Maria & Hodei: Sopa De Galets

Maria Berga (Architect & Graphic Designer) & Hodei Ensunza (Graphic Designer with a special interest in motion graphics) created this piece illustrating how to cook Sopa De Galets, a traditional Spanish soup typically made for Christmas day. We might follow the recipe and create the dish next year as part of our Christmas feast!

Fabian Koppenhöfer: Faenger

German freelance CG artist and motion designer Fabian Koppenhöfer has just released this 'Catcher In The Rye' inspired animated short titled 'Faenger', created during his final year at the Artschool in Kassel. The short is a collaborative piece with illustrative artist Markus Färber who designed the characters and landscapes.

Ken Sortais GaG Exhibition


Parisian artist Ken Sortais aka Cony has his first show on in London... The 'Princes of Darkness' show is open now through to January 12th at Galleries Goldstein. Cony creates loose illustrative paintings reminiscent of old Walt Disney or Looney Tunes characters but distorted into a darker and more contorted look.

Printed to accompany Ken Sortais' 'Princes of Darkness' exhibition at GaG a 3 colour hand pulled screen print on a heavyweight 300gsm paper in an edition of 25 has been made available for purchase at £45.00 via the GaG online store.


Aleph - Messa (A-Moll)

Russia born and raised artist/animator/director Chichirik now lives and works in Hamburg Germany where she has created numerous music videos for the Hamburg music scene. Her latest video is for Russian musician Aleph, and their track 'Messa (A-Moll)' released on the album 'Year Two' via King Deluxe Records. The video features an imaginative blend of live action footage and grainy black and white animated embellishments.

Roundup Of Great Christmas Greetings 5

Here is one last selection of animated festive greetings to enjoy before we sign off until after Christmas. See you in a few days.

Layla Atkinson animated this seasonal treat for Trunk Animation, which invite us to "Drink along with Martin."

Patrick Raats & Balder Westein animated this papercraft stop motion Christmassy piece for Dutch communications agency Van Santen Network.

Nigel Upchurch animated this festive pixel fire place loop, free for all to download from his Vimeo page.

Rone - Bye Bye Macadam

The Creators Project is a global digital platform celebrating art and technology. Founded by a revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.

They recently uploaded this music video for Rone track 'Bye Bye Macadam', which was directed and presumably animated by Dimitri Stankowicz.

Magnus V. Östergren: Exodus Trailer

Magnus V. Östergren is a motion graphics director/art director based in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the trailer for his latest short film 'Exodus', which is set to premier in January, 2013.

Roundup Of Great Christmas Greetings 4

In this roundup of festive animation, we've picked out some of the superb darker offerings from this years selection...

New York based, Exit 73 Studios, combined their animated seasonal greeting with an apocalyptic Dooms Day sequence... very festive.

Another New Yorker who clearly isn't smitten with the Holiday season is Leah Shore.

And as you might expect this year’s Christmas animation from Cyriak, 'The Spirit Of Christmas' is well... just watch it...

Roundup Of Great Christmas Greetings 3

Another three Christmas treats from this years selection of awesome animated greetings...

We posted We Think Things' 'Cummulus & Nimbus' short back in March, now the characters have returned for this seasonal version in 'Cummulus & Nimbus Winter Edition'.

Neal Coghlan and Studio ASZYK! animated the rump shaking 'Booty Reindeer $$$' for their Christmas greeting.

David Luepschen animated this sweet piece for his seasonal greeting, the second we've posted this Christmas featuring original music from David Kamp!

The Lower Class - Extraneous

The Lower Class are an up and coming Hip Hop web savvy trio from Texas with various indie blogs already buzzing about their music. They recently teamed up with blogs 'Oh So Fresh' and 'Apple Juice Break' to release their much anticipated album 'Wingfield'. Promoting themselves so successfully online required some pretty slick video content to accompany their release, this latest music video for 'Extraneous' by Xavier Palin is no exception. Keep your eyes peeled for various pop-culture icons like Batman and Homer Simpson.

Roundup Of Great Christmas Greetings 2

Continuing the plethora of great seasonal animation with a second roundup of the best on offer...

'Christmas With Nathan' from HOPR was inspired by the festive ramblings of partner/CD Chris DiFiore’s four year-old nephew for their animated holiday greeting.

'Merry Xmas My Friends!' from Gal Shkedi.

Gobelins graduate Emmanuelle Walker puts her beautiful illustrative style to her Christmas greeting, 'Hairy Holidays 2013'.

Mixtape Club For VH1 Classic

Mixtape Club and director Aaron Stewart teamed up to create this twisted rock version 'Jingle Bells' for VH1 Classic.

Disney's Planes To Get Theatrical Release

Originally destined to go straight to DVD when we posted the trailer back in June, 2011, it now looks like Disney Pixar's 'Planes' will actually get a theatrical release to coincide with Dreamworks release of 'Turbo' in the summer of 2013.

Here is the trailer for 'Planes', to remind you what to expect:

Roundup Of Great Christmas Greetings

There have been so many great animated Christmas greetings this year it seems like it's all we've been posting over the last few days. We've collected a few more of the best offerings here:

London based Blue Zoo studio brings us this sweetly animated snowball fight.

Animade show us how festive animation is done properly in their Lernz series.

Stop motion short, 'Star Of Wonder' sees a shepherd meet a grim end, lovingly animated by Joseph Wallace and Becca Rose.

