Stressed Eric Finally On DVD

'Stressed Eric' is due to be released by the BBC for the first time ever on DVD. The release is scheduled for the 2nd of May, I for one can't wait. The RRP is a bit steep at £25.00 for the meagre 13 episodes, but you can already pre-order for around £15.00, bargain!

Since its 1990’s broadcast, Carl Gorham’s multi award-winning animated sitcom has achieved cult status. Now released for the first time on DVD and including all thirteen episodes as well as a host of exclusive extras, this really is The Complete Stressed Eric Collection.

Eric Feeble is 40, a divorced father with two kids and a crippling mortgage. His son is thick, his daughter is allergic to everything and his au-pair is an unreliable waster. The successful and wealthy Perfect family, who live next door, provide a constant and irritating reminder of what his life could have been. At work, a series of stress related illnesses have seen him demoted from Sales through half a dozen offices to the dark, dank wastelands of the Data Department, next to the Gentlemen’s lavatory. Through it all Eric battles on, a man whose very survival each week against impossible odds makes him an ulcer-growing hero for our times.

Featuring the voices of Alexander Armstrong, Rebecca Front, Mark Heap, Alison Steadman, Morwenna Banks, Gordon Kennedy and Doon Mackichan.

Here is a classic 'Stressed Eric' clip:

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