J. M. Walter's Pixar Avengers

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Following on nicely from Junaid Chundrigar's 'Avengers' tribute posted earlier this week comes this Pixar/Avengers cross over illustration from J.M. Walter, in which he re-imagines Pixar characters in the role of The Avengers. The image was posted to Cartoon Brew's Facebook page and has caused a lot of discussion on who's who, could you name all the Pixar characters and who they're meant to be?

Answers revealed after the jump.

Nick Fury is Frozone, from 'The Incredibles'.
Thor is MacGuffin, from 'Brave'.
Black Widow is Elastigirl, from 'The Incredibles'.
Captain America is Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles.
Iron Man is Charles Muntz from 'Up' in a Buzz Lightyear (from 'Toy Story') suit, without the wings.
Hulk is Sully from 'Monster's Inc'.
Hawkeye is Horst from 'Ratatouille'.

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