Kijkshock3 Show, DVD & Book

Kijkshock III Cover kopie.jpg

Kijkshock3 is duo Sjeng Schupp & Michiel Van Dijk’s newest animation and live music show.

Their short, wilful musical animation films (some abstract, others figurative) are characterized by whimsy and absurdism. The music weaves from classical to jazz and everything on either side. Sound and sight fit together perfectly. Schupp and Van Dijk themselves play in the five-member band that accompanies the films live on stage. Their own work is complemented by films and music of kindred film-makers and composers who were invited by the duo to make new works for Kijkshock3.

There is a DVD+book to accompany this third show, published by publisher De Buitenkant. To get an idea of what’s going on in the heads of the makers, the accompanying book gives a look behind the scenes, with stills, sketches and associative material. The music welds the films together to create a whole that can best be experienced by playing the dvd in its entirety, with the book at hand. There is also a seccond DVD+book to accompany the first show, Kijkshock1. Looks like there was never a Kijkshock2.

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