Top 20 Animated Music Videos

I wanted to post some older animated music videos so I thought I'd compile a list of my top 20 favourite ones.

Let me know if you think there are any glaring omissions, whilst typing this I kept thinking of loads I would have loved to have been able to include.

20 - Les Savy Fav - What Would Wolves Do
Directed by Ryan Quincy. Quincy is the animation director in charge of the 25 staff creating South Park. You can see the similarities in style between South Park and this video for Brooklyn based band Les Savy Fav. Although it has that paper-cut out look the animations are actually created digitally in Maya, with a colour palette based on scanned in construction paper.

19 - Kwoon - I Lived On The Moon
Yannick Puig, the man behind this beautiful video says the inspiration for this film came from Tibetan and Nepalese art. I can also see strong influences of Salvador Dali in the dream-like, surreal, long-legged creature in the video. Stunning.

18 - Lambchop - Is A Woman
Created by Shynola, a group of four visual artists based in London, this music video for Lambchop is one of their best works. I've already posted about the excellent video they did in collaboration with James Jarvis and Nike, but you should also check out the David Shrigley Film 'Who I Am And What I Want'.

17 - Squirrel Nut Zippers - Ghost Of Stephen Foster
The ‘Ghost Of Stephen Foster’ music video directed by Raymond Persi and Matthew Nastuk won the ‘Best Animated Music Video’ at the 1999 Vancouver Animation Festival. Very reminiscent of Max Fleischer style cartoons.

16 - Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
Created by Los Angeles based Design and Visual effects studio BL: ND, the 'Crazy' video is animated in the style of a moving Rorscharch Inkblot Test. Animated, mirrored inkblots morph into another, while taking on ambiguous shapes. Both Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse appear in the shapes, as do the band's gunshot/heart logo.

15 - Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Some great claymation stop motion animation from Peter Lord at Aardman. Peter Lord and Aardman feature again higher up in this top 20 list. Can you guess what for?

14 - Kid Koala - Basin Street Blues
This is the video for 'Basin Street Blues' done by the animator Monkmus. This quote from Kid Koala sums up the laid back Monkmus approach to making a music video.  "On two separate tours I was instructed by Monkmus to walk around the French Quarter of New Orleans and take a bunch of reference photos of balconies and street lamps etc. I then sent him (monkmus) the track, 2 rolls-worth of reference photos, and some gum. A year and a half later… this video was done. I don’t know where the inflatable alligator comes from...  he so crazy. Anyhow… It’s a beautifully done video."

13 - Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injury
This animated dice music video, similar in concept to The White Strips 'Fell In Love With A Girl' Lego video was directed by Wade Shotter for Factory Films and animated by Yukfoo and Wade. The video isn't GCI, it was all done by hand with real dice, very impressive.

12 - Clark - Ted
VFX experts 1st Avenue Machine have made creepy insects look even weirder for this amazing video for 'Ted' by Clark. Computer generated additional body parts we realistically rendered and tracked onto close-up footage of real insects using 3Dmax and AfterEffects.

11 - Daft Punk - One More Time
‘Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’ is a feature-length Japanese animated musical film made to accompany the Daft Punk album, Discovery. Each track from the album has been animated as an episode in the story of the abduction and rescue of an interstellar pop band. This music video for ‘One More Time’ is the opening episode to the interstella 5555 film. I really admire the creative work Daft Punk put into their image and visual creativity as well the music. Their live action short film ‘Electromo’ is also brilliant.

10 - Jason Forest - War Photographer
Animated by Joel Trussell, this video sees Vikings being sidetracked by the need to stage a gig. Done in Joel's distinctive Flash animation style, it reminds me of Genndy Tartakovsky's 'Samurai Jack'. Joel Trussell did a second video for Jason Forest's track 'Paris is On', which is also pretty good.

09 - Hifana - Wamono
Great video for Japanese breakbeat musical duo Hifana.

08 - Ken Ishii – Extra
The amazing animated music video for 'Extra' by Ken Ishii was directed by Koji Morimoto, the animation director behind anime classic 'Akira'. Not my kind of music, but the video is utterly brilliant.

07 - Tool - Sober
This isn't my kind of music either, but it's all about the animation. The stop motion in the video for 'Sober' by Tool takes place in a grim nightmare world. With its dark imagery and disorienting cuts, the video reminds me of a Quay Brothers film. Animated by Fred Stuhr, whose promising animation career was cut tragicly short when was killed in a car accident at the age of 30, 'Sober' will remain a tribute to Stuhr’s amazing talent.

06 - The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl
The ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ music video is a LEGO stop motion animation directed by Michel Gondry. It was shot frame by frame with each frame having the LEGO bricks rebuilt, sometimes in a complex manner to seem as if it were an actual shot, and then formed together to give the illusion of motion.

05 - Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
I could have chosen any of the Gorillaz music videos for this list, they're all brilliant 

04 - A-Ha - Take Me On
The video was directed by Steve Barron (director of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie) and animated was done by Candace Reckinger and Michael Patterson. The premise and the song are incredibly 80s, which may or may not be your thing, but the video itself holds up remarkably well and utilises the Ralph Bakshi style of rotoscoping animation to great effect.

03 - Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution
This video was directed by Kevin Altieri, a director on 'Batman: The Animated Series' and 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' and Todd MacFarlane, the creator of the comic book 'Spawn'. The video reminds me of films like ‘Heavy Metal’ and its distinctive stoner-type animation style.

02 - Autechre - Gantz Graf
An amazing piece of motion graphic for an equally amazing song. The ‘Gantz Graf’ video features an abstract object synchronised to the sounds in the music as it morphs, pulsates, shakes, and finally dissolves. Alex Rutterford (who had previously created an unofficial video for the Tri Repetae track 'Eutow' as part of the Channel 4 music programme Lo-Fi in 2001) claims the idea for the 'Gantz Graf' video came during one of his LSD trips. Rutterford also stated that there was no generative element to the imagery; every three-dimensional object in the agglomeration was painstakingly and manually synchronised with a specific element or frequency range within the track. Sounds complex...

01 - Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
I know it's a pretty obvious choice for the number one slot, but it is an incredibly brilliant piece of animation. The video shows several different animation techniques including claymation, stop motion and pixilation (the incredibly difficult process of stop motion animating a real person). Nick Park, of Wallace and Gromit fame, did his first stop motion work for Aardman in this video, the Quay Brothers provided their skills also. In short this video acts as a showcase for a lot of today’s top talent in animation.


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