A History Of Title Sequences

'A History Of Title Sequences' was created by Jurjen Versteeg as part of his graduation dissertation on title design. Designed as a possible title sequence for a fictitious documentary, the film shows a history of the title sequence in a nutshell. The names of the most influential title designers are mentioned, all of whom have had a big influence on the development and history of title design. Each designer's name refers to the revolutionary titles they designed, how many of the films referenced do you recognise?

~ Georges Méliès - Un Voyage Dans La Lune
~ Saul Bass - Psycho
~ Maurice Binder - Dr. No
~ Stephen Frankfurt - To Kill A Mockingbird
~ Pablo Ferro - Dr. Strangelove
~ Richard Greenberg - Alien
~ Kyle Cooper - Se7en
~ Danny Yount - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Sherlock Holmes