Otto Schade Party Time Print Competition


Christmas is fast approaching and have organised a fantastic competition with 12 fantastic prints to give away to 12 lucky winners.

There are 3 different hand pulled and hand finished silk screen print images hot off of the press with 4 copies of each up for grabs. Alongside Otto Schade's homage to Banksy, 'Fuck the Olympics' image and 4 hand sprayed stencil prints of 'I'm Out', there a 4 copies of the Mickey Mouse 'Party Time' print you see above.

All you have to do is subscribe to the mailing list on the website and the 12 lucky winners will be chosen at random from their list of subscribers on the 12th night of Christmas and informed on the 10th January 2013.


Nearly Normal: Purpy & The Evil Carrot Man - Xmas Time

Nearly Normal present 'Purpy & The Evil Carrot Man - Xmas Time', their animated Christmas ode celebrating being broke and the joy of sharing a handmade gift with your friends and family. If you’re feeling particularly uninspired or uncreative just share this animated ditty and sing along together... "It all came from my heart... And not from China..."

Jens & Anna: Oh Tannenbaum

Here comes another fantastic Christmas animation, this time courtesy of AnimateMe duo Jens & Anna and musical magician David Kamp of Sound Creatures. 'Oh Tannenbaum' is a little bit different to the other seasonal greetings we've posted so far this year as there is very little narrative, but it does feature a menagerie of cute animal-like decoration squirming on a Christmas tree.

Michael J. Ruocco: The Life And Death Of A Novelty Christmas Wreath

Michael J. Ruocco's, rather dark but very funny festive greeting, 'The Life And Death Of A Novelty Christmas Wreath' utilises an interesting fixed in centre character to tell its bleak story. 'The Life And Death Of A Novelty Christmas Wreath' is a nice contrast to the usual Christmassy schmaltz.

Beakus Christmas 2012

The 2012 Christmas greeting from London based animation studio Beakus parodies the recent epic John Lewis advert.

KAWS Original Fake 'Woodstock' Vinyl Toy

After the release of the KAWS 'Astro Boy' vinyl toy back in October, we didn't expect to see another animation inspired KAWS vinyl piece this side of 2012. Right before Christmas, artist KAWS and his brand Original Fake are back with a new figure... 'Woodstock' from the Peanuts franchise gets the official KAWS styling with head bones and X-ed out eyes in 'Woodstock' original yellow colourway. The release is scheduled for release on December 22nd.

Felix Sputnik: Merry Christmas

Felix Sputnik (Michael Schlingmann) has updated the clever 'Spinning Away' zoetrope wheel animation test we posted a couple of weeks back with this Christmassy twist.

Emily Smith: Ornithophobia

Emily Smith, a cat obsessed RISD illustration student who seemingly likes to experiment with various animation styles, has hit her stride with this latest short. Animated in a striking blend of scratchy black ink character with soft colourful watercolour backgrounds, 'Ornithophobia' tells the story of a cat confronting his fear of birds.

LLAMALLAMA: A Little Christmas Miracle

Just in time for Christmas, LLAMALLAMA (a collaboration of creative minds that focuses on animated storytelling) have debuted their first animated short film titled 'A Little Christmas Miracle'.

The narrative revolves around the, weird and slightly creepy looking, due Robert and Tray and their bizarre Christmas adventure.

"Robert and Tray are garden leprechaun gnomes and old friends. Robert is having a middle age crisis while Tray is having the life Robert is jealous of; a carefree life with sunbathing and parties. On their way, Tray and Robert meet Santa who is suffering from a severe stomach ache. Tray and Robert trying to help Santa, enter his stomach where they meet Krampus, Santa’s demonic alter ego. Little did they know that their life was about to change forever."


Gobelins students, Deborah Cruchon, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jung-boix, Nadya Mira & Laurent Moing, animated this end of the world sequence to round off 2012. Nice!

Leon - An Emotional Flipbook

Andy Voda's Optical Toys Company is devoted to producing a unique array of pre and proto-cinematic toys including a superb selection of flipbooks. Amongst their range is a collection of Thomas Edison flipbooks showing seven experimental film sequences shot by Edison Laboratories in the earliest days of motion pictures, a similar range for Eadweard Muybridge's animal sequences and the 'Gestation Animation' flipbook in which obsessive photographer Karl Baden documented his wife’s pregnancy.

Their latest release is 'Leon - An Emotional Flipbook' which takes the flipbook concept to new extremes. The idea behind 'Leon' is that the 200 individual flipbook pages depicting various states of emotion can be reconfigured to create surprising results! If you want to depict joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, surprise, anticipation, optimism, disappointment, anger, aggression, longing, pride, envy, irritation, rage, love... sort the cards into their various sets (perplexed, longing, torment, suffering, affection and love) and just pick out the combination of cards you need! Needless to say the complexities of such a project meant, after the initial concept for the flipbook in 2005, its taken 6 years before completion and its release in August 2011, with stock only recently finding its way to shops in the UK.

On a rather geeky side note, if you were to use all 200 cards for each flipbook combination, you could make


different flipbooks... apparently! That's not bad for the $14.00 it costs to buy a copy.

Art & Graft: Happy Christmas!!!

London based creative studio, Art & Graft, have brought us another fantastic animated Christmas card. We're pretty sure this is actually based on CCTV footage from Art & Graft's Christmas party last year, we've been to enough works Christmas parties to know this is pretty much EXACTLY what they're all like!

