BAA Public Choice Award 2012

The British Animation Awards are due to take place on March 15th at the BFI. Across the UK in various independent cinemas was your chance to vote for winners in the British Animation Awards 2012 - Public Choice Award! Across three specially selected programmes which contained a mix of animated shorts, music videos and commercials, offered a rare opportunity to see a fantastic range of animation films on the big screen.

I attended all three screenings at the Cornerhouse cinema in Manchester last week. The selection of films across the three programmes was on the whole excellent with just a handful of disappointments mixed in.

Our personal favourites from programme one included Helen Dallat's 'Bare', David Prosser's 'Matter Fisher', Barry Purves' 'Tchaikovsky – An Elegy' and Francesca Adams' 'Bertie Crisp'. From programme two... Alois Di Leo's 'The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lion', Mike Please's 'Eagleman Stag' and Grant Orchard's 'A Morning Stroll'. From programme three our highlights included... Elena Pomares' 'The Henhouse' and Eamonn O’Neill's 'I'm Fine Thanks'.

A full list of all the screened shorts is posted after the jump.

British Animation Awards 2012: Programme One

Dir Helen Dallat/GB 2011/3 mins
International Film School, Wales
A bear moves to the woods but soon finds out that he doesn’t like the mess.

Matter Fisher
Dir David Prosser/GB 2011/8 mins
Royal College of Art
A perplexed fisherman becomes united with a fragment of estranged matter.

The Squirrel and the Penguin
Dirs Jens Blank, Anna Benner/GB 2011/5 mins
A quizzical exploration of the pitfalls we goyim face when talking about Jewish culture and the elephant in the room that is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Tchaikovsky – An Elegy
Dir Barry JC Purves/GB RU 2011/13 mins
An interpretation of the composer Tchaikovsky’s life and work.

Slow Derek
Dir Daniel Ojari/GB 2011/8 mins
Royal College of Art
The tale of Derek, an office worker, as he struggles with the true speed of planet earth.

Get Well Soon: Zoe
Dir Kim Alexander/GB 2011/2 mins
A drunken injury while dressed as a chicken.

Gorillaz: Stylo
Dirs Pete Candeland, Jamie Hewlett/GB 2011/5 mins
With a guest appearance from Bruce Willis.

Big Scary: Mix Tape
Dir Alice Dupre/GB 2011/3 mins
A combined 2D and 3D animated promo for Melbourne duo Big Scary

TV on the Radio: Second Song
Dir Mikey Please/GB 2011/5 mins
A wanderer makes his way through a world in flux, between a state of chaos and a state of order, in the hope of finding some sort of balance.

Dir Max Hattler/GB FR 2011/4 mins
When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred.

Bertie Crisp
Dir Francesca Adams/GB 2011/6 mins
National Film and Television School
Based on memories of childhood holidays to Skegness, is an affectionate, but darkly humorous look at the people who live on caravan sites all year round.

Toyota: Auto Biography
Dir Julia Pott/GB 2011/1 min
Drew’s journey to adulthood with a few stops along the way.

Kia Soul: This or That
Dir Antoine Bardou-Jacquet/GB 2011/1 min
3 king-of-the-ghetto hamsters use the tracks lyrics of “You can get with this…or you can get with that” to compare the Kia Soul’s cool credentials against alternative models of transport.

Intel: The Chase
Dirs Smith & Foulkes/GB 2011/2 mins
A breakneck, 911 action chase scene – a showcase for the new processor’s amazing capacity.

British Animation Awards 2012: Programme Two

Dir Fiona Geilinger/GB 2011/4 mins
A transformation occurs, through which using elements of clothing, patern and architecture, a woman hides and reveals herself…until she choses to abandon her identity by absorption into the fabric of her surroundings.

The Boy Who Wanted to be a Lion
Dir Alois Di Leo/GB 2011/9 mins
National Film and Television School
Jake is a 7-year old deaf boy growing up in the 1960s. One day he goes on a school trip to the zoo where he sees a lion for the first time. A feeling begins to grow inside him that will change his life forever.

Remembering Formby
Dir Sue Elliott/GB 2011/5 mins
University of the West of England
The film offers a bright insight into the life and work of one of the safest men who ever lived.

Being Bradford Dillman
Dir Emma Burch/GB 2011/11 mins
A tale of a mother and daughter relationship shadowed by alcohol, loneliness and a dislike of boys.

Loose Fit: Table Beggar
Dir Abbie Stephens/GB 2011/4 mins
A man who has been physically torn out of the frame, leaves an animated hole in his place, whilst struggling with his condition, he discovers the healing properties of water.

DeVotchKa: 100 Other Lovers
Dir Chloe Rodham/GB 2011/4 mins
A simple story of a bird loving Babushka and many luminescent wings. If you love something enough, you have to let it go.

