New Short From Studio AKA & Grant Orchard


Based loosely on a real life event recounted in Paul Auster’s brilliant book 'True Tales of American Life',  'A Morning Stroll' tells the story of one New Yorker’s early morning encounter with a chicken, an event that plays out over 100 years.

Director Grant Orchard was looking to do a quick project as a break from a large, ever more complicated script he was working on, and had always loved this one paragraph account of a city dweller’s casual encounter with a chicken. Sweetly humorous & intriguing - but also brilliantly slight - the story seemed ideal. Ultimately this new ‘small, quick project’ ended up taking 2 years to make during studio downtime, and in addition, instead of simply making one short story, Grant decided the story would be 3 times better if we made it 3 times in 3 different ways!  

As Grant says; "There is something in the constant repetition of the story that intrigues and yet underlines the utter whimsy of it all, and I like the narrative conflict in that."

The film was entirely self-funded by STUDIO AKA, utilising people’s talents in-between commercial work. The film’s 3 chapters were made mostly in XSI, but rendered in distinct styles, requiring additional art working in After Effects, Flash and Photoshop.

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