Björk - Crystalline

Director Michel Gondry has teamed up with Björk once again to create their eighth music video together for 'Crystalline', the first single off Björk's forthcoming album, Biophilia, which gets released September 27th.

Gondry gave some insight into the making of the video:

"We shot it frame by frame, and we shot it by recranking the camera and re-exposing the film many times. I decided for this that the shower of meteorite would hit the ground and produce a sound... The idea that a beam of light can have the impact to make these things move is something that intrigued me. Later on, they create some ripples-like rain. At the third verse, they create bubbles in which the metallic objects appear. All of those are the result of multiple conversations with [Björk] that were going in many directions."

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