Liars - Brats

Ian Cheng's glithcy Motion Capture work has appeared on the Animated Review in the past when we posted the excellent 'This Papaya Tastes Perfect' last September. At the time we were really impressed with Cheng's unusual exploration of a technique, typically used to create slick life-like animation, distorted to create truly fascinating, inspiring and unique pieces of art. This music video he's directed for Liars track 'Brats' is no exception and is easily the best music video we've seen in 2012.

The Animation Sequence Project

The Animation Sequence Project is a unique co-creation project featuring animation artists from around the world.

Anybody is invited to create a short piece of animation. The only requirement for the content of the animation is that it starts and ends with a 250 pixel square in the exact middle of the screen. The square can become anything to tell its own little story as long as it turns back into a square again within 10 seconds.

Eventually, from the best and most inventive entries, a compilation will be created and the final result of the Animation Sequence Project will be shown at animation festivals around the world. In the meantime we've posted a couple of our favourite submissions here.

by We Think Things

by Jason DiPietro


by Mara Fradella

by Cake

Flikli: 8-Bit Games

Here are some of the sports you'll see at the London 2012 Olympics, in a glorious 8-bit montage made by Flikli. It reminds us of playing 'Olympic Gold' on the SEGA Master System when we were younger, which is a good thing.

MotionLab: Velo

Simple shapes and transitions bring a series of bicycles to life in their environments thanks to the beautiful animation 'Velo' that was created by Korean motion graphic studio MotionLab. We were very pleased to see, classic British brand, Brompron make an appearance... apparently they're very popular in Korea!

Mondo ParaNorman Prints

A handful of artists were asked to collaborate with the 'ParaNoman' team and Mondo to create a series of unique posters to promote the film. The designs have just been revealed on the official ParaNorman behind-the-scenes website, as well as the movie's Facebook page.

The actual posters have been put up in undisclosed locations across the US, with people encouraged to take photos whenever they spot one and grab them off the walls if they wish.

Designs here include pieces by Glen Brogan, Graham Erwin, Little Friends of Printmaking, Drew Millward & Dave Perillo.

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Conor Finnegan: Fear Of Flying Trailer

Watch this trailer for Conor Finnegan's new short film about a bird with a 'Fear Of Flying' who tries to avoid heading South for the winter. It looks like the short is mainly puppetry with 2D touches in animating the legs and eyes, there might be a bit of stop motion thrown into the mix too. Hopefully more production information will appear on Conor's blogsoon.

Jonny & Will: The Grumpy King

Blinkink's newest signings Jonny and Will have written and directed a masterful series of short and hilarious 'Grumpy King' sketches for Cartoon Network.

The character-led shorts are rammed full of slapstick gags and cartoon action, all performed with live action, in-camera techniques. The puppets, costumes, props and sets, all hand-made by the directors and their team, combine to create an authentic medieval atmosphere; the perfect backdrop for the silly, fun, and sometimes menacing nature of the characters’ relationship.

Below we've posted 'Belly Dancer', 'Magic Wand' and 'Dancing Bear'...

Zebra Face - Rumbles In The Tumbles

Last night saw the TV premiere of Kid Acne's 'Zebra Face' animated series. It wasn't the episode we were expecting to tune in to, but the pilot 'Rumbles In The Tumbles' didn't disappoint! We saw Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic (voice by Farma G of Taskforce) fall victim to a tummy virus attack! Luckily, Ruffy Tumbles & Tuffy Rumbles are on hand to assist Zebra Face (Kid Acne) in saving the day.

'Zebra Face' combines many of our favourite things... Illustration by the incredible Kid Acne, Hip-Hop, and fantastic animation! The animation comes courtesy of a creative collaboration between Chris Sayer, Jason Arber (from Phantom Limb), Kid Acne, Paul Reardon (Creative Director & Co-owner of Peter and Paul) and Universal Spirits.

If you were foolish enough to miss out last night you can watch episode 1 online via Channel 4's Random Acts or Chris Sayers Vimeo page... Watch it now!

Grant Orchard: Lovesport Series

Studio AKA have started to upload Grant Orchard's 11 original 'Lovesport' shorts to their Vimeo channel. In honour of the London 2012 Olympic games the entire series, plus 4 new episodes, will appear online over the coming days. Two shorts have already been posted ('Love Weight Lifting' and 'Love High Diving) to their portfolio which can be seen in full here. Some of the pieces are typical Olympic events whilst others go off on a bit of a tangent, with shorts on 'Big Game Hunting' and 'Paint Balling' to look forward to.

Studio Beakus: Olympic Vermin

The London 2012 Olympics officially get under way tonight, if you don't count last two days, with Danny Boyle's opening ceremony and the Olympic torch lighting the cauldron. Having watch the progression of the torch across the UK over the past weeks we can safely say that this 'Olympic Vermin' version of the torch relay by Amael Isnard & Leo Bridleb at Studio Beakus contains more excitement in under 2 minutes!

