Retchy: Scottish Dance Theatre

Graeme Hawkins aka Retchy is an animator, VJ and sound designer based in Dundee, Scotland. Graeme recently got in touch with the Animated Review to tell us about his latest project, a collaboration with choreographers Janet Smith and Sally Owen at the Scottish Dance Theatre.

Rethcy created a series of back drop projections for the theatre's first show aimed at children, a dance piece about sleep, dreams and the planet Earth called 'What On Earth?' Below we've posted a video compilation of the performance.

We've posted some of Graeme's work in the past when mentioning Phonotropes, but this is a different kind of piece and an all together new challenge for the animator himself. Having never had to precisely time his animation to coincide with the movements of a live performance before, Graeme himself admits he had to slightly fumble his way through the project. Rather interestingly Graeme documented his progress on his blog including details about the animation techniques, storyboards, shot breakdowns etc, as well as the various false starts and technical issues that arose throughout the project.

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