Mahahula The Giant Rodent Of Happiness

Created under the theme of 'Happiness' for the recent F5 festival, Nomint created the short film 'Mahahula The Giant Rodent Of Happiness'

This is what Nomint had to say about the project:

“When we where asked to make a video about happiness, we decided that we should take it from the very beginning, when it first appeared in the world.

We find happiness to be a very serious matter, definitely worthy of an awesome deity like Mahahula, an ancient gigantic infant rodent born from an alien space traveling seed that crash-landed on primordial earth. We wanted to depict happiness in all its glorious complexity: obscure, hard to find, huge and colorful. Is it more of a constant personal pursuit or is it a fortunate offering by others?

Mahahula came about with the sole purpose of spreading joy to the world, only there was no one around to hear her say so, as this was a long-long time ago. As we speak, she might or might not still be around warming our hearts for eternity.”

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