Scanimation - The Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz Scanimation

Hardcover: 11 pages
Publisher: Workman (31 Aug 2011)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0761163735
ISBN-13: 978-0761163732

The newest Scanimation book from Rufus Butler Seder features ten iconic scenes from 'The Wizard Of Oz.' The images include: Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and Toto dancing down the Yellow Brick Road, The Wicked Witch of the West Melting and a close-up of Dorothy clicking her ruby slippers together.

This is the fifth book in the Scanimation series following 'Gallop!', 'Swing!', 'Waddle!' and 'Star Wars' all four having featured on the 'New York Times' bestsellers list with millions of copies sold.

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I'm Fine Thanks Wins At Ottawa

Eamonn O’Neill’s short film 'I’m Fine Thanks' took home the award for Best Graduate Animation at the recent Ottawa International Animation Festival. Watch the trailer here: 'I'm Fine Thanks'

Dead But Not Buried

Phil Mulloy's new movie 'Dead But Not Buried' just won the Best Animated Feature Film Award at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

This marks the second consecutive win for the British director at Ottawa. He won last year for 'Goodbye Mister Christie', the prequel to 'Dead But Not Buried'. Audience response to the win was mixed, with groans amidst the applause. Post festival reviews of the film haven't been full of praise either. I'm a huge fan of Mulloy's shorts, especially 'Sex Life Of A Chair', so I hold out hope that his newest feature lives up to the quality of these earlier works.

Maxim Zhestkov: Signal

'Signal' is a great a sci-fi short by Maxim Zhestkov. Check out Maxim's website for other fantastic examples of his work.

Jim Henson's Google Doodle

The Jim Henson Company and Google partner to honour Jim Henson's 75th birthday. The collaboration breaks new ground in technology and performance allowing us to try our hands at our own bit of digital puppetry. Learn more about this project in the video below...

Jim Henson Animating

Short, silent, but fascinating footage of Jim Henson working at his animation station in 1961. From the archival footage found at

Being Elmo A Puppeteer's Journey

'Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey' traces Kevin Clash's rise from his modest beginnings in Baltimore to his current success as the man behind Elmo, one of the world's most recognisable and adored characters.

Pivotal to the film is the exploration of Jim Henson's meteoric rise, footage of a young Kevin dreaming of working with his idol and the ultimate achievement of his goal to become part of the Henson family of puppeteers.

In addition to puppeteering Elmo, Mr. Clash is arguably the creative force behind today's Sesame Street, producing, directing and travelling around the globe training other puppeteers. Millions know Elmo, yet when Kevin walks down the street he is not recognised. Hopefully this documentary will see this change.

Jim Henson's 75th Birthday

Although not technically animation, I feel puppetry shares many of the same magical properties through bringing life to the inanimate. In honour of Jim Henson who would have turned 75 today I thought I’d post a couple of Muppet related bits and pieces...

Bill Porter For Puma

Beautiful animation here from Bill Porter commissioned for Puma’s 'Peace Starts With Me' project. The commissioned works will be shown at the World Peace Festival 2011.

"'Peace Starts With Me' is a new annual PUMA. Peace commission. This year seven international artists and filmmakers create original works. Curated by PUMA.Creative Chief Curator, Mark Coetzee, and produced by Shooting People, these films encompass a diverse range of styles; including 35mm live action, experimental animation and fine art."

Basement Jaxx - Hey U

Sundeep Toor spent eight weeks creating this unofficial music video for Basement Jaxx vs. Metropole Orkest track 'Hey U'.

From Toor... "While listening to the album, the 'Hey U' track in particular caught my attention and ideas came flooding in of a parade of exotic animals performing the track. I felt compelled to animate something and here is the finished project. Enjoy!"

Koji Aramaki: Wave Reflection

Check out this mesmerising animation from Japanese motion graphics maestro Koji Aramaki.

Lei Lei: My...My...

Lei Lei aka Ray founded Ray Design Studio back in 2005 whilst still at school. Ray completed a bachelor's degree in animation from Tsinghua University where he still studies as a graduate student. His various animated shorts have won numerous awards over the years with 'My...My...' being his latest work.

James Cauty Sculpture

Back in 2008 artist James Cauty and his 15 year old son has an art show at the Aquarium L-13 Gallery, London entitled 'Splatter'. The images below are of some of the sculptural pieces included in the exhibition.