Kid Acne's Zebra Face TV Premiere

Having premiered at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival last weekend, Kid Acne's 'Zebra Face' animation is being screened by Channel 4's Random Acts tonight at 5 past midnight. The second episode follows on August the 3rd, with the remaining episodes to be screened at a yet undisclosed time. We'll definitely be tuning in to watch, you should too!

For those unfamiliar with Kid Acne's work and his excellent 'Zebra Face' comic book we've introduced you to some of the characters you'll meet in tonight's episode. The characters voices come courtesy of a diverse and talented bunch. Kid Acne himself provides the vocals for the stripy hero, Farma G of Taskforce provides the sidekicks voice, Juice Aleem, Lady Chann and Infinite Livez all contribute, whilst Rosamund Hanson (This Is England) appears as Messy Dinosaur and Jarvis Cocker becomes the omnipotent Sun taking on the role of narrator.

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Julia Pott: Belly

Royal College Of Art graduate Julia Pott has finally released the full length version of her short film 'Belly' online, you may remember we posted the trailer back in September 2011. It's been worth the wait and in this time the film has toured a number of festival and picked up a whole host of awards. A list of the screenings and awards can be found over on Julia's blog.

The story sees Oscar coming of age, but in doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving something behind. An idea lifted from Julia's own life experience as a child:

"The starting point for 'Belly' centred around the cross-over period between going to sleep in back of the car at night, then seamlessly waking up in my bed the next morning. Then I got too old and heavy and was woken up by my parents, forced to trudge upstairs, brush my teeth and put myself to bed. I remember being acutely aware that I had had things pretty good for a while, and now it was over."

The above quote comes from a fantastic interview conducted by Motionographer, head over there now and read the entire article.

David Prosser: Mountain

This film is Studio AKA Director David Prosser’s response to a visit he made to Seoul earlier in the year - at the invitation of SICAF - and is drawn from his sketchbook observations of city life. The seemingly random elements tell the tale of a day in the life of three different characters who live in Seoul - all of whom are watched over by the ever present Mountains which ring the city. Those already familiar with the Korean city of Seoul will probably appreciate the film’s subtle nuances.

Imbue Art Vend Snow White Print

Brighton based street artist Imbue, whose work has featured several times on the Animated Review, is about to release a new mini screen print through his brilliant ArtVend machine. Imbue's vending machine will pop-up, at a yet undisclosed date, in The Marwood Coffee Shop where for just £4 you'll be able to pick up one of these excellent 'Snow White Sneaker Fetish' prints...

Ballad Of Poisonberry Pete

Cartoon Brew’s 3rd annual Student Animation Festival continues proudly presenting 'Ballad Of Poisonberry Pete' by Adam Campbell, Elizabeth McMahill and Uri Lotan from Ringling College of Art and Design. The filmmakers give fresh life to the tried-and-true Western genre by inserting a left-field element into the mix: baked goods!

D Nova - Genius Crazy

Indian directing duo Vidya Sharma and Rajesh Thomas just released a music video for the appropriately titled 'Genius Crazy' track by D Nova. The production, animation and post handled in-house at the directors’ studio Rocketscience Lab, who have this to say about the project:

"With an abstractart approach to desiging a clip, this video is an collectors piece in all its form. An exhibition of bringing alive materials you love and have had feelings for. All our virtual urges takes form in the realistic world in this vogue styled video. Multiple materials shot on a circulating base is brought togeather with green screen shots of the model, jammed against flat landscapes created in a 3d like fashion."

Calvin Cardioid - Lullaby for a Nameless Creature

Elina Kasesalu directed this cute animated music video for Calvin Cardioid track 'Lullaby For A Nameless Creature.' Calvin Cardioid is signed to King Deluxe records who describe him as "a synth junkie from Canada with a talent for crafting intricately layered electronic anthems." Elina's animation is also, rather fittingly, intricately layered.

Si Begg - Permission To Explode

Brighton design house ATYP describe their new promo clip for DJ/musician/producer Si Begg’s new single, 'Permission To Explode':

"Not a music video as such, more an experimental short intended to visually embody the sonic direction of the album... Drawing on a mixed media palette we combined 3D scanning, projections, stop motion, scripting, live action and CGI with the aim of creating a unique aesthetic in the true spirit of the project.”

Chris Milk: This Exquisite Forest

Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk’s newest HTML5 venture (following on from '3 Dreams of Black' & 'The Johnny Cash Project') is a digital take on the classic surrealist game of exquisite corpse. In 'This Exquisite Forest', each tree represents an animation created by improvised collaboration. Users create short animated films that build off one another as they explore a specific theme. The result is a collection of branching narratives resembling trees. This idea builds on the concept behind 'The Johnny Cash Project' in which users could submit drawings to contribute towards a music video for the song 'Ain't No Grave.' We're looking forward to seeing where Chris takes this "user generated" concept next.

Bird Box Studio: Wildebeest

Another classic from the excellent Bird Box Studio, 'Wildebeest' tells a cautionary tale: being right isn't always best!

