Damien Hirst Cow & Chicken Painting

Mark Hix’s East London restaurant, 'Tramshed', has installed quite the conversation piece with ‘Cock and Bull’ by Damien Hirst. As the restaurant’s menu centers largely around chicken and beef dishes, the title and subject matter of the work by Hirst is pretty spot on, as you can see from the image. A rooster sitting atop a cow preserved in formaldehyde, as part of Hirst’s ‘Natural History’ series can now be seen at 'Tramshed'.

In addition to that, and the reason why we've mentioned it here on the Animated Review, Hirst also created a painting entitled ‘Beef and Chicken’ depicting characters from ‘Cow and Chicken’ from the animated 1990s Cartoon Network series. You can just make out the painting in the background of the image, we'll update this post if we can find a close-up image.

UPDATE: Sorry the image is of poor quality but this is the best we can do for the time being...

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