BFI Jiří Trnka Retrospective

Revered by Jean Cocteau and the Quay Brothers, and influential to this day, the Czech puppet animation pioneer Jiří Trnka was one of the cinema's great originals. The BFI present a centenary retrospective of his work starting tonight with a screening of the wonderful 'The Emperor's Nightingale' in which a lonely convalescent boy dreams up a fantastical world based entirely on the toys and objects surrounding him. The retrospective concludes on the 27th of April with a collection of 'Trnka Shorts for Adults'. Also included in the programme: 'The Good Soldier Svejk (Eps I, II, III)', 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'Old Czech Legends' & 'Prince Bayaya.'

The BFI have in the past released DVD retrospective collections of Jan Svankmajers, The Quay Brothers and Lotte Reinigers works, it would be fantastic to see a similar release of Trnkas films in the near future.

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