How Dragons Disappear - Pukyboog

TACHYONS+ are a Video Glitch Synth design team that supplies unique and low cost hands-on tools for video artists around the world. They also use their magical machines, often modified from obsolete games consoles, to produce their own wonderfully glitched out pixel art music videos.

Logan Owlbeemoth of TACHYONS+ created this music video for the track 'Pukyboog' by How Dragons Disappear. Using a modified Sega Genesis and a Beavis and Butt-head cartridge, the video sees Beavis and Butt-head headbanging away in front of garishly coloured and pixelated backdrops.

The track will soon be available on cassette via the Detroit Underground label:

Volatile-Vertex: Batman x Adventure Time

Digital artist Volatile-Vortex has created a series of 3D renders mashing together characters from 'Batman' and 'Adventure Time'.

They're brilliant!

Spotted via Streets Of Beige

Kiko Veneno & Martín Buscaglia - Cuando

Spanish musical duo Kiko Veneno & Martín Buscaglia are now collectively known as 'El Pimiento Indomable' ('The Indomitable Pepper'). Recorded sporadically over a two year period, their new self-titled album, was pieced together through Skype sessions, emailed audio files, a brief meeting in Nairobi and a final mix in an LA studio.

'Cuando', the first track released from the album, features an animated music video from Perles & Perles, a small independent animation studio helmed by brothers Esteban & Pedro Perles. The video is pieced together in a similar manner to the albums completion, resulting in a wonderful patchwork of gorgeously surreal snippets.

Hem - Jack The Pine

New York-based folksters Hem recently announced their first single release of 2014...

Stephanie Swart created this stunning animated music video to accompany the song 'The Jack Pine', taken from the album 'Departure and Farewell'.

Isaac King: Sticks And Stones

'Sticks and Stones' by Isaac King is an animated story about a young boy exploring his world, mediated by technology and social media.

"Are we a part of nature, or outside it? Is it "human nature" to be cruel? Through empathy, we learn everything is connected."

Sock Monkey Animated Teaser

GadZOOKS! Indie comic book creator Tony Millionaire and animation artist Matt Danner are hopefully developing a full length feature film based on Millionaire's Sock Monkey character.

Tony first met Matt whilst working on 'The Drinky Crow Show' for Adult Swim. They quickly struck up a friendship and agreed to collaborate on a project adapting the exisiting Sock Monkey graphic stories into a fully rounded long-from narrative, far more suitable for a feature film.

As the story came together, they soon realised that the idea they'd had for a film would also make a great adventure book. Staying true to the original comics and their charming characters, the new book titled 'Sock Monkey Into The Deep Woods' is already available, published by Fantagraphics this October.

Tony and Matt are currently pitching the new script alongside this live action/CGI animation proof-of-concept (based on 'Sock Monkey: The Glass Doorknob') around Hollywood. Hopefully some savvy studio will pick it up and we'll get to see Uncle Gabby brought to the big screen!

"In the film, Uncle Gabby the sock monkey, the stuffed Mr. Crow, and the porcelain doll Inches go on a rescue mission to save their human owner, Ann-Louise, who they fear has been kidnapped by a monster. Along the way, they encounter fanciful creatures including the Trumbernick (the pixie shaman of the forest), a giant sea monster, the Guardsmen of Bear Town, and a flock of flying harpies." - Matt Danner

Iria Lopez: Jamón

Spanish born freelance animator & illustrator Iria Lopez graduated from the MA course in Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, in 2012 with this gorgeously hand-drawn animated short, titled 'Jamón'.

'Jamón' ('Ham') abstractly tackles the subject of social acceptance. Drawing directly from her own experiences as a young vegetarian (some of the dialogue is inspired by her own mothers comments at the dinner table) they story is told through José, a lone teenage pig living in a pork-obsessed Spanish town. José is the only pig in his town, but one day a new neighbour moves in, and José is confronted with who he really is and the townsfolk's attitude toward his kind!

Lily Fang: The Thing Under The Tree

Lily Fang's sublimely animated and strangely unnerving RCA 2013 graduation short 'The Thing Under The Tree' is finally available online for everyone to view and enjoy!

"Gabby keeps bothering her older sister Tam to play, so Tam tells a story about a monster that lives in the forest. Whatever you do, she says, you can’t let it see your face..."

Josh Parker: Llama

Josh Parker animated these cute Llama sequences for an unfortunately abandoned children's app. The undisclosed clients opted to go in a different direction with the design... The fools!

We love 'em!

James - All I'm Saying

Swiftly following the spectacular 'Moving On' stop motion from Ainslie Henderson, we're once again compelled to share a James music video.

Our hands are tied! Despite their terribly dull music they've wowed us again with another superbly animated music video, this time accompanying the track 'All I'm Saying'.

Directed and animated by Péter Vácz, the video sees "a man on a quest to find the spirit of a woman to whom he could never say goodbye."

