Imbue Digitally Remastered Prints

Imbue, the London born artist, now lives and works in Brighton where his prolific street work lurks around every corner of the city. His relentless sticker campaign means that if you’ve been to Brighton, you’ll know the name Imbue.

Imbue has recently released a series of 3 new Disney inspired prints. The prints are titled: 'Digitally Remastered | Dumbo', 'Digitally Remastered | Pinocchio' and 'Digitally Remastered | Snow White'. Each image is captured from an original VHS that was customised with hand-cut collaged pornography. The original videos were on display and sold at Imbue's solo show 'Shotgun' at the No Walls Gallery in 2011.

The prints are signed and numbered in an edition of 100, if ordered as a full set all 3 prints will come with matching numbers. Available to purchase here:

image name image name

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