The Sleischers

Short wacky animated trash film by Tim Razumovsky & Eyal Oren, third year students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Israel. 'The Sleischers' is an R-rated tribute to 70s trash films a la Rodriguez & Tarantino.

Tim Razumovsky:

“The film is a kind of short pilot episode which will hopefully become a series in the future. The main characters are a pair of twisted married assassins and the title 'The Sleischers' is actually their family name. 'The Sleischers' is a sort of a pun for the word “slashers” and a hint that both characters speak with heavy foreign accent and their origin remains unclear. The film is a marriage of various kinky B-Movies that we like. As for the plot, I’ve heard a couple of interesting theories about it – such as hidden religious or feminist messages in it.”

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Something REFRESHING for animation lovers!!