The Cabinet Of Jan Švankmajer Book

The Cabinet Of Jan Švankmajer - The Pendulum, The Pit And Other Perculiarities

Hardcover: 220 pages
Publisher: Verlag fur moderne Kunst Nurnberg (1 Oct 2011)
ISBN-10: 3869842563
ISBN-13: 978-3869842561

Not to be confused with the Brothers Quay tribute of the same name 'The Cabinet Of Jan Švankmajer' is a new book introduced by Gerald A. Matt, the curator of exhibitions and director at Kunsthalle Wien and edited by Ursula Blicke. The book was published by the gallery to accompany an exhibition of Švankmajer's films, sculpture, etchings and collages. The book is a fantastic retrospective overview of Švankmajer's entire creative output. Even if you're a huge fan of Švankmajer's surreal feature films and shorts you're bound to find something new and unexpected in the rest of his body of work. Fantastically surreal, my favourite book purchased so far this year.

I've also posted the Brothers Quay film I mentioned just for your enjoyment.

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