Baby Snakes

‘Baby Snakes’ is a three hour long documentary starring and directed by Frank Zappa. The film merges live footage of Zappas 1977 Halloween concert in New York, back stage antics, band interviews, and mind-bending claymation stop motion animation by Bruce Bickford. Initially the film struggled to find a distributor despite Zappa editing the length down to a more manageable 90 minutes on the suggestion of some studios. Even with the new cut the film failed to find a distributor. The original cut was made available for a limited period via mail order directly from Zappa himself. In 2003 the film was made commercially available for the first time, distributed on DVD by Eagle Vision United States. The full 3 hours is a bit much, but it’s still worth tracking down the DVD just to see the Bruce Bickford stop motion animation.

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