Scrapomatic - Rat Trap

Brooklyn-based animator Brett Underhill, you may remember his humorous Krypto The Superdog short posted on AR back in August, has created this music video for Scrapomatic track 'Rat Trap' featuring a nice blend of live action and animation.

Robert Loebel: Wind Trailer

This teaser trailer for Robert Loebel's animated short 'Wind', produced at the HAW Hamburg - University of Applied Sciences in 2012, makes it look pretty special. The short will hopefully be appearing on the festival circuit soon and we're really looking forward to seeing the full film.

It's also worth noting that David Kamp provided the sound designs... check out his 'Sound Creatures' project here.

Luke Thompson - On A Slow Boat To China

Animator/director Dan W Jacobs, who featured on the Animated Review in August with his excellent graduation short 'Seen And Not Seen', has just released a new music video co-created with fellow Manchester School of Art graduate Nicholas Barnes.

This is the video for Luke Thompson's 'On A Slow Boat To China', but the videos Dan has animated for his own band, Fun Adults, are worth checking out too!

Jacques Khouri: Xmass Video Card

Following on from Mummu's animated Christmas Carol comes another animated seasonal greeting, this one's from New York based freelancer Jacques Khouri.

The Hundreds X Cool World Apparel


Über-trendy streetwear clothing label The Hundreds have collaborated with Paramount Studios to bring us a collection of apparel illustrated with characters from Ralph Bakshi's 1992 live action/animated feature film 'Cool World'.

The collection includes T-shirts, a snapback and a chambray shirt featuring Holli Would and other zany "doodles" from 'Cool World'.

The collection will be launched at The Hundreds flagship stores on December 14th with an online release to follow on December 17th.

The Hundreds official release statement:

"When the cult cartoon/live-action mash-up film 'Cool World' first debuted in 1992, it wasn’t the format that titillated audiences. In fact, controversial and sensational animator Ralph Bakshi had already established a name by merging the two worlds of filmmaking with 'Heavy Traffic' in 1973 and 'Coonskin' in ’75. It was always the content that raised eyebrows… With 'Cool World', he sought to direct a gritty murder mystery, revolving around sex as the conduit to travel between the animated and real world. The movie starred Kim Basinger as the nymphomaniac sexpot, Gabriel Byrne as a cartoonist jailed for murdering a man he found in bed with his wife, and a young Brad Pitt as the detective cop trying to keep the two worlds separate.

Drama also unfolded after the film’s release with as rumors of Bakshi’s disappointment with the film’s editing made the rounds. But as 'Cool World' celebrates it’s 20th anniversary, the movie continues to live on and flourish amongst cult audiences, fascinated with both the behind-the-scenes and onscreen stories. Just as the story intended to portray, the collision of the two worlds which are never to intersect, were what ultimately immortalized it’s legacy. And we continue that idea with Cool World clashing The Hundreds’ world…

The limited edition The Hundreds X 'Cool World' collection comprises three graphic tees, a chambray button up and a twill wool snapback, featuring various art from a full-length illustration of the film’s iconic femme fatale, Holli Would; a compilation of its myriad minor characters; and a special tee bringing into focus some of the more notable, albeit underrepresented, background characters."


Pokepoke Pocket - Ohayo Carotene

Japanese animator Saki Iyori has created this wild music video for Pokepoke Pocket and his latest release 'Ohayo Carotene'. Enjoy!

Anam An Amhráin DVD

Just in time for Christmas, Cartoon Saloon have released their 'Anam An Amhráin' DVD. Available to purchase for around £20 through their online store.

'Anam An Amhráin' is a collection of well know traditional Irish songs, sung by celebrated musicians, brought to life through Cartoon Saloons stunning animation. Originally conceived to accompany a 5 part series for a TG4 music series, in which award winning singer Iarla Ó Lionáird takes a trip to meet friends and introduce us to new interpretations of old Irish songs. The series first aired in December 2009, so this DVD's been a long time coming, but well worth the wait.

We've posted a couple of excerpts from the DVD here, but you should buy yourself a copy or get it on your wish list to Father Christmas.

'An Poc ar Buile'
Directed & Storyboarded by Tomm Moore
Design: Tomm Moore & Marie Thorhauge
Animation: Fabian Erlinghauser, Sean Mc Carron, Tomm Moore, Patrick Semple & Andrew Murray

'Oró, Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile'
Directed & Storyboarded by Roxanne Burchartz
Designed by Roxanne Burchartz & Marie Thorhauge
Animation: Fabian Erlinghauser, Roxanne Burchartz, Sean Mc Carron, Patrick Semple & Andrew Murray

'An Sean Duine'
Directed & Storyboarded by Nora Twomey
Design: Marie Thorhauge
Animation: Frederick Villumsen, Louise Bergholt, Fabian Erlinghauser, Nora Twomey & Tomm Moore

Mummu: The 12 Days Of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas Mummu sent to me... an animated Christmas carol.

The London based studio have day-by-day been extending their animated version of 'The 12 Days Of Christmas' verse-by-verse...

Daniela Sherer: The Man Inside Mickey

Daniela Sherer is currently studying an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art in London, amongst her fabulous variety of work she has animated the first instalment for 'Don't Talk To Strangers', a new animated documentary blog site.

