Bill Plympton Restoring Winsor McCay's The Flying House

Bill Plympton has recently been raising funds through Kickstarter to restore and release Winsor McCay's classic 'The Flying House'. By the time the fund raising period closed almost double the initial $10,000 target had been pledged. The funding closed with a total of $19,760 raised for the project. This extra cash will hopefully be put towards promoting the release of the film and generating additional features for the DVD release. Some of the biggest changes Bill is making to the film is colouring the film and removing the iconic McCay word balloons and replacing them with an audio track featuring the voices of Matthew Modine and Patricia Clarkson. Hopefully this additional funding will be sufficient to include a less altered, more true to the original version, still black and white with the word balloons left intact.

Visit the Kickstarter project page for more information. The restoration and other changes are well underway, I for one can't wait to see the finished result. I love the work of both Bill Plympton and Winsor McCay, so this should be fantastic when finished.

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