Daniella Koffler: Stairs To No End

2011 Bezalel graduate Daniella Koffler emailed the Animated Review to draw attention to her final year film 'Stairs To No End' which, after a healthy tour of festivals, is now up online.

'Stairs To No End' is a children's tale for adults, about the freedom to ask questions and the rejection of dogmatic thought. The film was inspired by Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book 'Infidel' and Richard Dawkins's book 'The God Delusion'. Daniella wanted to tell the story of many women she knows, who chose to stand alone, think for themselves and have paid a price for asking unwanted questions.

The film amalgamates an unusual blend of 3D cut-outs and "real eyes" projections. The real eye's giving an unnerving realism to the simplistically designed characters.

It's a really fantastic short with great style and a thought provoking message. We're really happy Daniella got in touch.

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