'Don't Talk To Strangers' ask you to get in touch and recount your experience living in London, a city full of strangers. They want to hear stories from the awkward, alienating or unpleasant to the amusing, bizarre or touching. This first short, titled 'The Man Inside Mickey', is about a street performer's loneliness.

If you'd like to submit your story to be considered for animated adaptation head over to 'Don't Talk To Strangers' or phone them 020 3290 4348.

Room On The Broom

In addition to 'The Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo's Child' of past Christmases the BBC have commissioned yet another animated adaptation of a Julia Donaldson picture book for this year’s prime time slot on Christmas Day!

"'Room On The Broom' sees a witch and her cat flying happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch’s hat, bow and wand. They are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, and in return each animal asks for a ride on the broom. They climb on, one after the next, until the broom is so heavy that it snaps in two! What will happen next as they tumble into a bog and meet a greedy dragon?"

The film is narrated by Simon Pegg and the six lovable characters are voiced by a host of acting talent - Gillian Anderson as the Witch, Rob Brydon as the Cat, Martin Clunes as the Dog, Sally Hawkins as the Bird, David Walliams as the Frog and Timothy Spall as the Dragon.

This enchanting tale of friendship and family has been beautifully adapted from the magical picture book by the same creative team that brought us 'The Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo’s Child'. 'Room On The Broom' is again produced by Michael Rose and Martin Pope of Magic Light Pictures ('The Gruffalo', 'The Gruffalo’s Child', 'Chico & Rita'), animated in the same textural GC style by Studio Soi in Germany, directed by Max Lang (who also directed the original 'Gruffalo' special) and René Aubry has composed the music.

Stuck In The Sound - Let's Go

What a fantastic concept for a music video... A boy dreams of becoming an astronaut and dedicates his life to achieving his goal. When he finally lands on the moon he witnesses the end of the Earth! This superb music video was animated by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin ('The Rabbi’s Cat') for French indie band Stuck In The Sound and their latest single, 'Let's Go'.

FMX 2013 Rollin' Animals Trailer

FMX (Film and Media Exchange) is an annual conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia for students in Stuttgart, Germany. The 2013 trailer series 'Rollin' Safari' were all directed by Kyra Buschor, Ännie Habermehl and Constantin Paeplow, all students at the Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

"Our initial idea was to tell a high speed chase - but different to known scenarios. Imagine the story of a hunter pursuing a fat rollin’ deer in the forest - Hilarious! As we loved the idea of rollin' animals that much we decided the hunter should also be an animal - even more hilarious - and everything should take place in the savannah since in this region we were given a bigger choice of typical wildlife hunting scenes."

FX Goby For HMV

Director FX Goby, whose background is primarily in animation, has just released the series of spots he created for HMV. The spot's feature the two characters from the company’s logo, the dog and the gramophone, brought to life and given personalities. The gramophone is very much like the Anglepoise lamp from Pixar's 'Luxo Jr' short.

YACHT - Second Summer

Animation Domination High Def (ADHD) teamed up with YACHT, to help them celebrate their tenth anniversary of music making, by animating this awesome music video for the track, 'Second Summer'. The track clocks in at a little less than two minutes, but it's irritatingly catchy beat and lyrics like “Can you stand by your man when shit hits the fan?” will stick in your head for days.

The Snowman And The Snowdog Trailer

Admittedly when we first heard there was going to be a sequel to the classic 1982 animated adaptation of Raymond Briggs' 'Snowman' we were a little apprehensive. It's always a worry when something so beloved from your childhood is resurrected and ruined in the process. Our fears were somewhat put to rest when we learned that the short was being handled by London based animation house Lupus Films, many of the original animators were returning, and it's been made with the same traditional techniques as the first film. The plot sound like it may flow nicely from the first film also... A new little boy (the son of the original character) rebuilds the Snowman and a new friend, the Snowdog, who then all go on an adventure flying over international landmarks, much like the original storyline.

The 23-minute sequel titled 'The Snowman and the Snowdog' is scheduled to air on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve in celebration of both the 30th anniversary of the original short and of Channel 4 themselves. They've just started to advertise the film on TV and the trailer you see below allows us to confidently say that it's going to be a great Christmas!

Gotye - What Do You Want?

Yet another fantastic animated music video has been released to accompany a track from singer-songwriter Gotye! This one was created by papercraft stop-motion animator Lucinda Schreiber, featuring dancing skeletons and a singing werewolf.

In addition to the music video we've also posted a spot Lucinda recently animated for Australian mobile phone company Telstra. Both pieces are stunningly brilliant!

Alexandre Petrov: Russian Railways

Montreal based Pascal Blais Studio have been specialising in animation for advertising and film for more than 25 years. Their roster of internationally acclaimed directors, work in a wide variety of styles and techniques including: 2D, 3D-CG, Stop-Motion, Live-Action and Flash.

In the case of this spot for ‘Russian Railways’ Pascal Blais collaborated with their long-standing partner Alexandre Petrov, with whom they have maintained a close relationship after helping to fund his Academy Award winning film 'The Old Man And The Sea', both done in his instantly recognisable oil painting on glass style!

Loaded Pictures: Skip Pitts Tribute

Back in 2011 Loaded Pictures worked on a video biography about the Memphis all-star soul ensemble The Bo-Keys titled 'Got To Get Back!’ They we're so struck by the fantastic stories told by the band members, particularly that of lead guitarist Charles "Skip" Pitts', that they decided to create the animation you see below. Unfortunately earlier this year Skip passed away, but this film now exists as a rather fitting colourful tribute to this soul legend.

