Nir Philosof: Joined Together

Back in early September I posted Nir Philosof's graduation film 'Many Faces' from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Without doubt it was the most viewed post of September on the Animated Review. Nir recently uploaded an older animated short from earlier in his studies, co-directed with fellow student Reut Bortz and I thought I'd share it with you here. 'Joined Together' expresses how Jerusalem may be like in the year 2111.

"In ancient times, over 3000 years ago, religious extremists led the Hebrew nation into war and the land of Israel separated into two, very different, jewish states.
But the fact that it happened once before, does not necessarily mean it won't happen again. More so, this might be the fate of other places in the world, if we let the bad seeds impose themselves on the rest of the population.

This project expresses a vision of a possible future of Jerusalem, as seen through our eyes. We look at it as a warning sign and at same time as a glimpse of hope, that Jerusalem will remain an inviting city for people of all races and religions."

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