Bootleg Bart: Black Bart Bootleg Toy

Leo at Bootleg Bart has been cataloging the cultural phenomena of knock-off Simpsons T-shirt for over a decade. With a book somewhere already in the pipeline, the Bootleg Bart online shop recently dropped a rather unexpected treat.

Teaming up with Manny X Romero at Patrullax, they unveiled a super limited custom action figure, Black Bart With Gold Chain! Booted from an original 1989 Playmates Bart figurine, the 3" tall piece pays homage the the classic 90's Black Bart imagery. Each figure was individually cast in brown resin, hand-painted in neon green & orange clothing, and completed with a chunky gold chain accessory. It also comes packaged in a custom blister pack with a card back board hinting at three other possible releases... Nuclear Bart, Bad Acid Bart and Vandal Bart!

The piece was limited to just 10 units with a very reasonable $50 price tag. Unsurprisingly, it sold out in under 2 hours! You should subscribe to Bootleg Bart newsletter to be in with a remote chance of bagging the next release.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: 3

Following on from the first two short films, Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling are back with a third, now Kickstarter funded, installment of 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.'

The puppets huge online following saw an impressive total pledge of over £100,000, ensuring their return for at least 4 new episodes. Having already covered two important life lessons ,'Creativity' and 'Time', they've now turned their warped, pseudo-educational film-making to explaining the subject of 'Love!'

The new short doesn't disappoint... A new butterfly character teaches the yellow guy all about the complexities of love whilst secretly luring him into his woodland cult. Crafted in their usual mix of live action, stop motion, 2D animation, puppetry and raw meat this latest outing for the creepy trio is a really tasty visual treat, much yummier than a delicious chicken picnic!

Clockwork Orchestra - The Generator Girls

Check out this amazing animated music video featuring monochromatic drumming monkeys, bass playing robo-flamingos and a factory production line crafting girls with brightly coloured hair!

The video was created by Australia-based artist and illustrator Heiko Windisch for 'The Generator Girls' by Clockwork Orchestra, taken from his brand new album 'A Fish For A Heart,' due for release on December 1st 2014 via Soft Bodies Records.

Splendidly Evil Powerpuff Girls 'Zine

'Splendidly Evil' is a 'zine dedicated to the zany and colourful villains in the 'Powerpuff Girls'. It features 39 artists, each with their own spin on the many villains seen in the series, spread over 56 glossy full-colour pages. The submission based publication was organised and curated by Nneka Myers, Arielle Jovellanos, Pablo Leon, Abigail Dela Cruz, Geraldine Rodriguez, Mallory Carlson, and Sara Talmadge, also dubbed the Sinister Seven.

Alongside the Sinister Seven the 'zine also features artwork from the following contributors:

Alexia Tryfon / Alfonso Pardo / Andrea Garcia / Cameron Garland / Charles Tan / Chelsea Kenna / Chrystin Garland / Cole Harrington / Crystal Curtis / Diana Huh / Domareen Fox / Erin Hunting / Gabby Zapata / Janet Sung / Jemuel Bernaldez / Jessica Mao / Joshua C Heinsz / Justin Chan / Krystal Pham / Kyrstin Avello / Laura Price / Lissy Marlin / Matt Doering / Michelle Soong / Miranda Yeo / Rebecca Nelson / Rosemary Travale / Sarah Simes / Teressa Ong / Trevor Finney / Trung Le Nguyen & Yssa Badiola.

L to R - Abigail Dela Cruz, Chrystin Garland, Rosemary Travale & Jemuel Bernaldez.

L to R - Lissy Marlin, Alfonso Pardo, Cole Harrington & Domareen Fox.

In addition to the 'zine a spectacular 11"x17" print illustrated by Carlos Lerma, featuring Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morbucks, HIM & Mojo Jojo terrorising the City of Townsville, is also available. 

Splendidly Evil Poster by Carlos Lerma.

Pre-orders are now open via their online store, with shipping expected from the mid/end of November. You can purchase the 'zine alone ($15 USD), the Carlos Lerma Poster alone ($15 USD) or as a Bundle ($25 USD) at

Jacob 2-2 - Construxon Time Again

This animated music video for 'Construxon Time Again' by Jacob 2-2 took us on a huge nostalgia trip...

The superbly animated stop motion, entirely composed of 1980s Fisher-Price building toy 'Construx,' was lovingly crafted by Adam Brown over a year long process. The video depicts two Contrux guys crash landing on an alien planet and battling its robotic inhabitants. With plenty of visual nods to Sci-Fi pop culture like the 'Aliens' exoskeleton suit, the light tunnel from '2001: A Space Odyssey,' and classic arcade games like 'Sinistar' & 'Space Invaders,' 'Construxon Time Again' stirred far fonder memories than 'The LEGO Movie' managed.

'Construxon Time Again' originally appeared on the album 'Herbivore,' and now makes an appearance once again, along with remixes by Muta and Stephen Farris, on Jacob 2-2's new EP 'The Rec.' Available now via King Deluxe Records.