China's original 3D animated film 'Peony' will be released at the end of 2011, probably 2012 before we get to see it in the UK. This film is made completely by the Chinese people, and it represents the highest level achieved by China's 3D animated films.

This movie is produced by Luoyang Jingrui Film and Animation Co., Ltd. in Henan, China. They have more than 200 high-tech animation experts in the company. Their technical skills and R & D strength in China is considered among the best.

'Peony' focuses on an inspirational message of "Peace, Justice and Anti-drugs." It tells a story about the king of flowers, "Peony," who has gone through many hardships, achieving final victory over evil, represented by the greedy "Poppy." "Peony" leads the beautiful flowers out of the Blooming Flowers Valley, bringing them to the humans.

The film is made entirely from its creation through to its production by the Chinese people themselves. Compared with some Hollywood films, which contain "Chinese elements", the movie 'Peony' has more abundant Chinese elements, and better reflects the characteristics of an authentic Chinese culture. 'Peony' will bring the vision, sounds and soul of Chinese culture on a journey to the people of the world.

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