BUCK For Ginger Grouse

The Famous Grouse Whisky brand is set to roll out its Whisky-based Ginger Beer across the UK after the trial period in Scotland last October. 'Ginger Grouse' is being launched with a major marketing campaign including this animated spot from BUCK.

Alex King: Snow Business

Vancouver Film School student Alex King animated this sweet little short titled 'Snow Business'. Watch as a freezing traveller encounters a magical fox...

Disneyland Nanoblocks


Kawada Nanoblock's are a line of Japanese designed and made building block toys, similar to LEGO but much, much smaller (the smallest brick measures just 4x4x5mm.)

Kawada's official description is:

"The smaller it is, the more realistic the work becomes! Nanoblock is an extremely small building block. The smallest part is a mere 4x4x5mm! This amazingly small micro sized block makes it possible to create detailed and even smaller projects than what can be made with standard sized blocks. Nanoblock is a stimulating and entertaining hobby material for everybody, especially for grown-ups."

As part of their ever-expanding popularity, you can easily pick them up in retailers in the UK, Kawada have branched out into character licensed collaborations including an ongoing series of limited edition Disney characters exclusively available at Disneyland Resort Tokyo. Not counting seasonal and anniversary releases they're now on their 6th wave of characters, which includes Bambi and Thumper. The Nanoblock Fan Page website has a comprehensive list of the range starting with the first releases back in 2010, where we also discovered other animation inspires Nanoblock creations including 'The Pink Panther' and 'Woody Woodpecker'!

We've just picked out a couple of our favourite Disney characters to feature here...

image name image name
image name image name
image name image name

Felix Sputnik: Spinning Away

Felix Sputnik, the guy behind the animated map sequences from Aardman's 'Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientist' and the sexy walk cycles we posted in October, has uploaded this very clever zoetrope wheel animation test, in which we see a man leapfrogging over a static man, who then jumps over the original jumper.

Felix talks about the complexities of such an animation:

"Hell, this was difficult...

My friend Steve showed me a zoetrope disk he'd animated, which not only had a repeating cycle on it, but also an object passing on, from image to image on the disk, once per revolution. I sat for half an hour in front of it, trying to figure out how he did it. As the object passes over to the left, there has to be one less of it, than there is of the other elements on the disk. 12 drawings in the cycle, only 11 of the object. I decided I would never be able to just figure it out in my head, so I decided to do one of my own.

My idea was to do one cycle of a man leapfrogging over a static man, who would then jump over the original jumper. That's easy if you allow the jumped man to slide backwards into the position from which the jumper took off. But that's not what I wanted, I wanted for them to remain static when jumped and then leap continuously forward.

The only way, that would work is if the disk returns to its original position only after 2 revolutions. So I divided it into 25 segments, hitting the uneven ones the first time round, the even ones on round 2. I know this all sounds terribly complicated, do you now see why I had to do it..."

Clammbon - Rough & Laugh (KZ Remix)

Self proclaimed "pirates of design", Tymote, animated this simple yet sophisticated music video for Clammbon's new single release 'Rough & Laugh', available via the Shirokuma Cafe record label.

Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue

Watch the official music video for Nosaj Thing track 'Eclipse/Blue,' by Daito Manabe, takcom, Satoru Higa, and MIKIKO with support from The Creators Project. Manabe utilised a Point Grey camera to track the dancer's movements, so the animated graphics could be projected in real time over the live performance.

'Eclipse/Blue,' featuring vocals by Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino and is the first single off Nosaj Thing’s upcoming album 'Home.'

Yellow Subversion — The Artwork Of Yellow Submarine


'Yellow Subversion — The Artwork Of Yellow Submarine'

Publisher: 50by70
Release Date: November 2012
Features: 40 pages, Five screen prints 50cm x 70cm on Colorplan, Edition of 350
Language: English

To celebrate the Beatles’ 50th anniversary 50by70 has published the first ever set of fine art prints of the stunning artwork from the classic 1968 animated film 'Yellow Submarine'. Released today, the 28th of November, the £395.00 volume is limited to just 350 copies worldwide... a true collector’s piece!

'Yellow Subversion — The Artwork Of Yellow Submarine' in it's strictly limited edition boxed set, containing five full colour screen prints, is also accompanied by a book featuring an essay by the legendary 'Simpsons' writer, showrunner and producer Josh Weinstein who describes how the film influenced animation and inspired his career.

As Josh Weinstein writes, ‘Before 'Yellow Submarine' it was a mild, goody-goody animated world of personality-less gloved mice and cartoon bears stealing pic-a-nic baskets. But after 'Yellow Submarine' it was a wholly different world of animation. It wasn’t just for kids. It was satire and art and most of all, subversion.’

For the 5 prints, aside from the 16 colour print of John, Paul, George and Ringo peering through those iconic submarine portholes, 50by70 have focused their attention on some of the more obscure characters from the film. Characters that "best represent the visionary approach of art director Heinz Edelmann and his team of animators and that illustrate why the artwork of 'Yellow Submarine' is still as fresh and influential today as it was 44 years ago."


Shugo Tokumaru - Decorate

We've posted the fabulous music video work from Japanese animation studio, Onionskin on the Animated Review before. By happy coincidence their latest creation happens to be for one of our favourite Japanese recording artists, Shugo Tokumaru, who has also been featured on AR in the past.