The press release for 'Splatter':

"The Cautys’ new project employs hijacked popular cartoon characters and liberated animations, to violent, shocking and entertaining ends, all of which will be part of their own specialist cartoon art gift shop. The Cauty animated collection will be degraded, overlaid & looped, fractured, and repeated on multiple LCD screens, presenting the viewer with unrelenting acts of bloody, cartoon violence, which, in cartoon law, ultimately cannot cause fatal injury.

This show by jCauty&Son warrants laugher, discomfort and aims to provoke thought on violence and our media saturated culture. THE AQUARIUM L-13 will produce a vast array of merchandise to support and fund this project, including original draft collages and drawings, life size models, limited edition animation cells and prints, badges, balloons and fake blood. Everything will be for sale and 25% of all profits will be donated to Amnesty International."

Not To Scale For Nestle

Animation studio Not To Scale , production company Elastic and director Andy Hall cast a variety of woodland creatures as nature’s criminals, smuggling bottled water, in a new ad campaign for Nestle.

N9VE: The Alphabet 2

N9VE, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Turin, Italy, created this animated alphabet where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself by playing with different styles, materials and animation techniques.

Willem Lagerwaard: Steering Wheel

Very cute illustration and animation in this short by Willem Lagerwaard. 'Steering Wheel' was created for the Dutch edition of Sesame Street.

Conduit Productions For Graduate School Of Business

Directed by Marc Ziman and David Correia of Conduit, 'Curious Times' was commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi for the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

Burayan: Frictions

Steven Briand aka Burayan created 'Frictions' as his graduation short film, directed at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 2010 - 2011, in the animation section. 'Frictions' beautifully mixes live action and stop motion animation.

Villagers - Cecelia & Her Selfhood

Great music video for the Villagers latest track 'Cecelia & Her Selfhood' animated by Adrien Merigeau.

Leanne Towers: Enid

Leanne Towers single-handedly created 'Enid' in twelve weeks for her final submission for her Masters in 3D Animation at the NCCA at Bournemouth University.

Paper Cuts By Olly Moss

Back in May the very talented young graphic designer/artist/illustrator Olly Moss created a huge number of wonderful silhouettes for his first solo show opening at Gallery1988. The exhibition was vast with literally hundreds of silhouettes of pop culture figures with humorous twists. The 'Die Hard' Bruce Willis piece is behind smashed glass, the Scrooge McDuck image was jokingly priced at $10,000,000 and Pinocchio's nose spans two frames. I had a tough time selecting some of my favourites from the vast number of cartoon characters included in the show, I hope you enjoy the one's I've picked out. Check out Olly's 'Paper Cuts' blog page for images of more, but not all, the silhouettes in the show.

Ian Cheng: This Papaya Tastes Perfect

Much like rotoscoping, motion capture often results in flawlessly perfect yet completely unconvincing and unnatural animation. It's only when you start to explore these techniques artistically, as opposed to using it as a method of replacing live actors, do you see any merit in the animation. Ian Cheng in his fascinating mo-cap short ‘This Papaya Tastes Perfect’ explores a gritty less “cleaned up” version of motion capture, recording a “visceral, incomplete memory.”

Cheng describes the film as follows:

“Performed under the influence of whiskey, wrecking the mocap suit... dirty data resulted in 3D animation as drunk and unprofessional as the characters within it.”

Capiti: Esquizootrofia

Great piece of stop motion animation from spanish due Camilo Jiménez & Juan Camilo Fonnegra aka Capiti. That crow really creeps me out...

Erick Oh: How To Eat Your Apple

It took us a few days to pick up on this short recently posted by Erick Oh on Vimeo. I think we passed it by because we weren’t immediately struck by the screen shot at the start. I’m glad I went back and clicked on that play button it’s a brilliantly weird, beautifully animated short.

We should probably mention Erick is currently working at Pixar as a fix animator. Having finished working on 'Cars 2' he's currently working on 'Brave', so I should have guessed 'How To Eat Your Apple' was going to be good.

Onedotzero 2011 Preview

Joni Männistö Showreel

I don't like to post a lot of showreels, but with the quality and variety of work seen in Joni Männistö's reel I thought it was worth a mention. He hasn't posted much else on Vimeo, but I've got my fingers crossed we'll get to see some of the films seen in the show reel in full soon.

PepperMelon For MTV

PepperMelon, Buenos Aires’ masters of the weird and wonderful, branch out into their first live-action work with this new open MTV Stockholm.

Tendril: S/M/L

Tendril pitched these little guys to a client for a product called 'Funcheez', which sounds like it would be revolting. Gladly the clients went with a different studio for the spot leaving Tendril the opportunity to build their own fun story around the three strange yellow alien creatures they had created.

