Aardman Book - Tales Of The Spiffing

Tales of the Spiffing

There is a new Aardman book currently available through the Aardman webstore called 'Tales Of The Spiffing'. One randomly selected buyer will receive a copy signed by all the artists involved including Peter Lord. I'll be buying a copy for my bookshelf, get yours here:


This is the blurb about the book from Aardman:

Down in the south west of England there’s a factory full of trained geeks that make films...

Some of them have involved an inventor and a dog, runaway chickens, deviant sheep, the North Pole and every now and then, Pirates, We are all proud of them, but there are some stories which we wanted to tell on our own time, those which might not make a film but fit perfectly into this kind of project.

You have before you, the first collection of 'Tales of the Spiffing' an anthology of short comics and art by the amazingly talented artists at Aardman.

This wide ranging collection is made by the artists at Aardman Animations studios, Bristol, who would normally be in a darkened room with some plasticine, but in this case have been coaxed out to tell some stories of their own.

Packed with comics and art, with a forward (in comic form by Peter Lord, co-founder of Aardman) this is the first in a series for people who just need some more Spiffing in their lives.

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