ThunderCats CGI Movie And Anime Reboot

This video clip appears to be leaked footage from the ‘ThunderCats’ CGI movie that was planned by Warner Brothers but which was subsequently scrapped in favour of the anime style reboot series that is due to be released in America sometime later this year on Cartoon Network.

The ‘Thundercats’ anime will be handled by Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C, via Warner Bros Animation. You might know Studio 4°C as the makers of the ‘Animatrix’ and ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’ – they also have experience making animations for video games, music videos and commercials.

To be honest I think the CGI movie promo looks quiet poor (I’m hoping it’s just a quality piece of fan work), whereas the new anime series looks like it could be quite cool. What do you think?

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Martin said...

That doesn't look particularly impressive, but I do have very fond memories of the original, so.