Peter Sluszka: Hermès Noël

Peter Sluszka animated this charming festive short for Parisian luxury accessories brand Hermès, in which a curious clay horse stumbles upon Santa's reindeer in a clearing and an embarrassing pratfall becomes a fortunate career move!

Comics Feeeever!!

Comics Feeeever!! Uncover The Power Of Comics In Art And Design

Publisher: Victionary
Release Date: October 2014
Features: 364 pp, full colour, softcover with slipcase
Language: English
ISBN: 978-988-12228-9-3

Comics is a frenzied world that seems realistic yet unattainable. Creatively woven out of wit, fascination, hope, and lust, this graphic art category progressively develops into a rich, graphic projection of human nature and realities of life. Up in the cosmos, down to hell or far to a future space, these thought-provoking artworks reflect different world views on politics, religious, social norms, good and evil that identify with cultures in the West and the East.

Loaded with cute sexy characters, superheroes and classic childhood toons, 'Comics Feeeever!!' captures how familiar comics, manga, cartoon, anime and pop art icons and vocabularies take on new meanings at the present times by means of street art, lifestyle products, installations, fashion, and advertising campaigns. With 12 interviews next to a inspired showcase, the book reviews extensively the works of 39 artists and designers that celebrate real life heroes, feminism, cultural heritage and the language unique to this theme.

Bipolar Sunshine Day Dreamer

Animator and directer Tomek Ducki created this superb music video for top Manchester talent Bipolar Sunshine, and the track 'Daydreamer'. The visuals are stylistically paired with the tracks ambient-pop style and singer Adio Marchant's appreciation for 80s inspired colour-palettes and visuals.

The project was heavily influenced by Eastern-European poster design from the 1980's. A combined multitude of techniques... painting, hand-drawn animation, CGI and even swirling Strata-Cut clay animation (created by Gina Thorstensen) was implemented to give life and depth to these dynamic poster-like compositions.

'Daydreamer' is set for release on January 25th, 2015 and available to pre-order via the iTunes Store now.

Laura Marling - Short Movie

It seems to have been an age since Laura Marling released and comprehensively toured her acclaimed fourth album 'Once I Was an Eagle'. After an extended period of reflection, she's back with her fifth studio release... 'Short Movie'.

Accompanying the release is this wonderfully animated music video for the title track, created by London-based studio Art & Graft.

Inspired by Laura Marling's album artwork and the epic, psychedelic landscapes of Jodorowsky, the film follows a galloping horse as it travels through an ever-changing landscape that rolls and fluctuates with the pace of the song.

Animade: Santa Is Weak

Animade created a mini web-based toy for their festive animation this year. An emaciated Father Christmas has to be fed presents until he returns to his optimum level of belly-stuffed obesity. Be careful, overfeed him and he might just explode!

Visits to feed Santa and save Christmas!

Art & Graft: Happy Christmas!!! Part II

Two years after their debaucherous animated Christmas short, the folks at Art & Graft have finally dragged themselves out of bed and back to work. Check out 'Happy Christmas!!!' part II, the morning after the night before.

Seigensha Flipbook: Strobofly

Seigensha Art Publishing have just unveiled their latest flipbook, the ninth in a collaborative series with illustrator and animator Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo.

The festive release, titled 'Strobofly', features cleverly shaped pages allowing for two independent flying sequences to be viewed. A third viewing options combines these two sequences resulting in a hidden magical climax.

Glassworks: Merry Christmas

This year's Christmas card animation from the team at Glassworks Amsterdam, Barcelona and London, sees a plump robin lording his stash of tasty nuts over a less fortunate flying-turd of a pigeon.

Sarah Klan: Christmas 2014

Sarah Klan's sweetly animated festive short comes with a warning... "Be careful what you wish for this Christmas!"

Marjolaine Perreten: Super Grand

Marjolaine Perreten's super-cute animated short 'Super Grand' tells the story of a kindly giant and the misguided villagers he's trying to help.

Cómodo Screen: TVE Zoetropes

Cómodo Screen, a Barcelona-based creative studio specialising in motion graphics, broadcast design and branding, created three hand-made paper-craft zoetropes for TVE (Televisión Española) the national state-owned public-service television broadcaster in Spain.

The three zoetropes were made entirely from scratch, with thousands of hand-cut pieces of paper, with each resulting ident depicting festive sequences based on Christmas, New Year's Eve and The Three Kings.'

Megu & Patron - Ending Song

The last music video from Japanese motion graphics designer & animator Takashi Ohashi and Megu & Patron was a playful, pixilated interpretation of electronic workings. Their latest collaboration takes a similarly stylised and glitchy exploration into DNA sequencing and genomics.

Dan Britt: Laura Bird Mugs

Laura Bird was commissioned by Anthropologie to make 345 hand-made mugs for the 2014 Holiday Season. As they were being packed away to be shipped, Dan Britt photographed all of them, creating this wonderful stop motion animation depicting the variety and scope of Laura's designs.

Lucas Jubb: Bartman Print

Freelance illustrator & graphic designer Lucas Jubb recently hosted a Simpsons themed quiz at the Belgrave Music Hall And Canteen, giving him the opportunity to draw a bunch of characters including 'Mr. Sparkle' and 'Squishy Bender Bart' to promote the event.

One particular image featuring Bart's superhero alter-ego 'Bartman' is now available as an A3 Risograph print on 170gsm offset cyclus paper via the A Little Summit online store, price at just £15.

Also check out Lucas' 'Simpsons Club Patches', they're amazing!

PES: Submarine Sandwich

With the support of 1114 Kickstarter backers PES floats his latest, tastiest, stop motion masterpiece 'Submarine Sandwich'.

In 'Submarine Sandwich' we see a vintage deli counter stuffed with meat-like sporting ephemera... scarred boxing gloves, worn-out footballs, and tired baseball mitts. These are sliced and diced in a PES-like manner before being assembled into the deli's signature dish, garnished with shredded dollar bills, bicycle reflectors, rings of slinky and googly eyes... Delicious!