Shugo Tokumaru's latest track, 'Decorate', is taken from his new album titled 'In Focus?' and the video features a phonotrope-style animation, which seems to be popular at the moment. Tokumaru's music videos tend to be animated, so we look forward to seeing what visuals accompany subsequent releases from this new album.

Niwouinwouin - The Phone

Check out the Jullien Brother’s latest music video for their band Niwouinwouin. 'The Phone' sees a variety of Wacky Races-like characters all pursuing the latest piece of Smartphone technology.

Also take a look at the Niwouinwouin 'Troll Slayer' MV we posted back in January.

Amanda Visell's Wood Idols


Amanda Visell has just released her latest batch of 'Wood Idols', these one-of-a-king sculptures sell out so quickly by the time we've posted this they'll have probably gone. This latest wave includes various Muppet characters and a He-Man figure. We've also picked out some of our favourite animation themed creations from previous releases. Head over to Switcheroo to check on prices and availability.

image name image name
image name image name

Jose Miguel Méndez: Weird Dreams

Jose Miguel Méndez is a Spanish illustrator and graphic designer now working in London. Alongside his freelance graphic design work he is also studying for an MA in Graphic Moving Image at the London College of Communication, where he is applying his bold typography and humorous illustrative style to a variety of animated works including this latest piece, 'Weird Dreams'.

Sarah Xu: One For Me

Sarah Xu is a freelance animator and illustrator living in Vancouver, where she recently graduated from the classical animation program at the Vancouver Film School, having already acquired a Bachelor's in Game Design from the China Academy of Art.

'One For Me' is her graduation project.

"It's a story about a scorned lover getting her revenge in a tale of romance and redemption. Kitty is a beautiful cabaret dancer with a broken heart, and she puts on quite a show of getting her revenge against Chester, her former beau."

The Imbue Bootleg Colouring Book


AR favourite, Imbue, has released a colouring book packed with 10 of his Disney/Barbie themed images as seen in his Artwork-A-Day series. The 'Imbue Bootleg Colouring Book' is a professionally printed and bound A4 book with 10 images ready to colour in. Signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Each book also comes with an exclusive 'Gold Mickey' screen print which is also signed and numbered. A bargain at just £20.00... it's on our Christmas wish list!


Carlín Díaz: Interaction De-Formes

Watch this superb abstract animation by Carlín Díaz. The kinetic art, directly inspired by the sound of Sinitus Tempo, is achieved through the interation of the geometric form, colour and perspective.

Tobias Larson: Guilt (Teaser Trailer)

Tobias Larson is releasing his latest animated short, created whilst studying at Kävesta Folk High School, on the 4th of January 2013. Be sure to mark the date on your calendars... this teaser trailer for 'Guilt' makes it look absolutely great.

Michael Fragstein: Undercurrents

Michael Fragstein, co-founding member of the Stuttgart based design firm 'Büro Achter April' and director of 'Orpheu's Pony', recently got in touch to tell us about his latest project.

This latest animated short, 'Undercurrents', is based on a series of interviews collected by Tobias Hülswitt, who asked different people to explain how the world works and they came up with the broadest variety of answers. 'Undercurrents' by Norman Morris was one of the first contributions recorded.

The Illustration & Animation was done by Bernd Zeier.

Bad Apple by Goin


Mighty Jaxx have collaborated with Goin on 'Bad Apple', the first collectable resin figure by the French graffiti artists. Based on his famous street art piece of the same name, seen across Europe's main cities, 'Bad Apple' stands 20cm tall and finished in this luscious high gloss pink. This colourway is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, but two further colourways are planned, simply dubbed '37 and '71. The '37 hints at the original release date of Disney's 'Snow White', so we're expecting to see a classic colour scheme. The '71 colourway might be themed around the 'Disney World' opening in 1971, but we're not sure what to expect.

The finished figure is yet to be unveiled the images seen here are 3D renderings, but we've read that the embossed detailing on the bandana (seen in the white render below) will also feature on the finished pink model.

"Dripping with the original spirit of punk and a relentless flood of socially, politically and consciously engaged ideas, French artist Goin is priming the charges and leaving creativity’s spark to light the fuse of a new humanist activism. Emancipation, liberation, rebellion and the punishing vagaries of power’s endless cycles of corruption run deep into his work as powerful aesthetics take shape under the conceptual hammer. Laced with a superbly black sense of humour and forcefulness a visceral energy that bursts off his pieces Goin’s work wreaks chaos onto order and snatches moments of lucid disorder out of the volatile forge of history’s spiral."

Pre-order now from Mighty Jaxx, due early 2013.

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Steve Adey - Laughing

Whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art, Romanian born animator Oana Nechifor created this music video for Steve Adey and his track 'Laughing'. 'Laughing' is taken from Adey's new album 'The Tower Of Silence', released via Grand Harmonium on November 26th 2012. Steve says... "I was tipped off and told to check out Oana's work. I was attracted to the darker elements through her animation, juxtaposed against beautiful creatures (and other stuff)... I thought that contrast would fit the song meaning..."

Oana describes the piece as "a nice experimentation with both digital and traditional painting for animation... I wanted to create a sense of struggle within two people, trying to come together in a state of communion, facing fears and hopes until becoming one" She's also a painter and muralist and it's interesting to see her consistently apply her message and style across these different mediums. We'll certainly look forward to seeing more from Oana.

