Airside 1998-2012

After 14 years of creating groundbreaking design, Airside have decided to close their doors for good at the end of March, 2012. To clarify the reasons behind the decision, the three founders, Alex, Nat and Fred have prepared the following statement:

"For the record, we aren’t going bust, in fact we’re currently thriving. We haven’t fallen out with each other, in fact we’re as close as we ever were. What has happened is that after fourteen years of working together we have grown into different people with different goals and despite all of our best efforts we can’t see a way for Airside to move forward and accommodate all of our individual ambitions. You could put it down to musical differences if you like!

The world has changed enormously since we started in 1998 and we feel we’ve been a big part of that change. We were lucky enough to be the first of a certain kind of design company that now feels like the norm. New paradigms are emerging and as individuals we want to explore them in a way that Airside is currently unable to. Our influence has been very clear on a generation of creative practitioners and that makes us feel good; it also feels like our work here is done."

Whilst this is very sad news, I love Airside, I can't wait to see where Alex, Nat and Fred channel their creative talents. In memorandum of Airside I’ve posted some of my favourite pieces of their animated output below...

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