Michel Gondry: My New New York Diary


'My New New York Diary' is a short animated film and comic book by Michel Gondry and Julie Doucet. Published in December of 2010 by Pictures Inc. The book and DVD set is well worth tracking down as the comic and the film work so well together, it's just not the same watching the video online without the comic to see too.

This is the blurb off the back of the book:

"In 2008, the famed director Michel Gondry wrote to legendary cartoonist Julie Doucet - author of My New York Diary - to propose that they make a film together. Little did Gondry and Doucet know that the process itself would be the film and that they'd soon be starring in a ''reality'' comic and film of their own devising. They settled on a process that involved inserting the real Julie into a landscape of her own drawings to create a magical, touching film. This archive collects all of Doucet's drawings as well as a DVD of the film, as a delux, hardcover volume."

Find it, buy it!

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