Seth MacFarlane To Reboot The Flintstones

Seth MacFarlane, creator of 'Family Guy', 'The Cleveland Show' and 'American Dad,' is going to reboot 'The Flintstones' for both television series and theatrical movies. Apparently this deal was long time in negotiation between 20th Century-Fox (MacFarlane’s home base) and Warner Bros. (who own The Flintstones). Looks like MacFarlane is expanding his current majority ownership of Fox's Animation with another cartoon about a fat man and his family. This said however, MacFarlane worked on 'Dexter's Lab' and 'Cow & Chicken' (amongst others) for Cartoon Network and Hanna-Barbera earlier in his career so maybe it's a bit early to assume it's going to be the same type of humour as his current work. I for one am looking forward to seeing what he produces.

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