Julia Pott: Belly

Watch this trailer for 'Belly', Julia Pott's latest animated short film. Created with the support of the wonderful Passion Pictures.

Cartoon Character Tattoos

If you're thinking of getting a tattoo of your favourite cartoon character... don't!!!

It'll just look rubbish...

Bartle Bogle Hegarty for Weetabix

Nothing sells breakfast cereal quite like body popping teddy bears. I'm off to the shops to buy some Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize right now! Devised by ad agency BBH London for Weetabix and directed by Daniels. Post production compositor Cale Pugh brought the bears to life...

Louise Attaque - Du Monde Tout Autour

Paris-based Chez Eddy director and former Pixar animator Louis Clichy directed this new music video for French band Louise Attaque.

Céline Desrumaux: Countdown

'Countdown' is a short film based on the music of Apparat. Directed, designed, animated and composed by Céline Desrumaux. Céline cites Chris Ware as one of her many influences, for his layout and often abstract imagery. Being a fan of Chris Wares illustrations myself a can really see the influence on Céline work, especially in the beautiful poster art she's created for the short.

The Apple Tree

'The Apple Tree' is Alex Sherwood’s graduation film from Ballyfermot College of Further Education's Irish School of Animation. The trailer looks great, can't wait to see the film in full.

Tape Generations

Rolls of tape and a slowly rotated glass plate are the only ingredients for a captivating piece of stop motion animation by Johan Rijpma.

"I worked on this project for about 6 months. I tried many different compositions and then made a selection. A single composition could take more than 12 hours to develop/breakdown. The spinning of the plate was done by hand, turning the plate about 0,4 degree's every 30 seconds, this meant I was standing in the wind and the rain for hours watching the tape "grow" and watching the sun come up/go down."

Amazing World Of Gumball Joe Banana Teaser

'The Amazing World Of Gumball' started this week on Cartoon Network in the UK. I'd been waiting for this show to start for a while and the new teaser they've been running with the singing stripping Joe Banana made me want to watch it all the more. Here's the teaser, if you missed it...


Taiwanese student Zong-Yu Hsieh created 'Taraxacom' whilst studying at Shih Chien Universitys Department of Communications Design. Also check out his, and his fellow students, '100 Years 100 Stories' YouTube channel.

Sehsucht For Bank Coop

Beautiful advert for Bank Coop by Sehsucht.

9/11 Shorts Directed By The Rauch Brothers

Three 9/11 shorts directed by the Brooklyn-based Rauch Brothers Animation. Each story is narrated by someone who lost a relative in the destruction of the twin towers; the recordings are part of the Storycorps oral history project.

On the morning of September 11th, Michael Trinidad called his ex-wife, Monique Ferrer, from the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower to say goodbye. In the wake of his death, Monique tells the story of Michael's lasting legacy—the family they built together in 'Always a Family'.

When Richie Pecorella met Karen Juday, she captured his heart and changed his life. They were engaged and living together in Brooklyn when Karen was killed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, where she worked as an administrative assistant. Here, Richie remembers Karen, his love and inspiration in 'She Was The One'.

And finally 'John And Joe'.

Three Environmental Infomercials

'Oil'd - Our Thirst' designed, animated and written by Chris Harmon.

'Evergreen Solar - More Electricity' by Legwork.

'Turn It Off' by& Nigel Upchurch.

Think Metric

'Think Metric' by Ivan J Cruz...

"The United States is the last major country left to adopt the metric system; and there seems to be no push for change. This motion graphic piece is here to jump start the idea of metric converting. Our target audience is the general online population but primarily focused on younger individuals (mainly students). The piece includes animated typography, characters, 3D, infographics, along with a live action puppet and narrator all working together to create a fun learning experience."

Louis Barabbas & The Bedlamsix - The Tell Tale Hound

Animated music video for The Tell Tale Hound by Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six. Directed by Sam Alder and animated by Scott Lockhart.

(Thanks to Ed Wilson)

Dust And Glitter

Veronika Obertová and Michaela Čopíková joined by their love for animated film, motion design, drawing and creatures are collectively known as Ové Pictures. Recently they began working together on a new animated movie, here they proudly present the trailer for the forthcoming short, 'Dust and Glitter'.

