Yves Geleyn: Colosse

We posted the trailer for Yves Geleyn’s 'Colosse' last February. The beautifully crafted little story of a wood robot puppet and his bird friend is finally up in full online.

Yves Geleyn:

“I’m a huge fan of Jim Henson’s work. I have always wanted to work with puppets but never had the chance to do so before. I’m also a huge fan of robots; they were in all my childhood movies, cartoons, and comics. The robot from Paul Grimault’s The King And The Mockingbird; Brad Bird’s Iron Giant; and Goldorak, a Japanese cartoon, were inspirations for me. It was these two passions of puppetry and robots that drove me to create this short film, with a bird in it of course (can’t lose my bad habits).”

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