teenager' by Mariah.

Brian Ewing: Simpsons Prints

Galerie F. in Chicago recently presented a solo exhibition by Ohio-based illustrator Brian Ewing. 'Scream With Me' is a collection of new print works by Ewing focusing on horror pop culture. Alongside Nosferatu and Frankenstein there is a series of Bart and Milhouse variants inspired by 'The Simpsons Tree House Of Horror' episodes. They feature a variety of paired designs produced in a mix of brightly coloured, glow in the dark and metallic inks.

The prints are available in 'Classic', 'Skeletal', 'Skeletal Brown', 'Halloween' and 'Hulk Smash' colour-ways for both Bart Simpson and Milhouse VanHouten. The 18" x 24" screen prints were produced in small editions of 75 units, signed and numbered by the artist, and priced $50 via the Galerie F. online store.

PACO - September

Japanese duo Aaco and Shinpei (aka PACO) have recently released an Earth Wind & Fire tribute/covers album! The first single released sees 'September' re-worked in their hyperactive J-Pop style, and accompanied by some equally zany visuals from independent animator Kohei Yoshino.

Kohei has been know to experiment with a variety of techniques, but this latest piece takes simple GC animation devoid of shading, lighting and distinct outlines, and looks purely at colour, shape and movement.

Mori Wa Ikiteiru - Dream Of Kemuriyoru III

Onionskin have just unveiled their epic third and final panoramic barrier grid animation music video for Mori Wa Ikiteiru's triptych track 'Dream Of Kemuriyoru'...

How Dragons Disappear - Pukyboog

TACHYONS+ are a Video Glitch Synth design team that supplies unique and low cost hands-on tools for video artists around the world. They also use their magical machines, often modified from obsolete games consoles, to produce their own wonderfully glitched out pixel art music videos.

Logan Owlbeemoth of TACHYONS+ created this music video for the track 'Pukyboog' by How Dragons Disappear. Using a modified Sega Genesis and a Beavis and Butt-head cartridge, the video sees Beavis and Butt-head headbanging away in front of garishly coloured and pixelated backdrops.

The track will soon be available on cassette via the Detroit Underground label: www.detroitunderground.net

Volatile-Vertex: Batman x Adventure Time

Digital artist Volatile-Vortex has created a series of 3D renders mashing together characters from 'Batman' and 'Adventure Time'.

They're brilliant!

Spotted via Streets Of Beige

Kiko Veneno & Martín Buscaglia - Cuando

Spanish musical duo Kiko Veneno & Martín Buscaglia are now collectively known as 'El Pimiento Indomable' ('The Indomitable Pepper'). Recorded sporadically over a two year period, their new self-titled album, was pieced together through Skype sessions, emailed audio files, a brief meeting in Nairobi and a final mix in an LA studio.

'Cuando', the first track released from the album, features an animated music video from Perles & Perles, a small independent animation studio helmed by brothers Esteban & Pedro Perles. The video is pieced together in a similar manner to the albums completion, resulting in a wonderful patchwork of gorgeously surreal snippets.

Hem - Jack The Pine

New York-based folksters Hem recently announced their first single release of 2014...

Stephanie Swart created this stunning animated music video to accompany the song 'The Jack Pine', taken from the album 'Departure and Farewell'.

Isaac King: Sticks And Stones

'Sticks and Stones' by Isaac King is an animated story about a young boy exploring his world, mediated by technology and social media.

"Are we a part of nature, or outside it? Is it "human nature" to be cruel? Through empathy, we learn everything is connected."

Sock Monkey Animated Teaser

GadZOOKS! Indie comic book creator Tony Millionaire and animation artist Matt Danner are hopefully developing a full length feature film based on Millionaire's Sock Monkey character.

Tony first met Matt whilst working on 'The Drinky Crow Show' for Adult Swim. They quickly struck up a friendship and agreed to collaborate on a project adapting the exisiting Sock Monkey graphic stories into a fully rounded long-from narrative, far more suitable for a feature film.

As the story came together, they soon realised that the idea they'd had for a film would also make a great adventure book. Staying true to the original comics and their charming characters, the new book titled 'Sock Monkey Into The Deep Woods' is already available, published by Fantagraphics this October.

Tony and Matt are currently pitching the new script alongside this live action/CGI animation proof-of-concept (based on 'Sock Monkey: The Glass Doorknob') around Hollywood. Hopefully some savvy studio will pick it up and we'll get to see Uncle Gabby brought to the big screen!

"In the film, Uncle Gabby the sock monkey, the stuffed Mr. Crow, and the porcelain doll Inches go on a rescue mission to save their human owner, Ann-Louise, who they fear has been kidnapped by a monster. Along the way, they encounter fanciful creatures including the Trumbernick (the pixie shaman of the forest), a giant sea monster, the Guardsmen of Bear Town, and a flock of flying harpies." - Matt Danner