Tim Wheatley For Africa Is Moving HIV/AIDS

Do you remember the Cyclotrope video by Tim Wheatley we posted earlier in the year? Well, lots of other sites posted it too and the film went viral within twenty-four hours of appearing on-line. Usually when an idea like this goes viral it's bastardised by some ad agency to pass of somebody else’s idea as their own and make a few quid in the process. A recent example being the Credit Confidential spot by Passion Pictures, they basically regurgitated ideas seen in 'MUTO' created by graffiti artist Blu 3 years earlier.

It's aggravating when ad agencies and art directors search the Internet for innovative ideas that they then pinch for their own gain. Especially as Saatchi & Saatchi’s Geneva office has proven that it doesn’t need to be that way and that agencies can collaborate respectfully with filmmakers. They did just that for their recent 'Africa is Moving' HIV/AIDS spot, a collaboration with Tim Wheatley and his Cyclotrope concept...

“It just shows the power of the Internet,” said Wheatley. “We are encouraged to put our coursework online and in my case it lead to a fully paid trip to Cape Town to work with some of the world’s leading media professionals. It was a fantastic opportunity and experience.”

Watch the video:

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