London Elektricity: Round the World in a Day
Dir David Gilbert & Maxim Lucas/GB 2011/4 mins
Richard the heartbroken dolphin gets away from it all, but is it all as it seems?

Robots of Brixton
Dir Kibwe Tavares/GB 2011/6 mins
Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by London’s new robot workforce.

Get Well Soon: Tarrant
Dir Bill Elliott/GB 2011/2 mins
There are hidden dangers playing the Chris Tarrant games machine down your local.

Out on the Tiles
Dir Anna Pearson/GB 2011/3 mins
Edinburgh College of Art
An inebriated woman pays a visit to the ladies loo for a cigarette, but not everything goes to plan….

Tempo: Bike
Dir Vida Vega/GB 2011/30 mins
Boy meets girl …..

Knife Crime Animation
Dir Vicki Haworth & Harriet Buckley/GB 2011/2 mins
How knife crime affects a group of Scottish teenagers. Part of their “No Knives better lives” campaign.

Radioshack: Big Trip
Dirs 12foot6/GB 2011/5 mins
Make sure you’ve got enough time for your trip. You may meet a crazy person and want to take a picture for Twitter.

Nokia: Dot
Dirs Sumo Science/GB 2011/2 mins
Dot is a tiny 9mm girl who wakes up in a magical, magnified world to discover her surroundings are caving in around her.

Eagleman Stag
Dir Mike Please/GB 2011/9 mins
Royal College of Art
Nearing the end of his days, Peter undertakes progressively extreme measures to control and counter time’s increasing pace. He discovers repeating the word ‘fly’ for long enough makes it sound like ‘life’. This is of no real help to him. His answers lie in the brain of a beetle.

A Morning Stroll
Dir Grant Orchard/GB 2011/7 mins
When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we’re left to wonder which one is the real city slicker

British Animation Awards 2012: Programme Three

Spin Spun Span
Dirs Emily Howells, Anne Wilkins/GB 2011/5 mins
A surreal journey through the history of the cotton factories of the North West led by a choir of singing spindles and a spinning mule. Commissioned by Bolton Museum and Archives.

Dir Stephen Irwin/GB 2011/6 mins
A pyromaniac bear misses his mother.

Dir Matthias Hoegg/GB 2011/7 mins
Royal College of Art
An everyday love story set in the not so distant future sees blackbirds battling with technology, automatic palm readers and power cuts.

Get Well Soon: Impaled Leg
Dir Pheobe Boswell/GB 2011/4 mins
Drinking games at Edinburgh College of Art and a misguided shortcut.

The Henhouse
Dir Elena Pomares/GB 2011/7 mins
National Film and Television School
A hungry fox finds shelter from the rain and the city at the Hen house cafe.

You May Now
Dirs Daniel Keeble, Dane Winn/GB 2011/2 mins
University of the West of England
A sack character exists in a simple 2D world and once he puts on a pair of 3D glasses he is transported into an amazing 3D world.

Liz Green: Displacement
Dir Kate Anderson/GB 2011/4 mins

Lukid: Stripes
Dirs David Gilbert, Maxim Lucas/GB 2011/4 mins
A disgruntled eel has his TV destroyed by some marauding magpies….

Get Well Soon: Bob
Dir Darren Walsh/GB 2011/2 mins

I’m Fine Thanks
Dir Eamonn O’Neill/GB 2011/5 mins
Royal College of Art
Are you ok?

Architeq: Into the Cosmos
Dir Darren Robbie/GB 2011/3 mins
What happens to all the old vinyl people used to play? Forgotten records are summoned to an old warehouse by a mysterious ‘collector’.

Dry Riser: Tangerine
Dir Thomas Hicks/GB 2011/4 mins

Nokia: Gulp
Dirs Sumo Science/GB 2011/2 mins
The life of a little fishing boat when the tide goes out. As the sea ebbs away oilskins and nets come to life manifesting a lone fisherman, out to find the catch of the day.

Statoil: Goodnight
Dir David Prosser/GB 2011/1 min
A girl’s fantasy adventures, as her father tells her a bedtme story.

Pilsner Urquell Legends: The Day Pilsner Struck Gold
Dir Chris Randall/GB 2011/1 min
‘The City of Pilsen hides a unique and precious secret…’ An abstracted retelling of how Pilsner Urquell was created.

All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat)
Dir Louis Hudson/GB 2011/9 mins
A man living inside a cat gets into a sticky love triangle.

Dir Corinne Ladiende/GB 2011/7 mins
National Film and Television School
Seven year old Ernesto feels left out when he realises he’s the only kid in school with a full set of milk teeth. When his efforts to fit in fail miserably, Ernesto resorts to drastic measures to get rid of them, but his teeth have other plans…

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