Wonderland: The Trouble With Love And Sex

I’ve just finished watching the BBC’s first full-length fully animated documentary. ‘Wonderland: The Trouble With Love And Sex’ followed two couples and a single man through relationship counselling and gives an intimate portrayal of what actually goes on in the counselling room.

With unprecedented access to relationship counselling organisation Relate, the documentary records the real conversations from counselling sessions and sets them to animated representations of the clients involved to help protect their identity. The Radio Times described it as ‘In Treatment’ meets ‘ Creature Comforts’ – a peculiar marriage, but one that works brilliantly.

The animation was at times simple and crude but it somehow made it feel more intimate than watching live footage. Not only utalised as a way to hide the identity of the clients the animated format allowed you to really relate to the stories of the clients rather than being distracted by the clients themselves. Their stories were often bleak and moving, but there were sweet and amusing moments too, all beautifully realised by the animators. The story of Dave, the troubled singleton, was particularly moving and beautiful.

Most importantly the film may encourage others facing similar relationship issues to seek help.