ROSA Trailer

Orellana's creation is now well into its global festival run - leading up to the free release of the complete short online in November, 2011. To promote that fact he has created a new, extended trailer. Check out the films official website here: ROSA

"In the near future, humanity has disappeared, leaving behind a large megalopolis devoid of natural life. From the destruction awakes ROSA, a robot part of the KERNEL project, mankind's last attempt to restore the earth's ecosystem using recovered samples of long-extinct plant species. Wandering among the ruins of the lifeless city, Rosa will soon discover that she is not the only part of Kernel that has awakened."


A horse struggles against a violent storm in 'Ruis'. This incredible stop motion short was Marike Verbiest's masters graduation piece from KASK, Ghent, Belgium in 2009.

Snakes Knows It's Yoga

Snakes Knows It's Yoga

Hardcover: 168 pages
Publisher: Verlag fur moderne Kunst Nurnberg (1 Mar 2011)
Language English
ISBN-10: 3869841524
ISBN-13: 978-3869841526

Nathalie Djurberg (1978 Lysekil) is best known for producing claymation short films that are fauxnaïve, but graphically violent and erotic. The main characters are girls or young women engaged in various kinds of vileness: from mild deception, friendly torture and oddly benign bestiality to murder and mayhem. When she makes use of puppet animations for her furious and fabulous, political and psychological parables about seduction, power, impotence, guilt, punishment or oppression, she profits greatly from all the particular possibilities of this genre. With Hans Berg she has a commensurably talented partner who contributes the equally important film music which imparts the necessary atmosphere to the scenes.

Porn Stars

Tasked with a brief to combine simple animation and scratched 16mm film, C. Lo Rob has created this simple but effective animated short. 'Porn Stars' plays with the juxtaposition of adult movie stars and Hollywood celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

The Little Boat

How minimalist can a lead character be in an animated short and still elicit an audience’s emotional reaction? CalArts student Nelson Boles explores the possibilities in his smartly designed 'The Little Boat'.

Tchaikovsky Timelapse

Barry Purves is currently working on a short about Tchaikovsky that’ll debut later this year. The film’s cameraman Joe Clarke created this spellbinding time-lapse of Purves at work:

"Whilst working on the film I shot this series of time-lapses with the help of students. Instead of just leaving the camera to click away at set intervals, we manually took a frame in synch with the frames Barry was taking as he animated, showing the puppet moving at his intended 25fps, almost!"

Late One Night

'Late One Night' by 2011 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design graduates, Asaf Shahar and Anna Prager-Fichman.


Michael Langans new short film 'Heliotropes' is now on Vimeo fresh off the film festival circuit.

"'Heliotropes' documents the parallel goals of man and nature, through the most primitive and sophisticated means, to simply stay in the light."

Based on the poem by Brian Christian.

Transfer - Take Your Medicine

'Take Your Medicine' is the second single off Transfer’s debut album,'Future Selves.' The video is Directed by Nader Husseini and produced/edited by Amy Grieshaber. Radium/Reel FX combined the 2D drawings and paintings and 3D animation and digital effects into a single space in order to create a highly textured look.

Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

The latest Google Doodle pays tribute to Freddie Mercury, who would have celebrated his 65th birthday today, September 5th.

Back in June, Google wowed the web with their interactive tribute to master guitarist Les Paul and inspired countless Google guitar tutorials. This time around, they've honored the rock band Queen's lead vocalist, who battled HIV for years before dying on November 24th, 1991 at the age of 45.

A video, which appears over the Google logo, features an animated tribute to Mercury, highlighting Queen's 1978 hit 'Don't Stop Me Now.'

Cokiyu - Your Thorn

Video directed by Ohashi Takashi for the Japanese musician 'Cokiyu'.

Modern No.2 - Trailer

'Modern No.2' is a wonderful abstract animation from independant Japanese animator Mirai Mizue. For now you'll have to make do with just a trailer, but if you like the look of what you see you can purchase a DVD collection of Mizue's work from the people at the 'British Animation Awards'. The DVD includes 'Modern No.1' amongst other shorts. I highly recommend you buy it NOW!

Many Faces

Another great film to come from this years graduates at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. 'Many Faces' was written, directed and animated by Nir Philosof with some help from fellow Bezalel graduate Reut Bortz.


"‫Is it possible to walk through life, believing you only have a single persona? Is it possible to be real and genuine all the time and at all cost? And is there such a thing as "Real"?

An old lady is forced to leave the safty of her home to buy a carton of milk from a local grocery store. On her way there and back, she comes across a bunch of odd and colorful characters that push her to face her environment and, above all, herself.

A short movie that wonders about the human soul, self-reflection and denial‬."

