Eugenio Merino Sculpture

Provocative, funny, disturbing and confusing: Eugenio Merino’s art destroys pop icons and notable political figures. Occasionally cartoon characters feature in his work. We've posted a selection of these pieces below:

In 'African Bart' (2005), Bart Simpson's character is transformed into a starving African child. Homer Simpson and Krusty The Clown also feature in Merino's Simpson's sculptures.

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In 'The Truth Hurts' (2005) Pinocchio lies lifeless on the floor his nose inverted growing backwards into his skull. Other works including Disney characters... 'The American Friend' with Toy Story's Woody and 'Bambi's Head’ hung like a hunting trophy.

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And our personal favourite... 'Supertanga' (2005) starring the PowerPuff Girls posing in thongs!!!


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