Lit Tree Installation

I've posted a couple of times now about site specific installation and environmetal animation. Check out my last post on Amon Tobin's live projections, they're incredible. Some exciting possibilities are explored in the impressive projection mapping experiment 'Lit Tree' by Seoul/London-based Kimchi and Chips which encourages audiences to interact with trees through an animated interface:

"Through the use of video projection, a tree is augmented in a non-invasive way, enabling the presentation of volumetric light patterns using itʼs own leaves as voxels (3D pixels). We have developed our own structured light system (called MapTools-SL) which scans the location of every pixel in 3D, allowing a cloud of scattered projector pixels to be used as 3D Voxels.

The tree invites viewers with a choreographed cloud of light that can respond visitors motion. As visitors approach, they can explore the immediate and cryptic nature of this reaction. The tree can form gestures in this way, and can in turn detect the gestures of its visitors. By applying a superficial layer of immediate interaction to the tree, can people better appreciate the long term invisible interaction that they share with it?"

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