Bring Back Invader Zim

Invader Zim was an absolutely brilliant cartoon on Nickelodeon sadly cancelled back in 2001. Last March Nickelodeon looked into bringing Zim back for a third series, but didn't due to a lack of demand. I think the fact a network is considering re-comissioning a show that's been off the air for 9 years must show it has a pretty strong fan base.

As a compromise Nickelodeon has just released a best of DVD called 'Operation Doom', the DVD features 13 classic Zim episodes (nothing new). The original DVD release is now pretty scarce, with the limited edition box set selling for £100.00+ on EBay. Even if you already own the original release it might be worth buying this best of anyway as Nickelodeon have stated that if the DVD sells well they will reconsider their position on a third season.

Buy this DVD and hope Nickelodeon recognises Zim's potential and bring it back in time for a 10th anniversary rebirth.

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