Fred Deakin (ft R. Kelly) - Body Call

Manchester based creative agency Young and Buenos Aires based Graphic Design agency Place, who provided the animation, collaborated on this music video for Fred Deakin's 'Body Call' track.

The video mixes 3D character animation and motion capture dancing ("to make if feel really alive") into its exquisite corpse style. 'Body Call' premiered as part of Channel 4's Random Acts series.


Arthur Christmas DVD


With the slew of additional material and exclusive DVD's released for Aardman's last film, 'The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientist!', we were looking forward to a similar feast of bonus material with 'Arthur Christmas', released today (19/11/2012) on Blu-ray & DVD. Sadly the best they could muster was the music video and 'behind the scenes' of Justin Bieber's 'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town', which was nearly enough to put us off from buying it!

If you're in the USA you can get this DVD gift-set which includes a reindeer toy, but that's all the additional goodies to be had with this DVD release. Good job the films so fantastic!


Royalchord - Beautiful Boys

Kathy Kwon and her creative cohort, and sister, Sara Kwon collectively animate as Cunningyouth. Cunningyouth’s most recent creation being this unofficial music video for, folktronica band, Royalchord and their gender-swapped cover version of Sean Kinston's 'Beautiful Girls'.

Adam Rosette: Monkey (Teaser Trailer)

We posted Adam Rosette's animated fragment, 'Fantastic Monkey', back in May. At the time there was no hint of what may come, it was just a cool bit of animation with a monkey, and monkeys are fun! 'Monkey' has since developed into a short film featuring a karate-chopping tuxedo-wearing primate. Due for release in May 2013, in the meantime enjoy the trailer:

Gromit Unleased


Back in 2004 the 'Cow Parade', an international public art exhibition featuring fibreglass sculptures of cows decorated by local artists, came to Manchester city centre.

This is much, much more exciting...

Led by the internationally renowned Aardman Animations, 'Gromit Unleashed' is a similar public art exhibition set in the city of Bristol. Giant fibreglass sculptures of Gromit, standing 5ft tall, will be 'unleashed' onto the streets of Bristol and the surrounding area.

Each sculpture will be individually designed and created by invited artists, creating a trail of sixty unique pieces of art and will form an art exhibition for ten weeks over the summer of 2013. No artists are yet to be confirmed, they're still accepting proposals, so if you are an artist, designer, illustrator, or creative and would like to find out more about submitting a design head over to the 'Gromit Unleashed' website now!

At the end of the public art exhibition, the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children's Hospital Charity. We want one already!


Nate Milton: Tank (Teaser Trailer)

Nate Milton , co-founder of The Amigo Unit (a group of like-minded friends who do creative works in all mediums) is in the process of directing and producing the short animated film 'TANK'. The short is due for release in early spring 2013, but until then we can enjoy this exquisite trailer. Nate has also put together a comprehensive production blog, giving us an insight into the vast amount of work and dedication needed for such a project.

Make For

MAKE is a visual effects and animation studio. Providing design, edit, visual effects, animation and motion graphics services for commercial purposes. They created these clever short PSA's for

Disney X Barneys New York Revealed

The Disney X Barneys New York holiday campaign collaborative venture, 'Electric Holiday', as feature on AR last August, has now yielded this animated sequence. The animation is set to run in Barney’s flagship store as video wallpaper to a special window installation highlighting their latest collection.

The concept for the short centres around Minnie Mouse’s fantasy to be at the Paris shows. There she comes across key Disney characters all decked out in designer clothes. Mickey is dressed by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Minnie by Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, Goofy by Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, Daisy by Dolce & Gabbana, Cruella by Rick Owens, Princess Tiana by Proenza Schouler and Snow White by Peter Copping for Nina Ricci. She also rubs shoulders with various fashion personalities from Linda Evangelista, Bryan Boy, Suzi Menkes, Anna Della Russo, Carine Roitfeld, to Juergen Teller, Mario Sorenti and Lady Gaga.

It's great picking out your favourite Disney characters and fashionista celebrities amongst the crowds in this incredibly detailed animated sequence. We loved seeing the Cheshire Cat sat smiling next to Naomi Campbell and Captain Hook raising an eyebrow as Cruella DeVil saunters down the catwalk, superb!

Dumb Ways To Die

'Dumb Ways To Die' is a cute & funny PSA created by Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains in an effort to educate the people on the do's and don’ts of dealing with railway safety.

Local musician, Tangerine Kitty was asked to write and record the music (also available for download), which was then set to the cutest and dumbest animated death sequences your ever likely to see.

This animated video isn’t the only feature of the campaign. They're also running print and radio ads, as well as posters inside train stations featuring some of the characters and the lyrics from the song. There’s even a Tumblr blog set up with fun GIFs of various 'Dumb Ways To Die'.

If anybody has any idea who is behind the animation let us know.

Jack Teagle Devil Family Simpsons Print

Jack Teagle, who set up The Simpsons Drawing Club with his illustrator friends, has released one of his contributions to the group as a 4 colour, A3 risograph print in a limited signed edition of just 60 copies. 'Devil Family' is yours for just £15.00 via Jack's online store.

Late Night Work Club

The Late Night Work Club is a somewhat secretive collective of indie animators. Seemingly masterminded by Scott Benson, Charles Huettner and Eimhin McNamara along with their animating chums, the group of around 15 plus, but yet undisclosed, creatives come together to create something independent, non-commercial and simply fantastic just for the love of their craft. The teaser recently posted online is very enticing and we look forward to seeing what will appear over the coming months.

