Plum Flower Deer

'Plum Flower Deer' began in 2009. Originally intended as a piece for the 2010 F5, a design festival in New York, but wasn't completed in time and was not screened there. The film grew and became a rumination about love, hope, the natural world and rebirth. Thankfully the film was eventually finished and it was worth the wait.

Crush art director, Yoho Hang Yue, and his wife Queenie, also an art director, developed the story about a pair of Plum Flower Deer, (native to parts of China), who are separated by an act of man but are rejoined in spirit. The Plum Flower Deer is one of the most auspicious, divine animals in Chinese culture. The Plum Flower Tree itself has been the subject of innumerable paintings and poems, representing courage and elegance. The film drew on Chinese tradition, and art. The film’s closing poem, by 12th century Southern Song Dynasty Chinese poet Lu You, tells of the rebirth of spring and the courage of the plum flower through winter.

“We wanted to bring this story to life using modern tools, but we wanted to keep the timelessness of the poem intact,” says Yoho Yang Yue. “It is an ageless story that draws on the rich legacy of Chinese culture.”

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