Croix Gagnon & Frank Schott Project 1231

Art director Croix Gagnon and photographer Frank Schott recently launched Project 1231, a personal art project that recomposes images of the body of executed Texas murderer Joseph Paul Jernigan. After his execution in 1993, Jernigan's corpse was donated to science and became a subject of The Visible Human Project, which yielded a detailed set of cross-sectional photographs of a male and female human body.

Jernigan's body was frozen and then cut into 1,871 1 millimeter slices, each of which was photographed to yield more than 65 gigs of data. Gagnon and Schott used those photographs in an animation that was then "played fullscreen on a computer, which was moved around by an assistant while being photographed in a dark environment," they explain on the project site. "The resulting images are long-exposure 'light paintings' of the entire cadaver. Variations in the movement of the computer during each exposure created differences in the shape of the body throughout the series."

Check out the images created here:

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