Hopefully more information on who is definitely involved with the LNWC will be revealed. There is a sprinkling of clues across their various social media outlets and from what we can tell the following people are in some way involved with the project, you'll probably recognise some of this talented bunch from earlier AR posts.

Eimhin McNamara, Charles Huettner, Scott Benson, Louise Bagnall, Jake Armstrong, Erin Kilkenny, Sean Buckelew, Conor Finnegan, Alex Grigg, Tom Hunter, Caleb Wood, Christen Bach, David Prosser, Daniella Orsini, Joe Orton & Eamonn O'Neill.

Exciting times!

Tetsuo Artwork By Michael Latimer

Michael Latimer’s latest batch of hand-sprayed originals have gone up for sale via Lowercase Industry. The piece is called 'Tetsuo' and features teenage biker Tetsuo Shima from Katsuhiro Otomo's manga series and classic Anime, 'Akira'.

The run of 20 originals is signed, numbered and hand-painted/hand-sprayed on heavyweight luxury watercolour paper with acrylics and spray paint. Because all 20 are completely hand painted there will be slight differences in each, but nothing too drastically removed from the picture we've posted here. At just £65.00 these are sure to shift quickly!

Giant Ant For Eco Justice

Vancouver based motion graphics studio, Giant Ant, have animated this PSA for the charitable organisation Eco Justice.

Eco Justice is a charity using the law to protect and restore the Canadian environment, they fight for change on issues like the one shown in this animation. In the case study shown, Eco Justice compare two valleys: one in Canada, one of the richest countries in the world, and one in Brazil, a developing nation which has taken bigger steps to protect the environmental rights of its people.

Sehsucht For MTV EMA 2012

Sehsucht worked in partnership with MTV, for the 19th annual MTV European Music Award, broadcasted live from Frankfurt last Sunday. As part of the show package they worked on is this GCI animation based on a fast-moving zoetrope carousel.

It’s an incredibly complex design, since the complete 'zoetrope' is a virtual scale model, nothing is faked, it still had to work like an actual zoetrope would. Therefore, everything had to work in loops built in 24 single 'sculptures'. The perfect execution of this technique, combined with the incredibly realistic 3D render, means you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for an actual built sculpture.

The animated sequence is a journey of a band living the American Dream. We see the ascent of a basement musician to stardom across the horizontal zoetrope layers. They move from the underground scene to stardom with the help of their fans and social networks, finally reaching the top of the carousel (the pinnacle of their career) and perform at the MTV EMA. The fact the 'zoetrope’s' silhouette resembles a mushroom cloud symbolising the bands 'explosion' into music stardom is also a nice touch.

A Pocket Companion To Books From The Simpsons In Alphabetical Order


'Olivier Lebrun: A Pocket Companion To Books From The Simpsons In Alphabetical Order'

Publisher: Rollo Press
Release Date: November 2012
Features: 352 pages, Offset Print, Softcover, Simpsons Yellow Pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3905999334

Over the last couple of years, French graphic designer Olivier Lebrun has been trawling through the 600+ episodes of 'The Simpsons' and collecting screenshots that display book covers. Rollo Press have lovingly put together this anthology, assembling 174 of the funniest, weirdest and best from his collection, in a small, desirable and suitably glossy Simpsons yellow zine.

Not included are 'The Simpsons' magazines, newspapers and other printed matter, which possibly could serve as material for a follow-up to this project!


Eamonn O'Neill: I'm Fine Thanks

Eamonn O'Neill, who was recently signed to Studio AKA as an animation director and designer, will be screenings his latest short, 'Left', for the first time at the Cork Film Festival tomorrow (13th Nov) and again at The Bradford Animation Festival on the following day.

Eamonn celebrated Left's looming premier by releasing a trailer and the full version of his previous, multi-award winning, 2011 student short 'I'm Fine Thanks'.

We're pleased to present both here for you immediate viewing pleasure.

Everything Is Fun For Life Elia

Everything Is Fun is a young collective composed mainly of two La Cambre graduates, Thibault Jadoul and Nicolas Felten, each working in graphic design. Alongside these two are other talented partners including Nicolas Fong who animated these promos for Life Elia on their behalf.

Life Elia is a charity focused on restoring the biodiversity to areas destroyed by manmade forest corridors and poor farming practices. Posted here a two animated promos highlighting their work in creating green corridors underneath overhead power lines.

Ronnie Cutrone & Miguel Parades Paintings


American Pop artist Ronnie Cutrone, best known for his large-scale paintings of classic cartoon characters such as Felix The Cat, Pink Panther and Woody Woodpecker, will be exhibiting a new series of paintings in collaboration with fellow artist Miguel Parades.

Cutrone was Andy Warhol's immediate assistant at the factory during the notorious artist's most productive and prestigious year. Parades cites Cutrone as his mentor and a direct influence in his own artist career, with Cutrone's constant use of bright florescent colours shaping his own colour palette choices. Seeing the two collaborate together, re-working each other’s iconic pieces, will certainly yield fascinating result.

The collaborative collection includes five paintings where Paredes has incorporated his style on Cutrone's pieces of famed animated characters like the 'Woody the Woodpecker', 'Felix the Cat', and 'Woody Woodpecker/Buggs Bunny/Pink Panther/Daffy Duck Frankenstein mash-up' pieces we've posted here.