Danger Planet

"During a routine scan on a distant planet, a young space scout finds romance with a female pilot. But when peril strikes the two star-crossed explorers, he must face what lurks in the darkness of the planet to rescue the girl."

I’m continually impressed by the quality of student films I get to post about on the Animated Review. Here we have the fun ‘Danger Planet’ animated by Justin Burk along with his fellow students at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. This four minute student animation was finished primarily in a summer, after over a year of preproduction, with animators Justin Burks and Danny Cooper turning their home into an animation studio. The extra time and effort spent by these dedicated students really shows the final result is excellent. Two elements of the short that stood out to me as being especially good we’re the depth and detail in the background art and the simple almost silhouette design to the monster.

Justin and his fellow students obviously have a love for the art form, not only demonstrated by their dedication, but with the subtle references to certain cartoon characters and feature films. I don’t know if it’s deliberate but one scene seems to pay homage to the Podracing scene in ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’, another seems to parallel ‘Top Gun’. The lead character designs owe much to Marvin the Martian and Eve from ‘Wall-E’. Stylistically the space suits are very similar to Marvin’s and the expressive eye movements are similar to those seen in Eve.These seemingly intentional references only added to my enjoyment of the short.

I've posted the short film and a making of below for your enjoyment:

Koja For The Body Shop

I've just been pointed in the direction of this wonderful stop motion spot for The Body Shop, animated and directed by Tobias Eiving & Ulrika Axen aka Koja. The pain stacking attention to detail in every hand-crafted recycled wooden character throughout the short sits nicely with the brands ethics and shows the enjoyment the animation due get from their work. Enjoy...

Still Water

'Still Water' animated and directed by Natalie David Esphani for her graduation film is a work of rare quality for a student piece. Natalie graduated from Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2011.

Sheeped Away

'Sheeped Away' tells the tale of a farmer who just wants to be with his beloved sheep. When a giant UFO enters his life to claim his sheep, what will he do to keep them safe from harm? And can he do this without waking his monstrous wife?

"The whole point of making 'Sheeped Away' was to make a tribute of sorts, to the old American cartoons I grew up with. They were not necessarily made for children but neither were they unwatchable for them. I wanted to make something just like that; something for both adults and kids. And adult kids like me"

Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo Flipbooks

From Seigensha Art Publishing come these beautifully illustrated flipbooks by animator Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo. I've posted a video of my favourite - 'Rabbit With Long Ears' ...

James Hopkins Sculpture

Some more interesting animation sculpture, this time from British artist, James Hopkins.

James cleverly devises visual illusions of his favourite cartoon characters into his sculptural displays. From one side it looks like a disorganised pile of toy parts. When you view these works from the right angle, the plastic craziness aligns into characters such as Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, The Simpsons, Itchy & Scratchy and South Park.

Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In

'Goin' In' is the second music video collaboration between Birdy Nam Nam and the excellent Will Sweeney. Their first collaboration was on the track 'The Parachute Ending', which was the second ever post on the Animated Review. Also check out Will Sweeney's video for Das Pop, which is also pretty amazing.

Simon's Cat In Cat And Mouse

Always nice to see a new 'Simon's Cat' short appear online. Visit Simon Tofield's YouTube channel to see the rest: Simon's Cat YouTube

Control By Daniel Binns

I love the distinctive angular aesthetic to this animated short by Daniel Binns. The sound design by Ian Pinder and Mike Farrar is also superb, it really added tension to the narrative.

TTC - Pauvres Riches

One more Euro-rap music video - this time it's from french artists TTC and their track 'Pauvres Riches' from their debut album 'Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque'. Animated by Luna Cohiba in collaboration with illustrator Alexandra Compain-Tissier.

Samy Deluxe - Schwarz Weiss

Following on from hiphop artist Gers Pardoel's music video for 'Ik Neem Je Mee', here is some more animated Euro-rap. This video created by Nico Uthe and Bastian Böhm is for Samy Deluxe whose current album was number 1 in Germany last week.

Gers Pardoel - Ik Neem Je Mee

I don't listen to much music from the Netherlands, but this cute animated video drew my attention to hiphop artist Gers Pardoel's newest release 'Ik Neem Je Mee'. Created by Job, Joris & Marieke, who've worked on some wonderful projects.

Happiness By Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Designed, Directed and Animated in After Effects by Bran Dougherty-Johnson. 'Happiness' was created for the NY projected art installation project 'Electric Projected'. Bran's animation is based on the artwork of Eric Otto.