3 New DVD's From BAA

The British Animation Awards people have released 3 new DVD titles:

Japanese Independent Animators: Volume 1 - Mirai Mizue

Mirai Mizue’s films are often compared to those of Oskar Fischinger, (though in fact were originally inspired by early Disney!), and described as visual symphonies: increasingly detailed and complex drawings - from the amoeba-like to the humanoid - fill the screen, reflecting the increasingly dense construction of their musical soundtracks. Just like the films, his work is always evolving: other techniques include water-surface animation and photographic stop-motion. Meditative and absorbing, the films benefit from repeated viewings.

Japanese Independent Animators: Volume 2 - Tochka Works

Since Japanese creative duo Tochka devised their lightning doodle animation method, dubbed PiKA PiKA, in 2005, they have thrilled and inspired audiences with their animated form of graffiti art/mural-painting, often using local music to accompany their events and workshops as they travel around the world. Bonus extras include an early stop-motion film, slide-show, documentaries about their methods, workshops and participatory events. Plus booklet documenting their history.

Japanese Independent Animators: Volume 3 - Atsushi Wada

Atsushi Wada’s films are characterised by finely drawn lines, whispering sounds, and a unique sense of rhythm and movement. His strange and absurd world is full of humour and sadness that will, to use a direct translation from Japanese, ‘tickle your mind’. These oddly compelling tales of obsessive human behaviour are both surreal yet psychologically convincing, and also reflect wryly on Japanese social rituals.

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