Don't Watch The New Looney Tunes Show

Cartoon Network’s new 'Looney Tunes Show', which is set to premiere May 3rd at 8pm in the US, have set up a new website loaded with images, downloads and many clips. For example, this musical Yosemite Sam video and a GC Road Runner & Coyote Short...

What the hell have they done? A Yosemite Sam Rap! The CG Road Runner short just craps all over my favourite classic Looney Tunes show. Why does the Road Runner fight the Coyote? Roadrunner isn't meant to fight he can just outrun the Coyote. And that Matrix reference towards the end? What year is this?

Please don't watch this; it'll only encourage them to make more.

It really annoys me that Cartoon Network can screen dross like this whilst the brilliant 'Sym-Bionic Titan' hasn't been picked up for a second season.


Anonymous said...

i hope they make more!

Animated Review said...

I'm glad you like it. Cartoon Network wouldn't make a show like this if there wasn't going to be an audience for it. I've only seen clips on-line to base my opinion on, have you seen a full episode? I know it aired recently in the US?

I think it's just a shame with the wealth of talent currently working in animation that networks have to resort to re-hashing old ideas often ruining them in the process. There's plenty of Loony Tunes, why not invest some effort into making something new?