Wander Over Yonder Postcard Preview

A nice sneak peek preview postcard for Disney’s, forthcoming Craig McCracken series, 'Wander Over Yonder' was issued at SDCC 2012. 'Wander Over Yonder' has been a long time coming, first created as a little, self initiated, side project in the form of a sketchbook and t-shirt available directly from Craig himself, back in 2009. The website through which these products were available has now disappeared, but these intriguing images suggest we shouldn't have to wait much longer and it'll be worth it!

Michael Andrews - Bubbles In Space

Over 100 high school students drew 3000+ individual frames for this music video for new single 'Bubbles In Space' by Michael Andrews. We've posted the 'Making of' here too...

Mike Frederiqo SpongeBob

Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo presented his first SpongeBob drawings a while back, turning various celebrity fashionistas (Pharrell Williams, Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and others) into the iconic yellow character. They were also released as t-shirts at Colette in France which we feature in our 'Animation Inspired T-shirt' post.

Now he is back turning SpongBob into other cartoon character...

image name image name

Daniel Goldfarb: Bloch

'Bloch' is Daniel Goldfarb's final animated project for Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in Israel. The short has a Chris Ware-esq aesthetic and in a similar style to Chris' 'Jimmy Corrigan' graphic novel, 'Bloch' highlights key moments in protagonist’s lonely life. We see Bloch over indulge in too many cakes when nobody shows at his party, diagnose himself with fatal 'Green Fever' and help himself to too many of a colleagues chocolates. It's great!

Podoboo: Vomit

Podoboo aka Dante Zaballa likes to "tell stories, move things and play with crayons." Watch Podaboo's two crayon experiments, 'Vomit A' and 'Vomit E', below...

Barber Filth Pink Panther Dealer Print

'The Pink Panther' must have been Barber Filth's favourite Saturday morning cartoon growing up... An increasing amount of his work features the pink feline. In his latest piece, 'Dealer', we see 'Pinky' pimped-out in a purple tuxedo. The Giclee print on watercolour paper is available, signed & numbered, in a tiny edition of just 5 copies. Available via Barber Filth's online shop.

Animation Avantgarde 01 DVD

The 'Animation Avantgarde 01' DVD offers a selection of the most interesting contributions to Austria's ASIFA Independent Shorts Film Festival, where for the last two years successful Animation, experimental films, and all combinations of contemporary audiovisual art have been brought together seamlessly.

The DVD presents work from film-makers such as Max Hattler, Atsushi Wada, Momoko Ueda, Clemens Kogler, Veronika Schubert and Nicolas Mahler.

The DVD is currently available for £14.99 (+P&P) via British Animation Awards online shop.

Spectrum Portraits Project

Spectrum commissioned Art & Graft to curate this series of films as a study of the individuals within their care to raise awareness of autism.

Art & Graft CD/founder Mike Moloney: “Spectrum were so pleased in fact that they asked us to produce five further films for them. Each film is a snapshot about people they care for, a portrait of an individual. So, we put the call out to the animation industry and are very excited to say our call was answered by Mikey Please, Matthias Hoegg, Kristian Andrews, UFO and us of course.”

We've posted all five of the animated pieces here for your enjoyment...

FriendsWithYou: Cloudy

Presented by Pharrell Williams’, cultural entertainment online portal, iamOTHER comes 'Cloudy', an animated short by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of FriendsWithYou.

"This animated short is an exploration into the clouds; a sweet, visual soundscape that takes the viewer through a personal journey into the sky. Sing, dance and relax as you follow a cast of clouds and raindrops through an entrancing adventure you'll wish to take over and over again.

FriendsWithYou explores animism, giving the main cast of characters a soul. The purpose of the piece is to transcend the viewer to a peaceful and joyous state. Clouds singing and performing their duties in a joyful manner show us that everything in our world has a role and a purpose. "

FriendsWithYou also has a new CG animated preschool series titled 'Wish Come True' in the pipeline. 'Cloudy' gives us an idea of how great this series might be.

Zebra Face Teaser

This is the first sighting of Kid Acne's all new animated Zebra Face and his trusty sidekick Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic. The series premiere will be screened on Sunday the 22nd as part of Sheffield's Tramlines festival. The entire series of adventures will then be shown on Channel 4's Random Acts in the very near future.

Junaid Chundrigar: Bad Days

We posted Junaid Chundrigar's excellent Marvel comic inspired short, 'Disassembled', back in May. At that time it was having moderate success online, since then it's gone viral and even caught the attention of Stan Lee, who has now recorded an introduction to the piece. Junaid has also been commissioned to create an extended version for 'Stan Lee's World of Heroes' YouTube channel. The new short, 'Bad Days', is set to premiere soon, but this trailer has already been posted. Enjoy watching your favourite super heroes and villains on their worst days. Whether Green Lantern is wasting time with an emerald Yo-Yo or Batman has locked himself out of the Bat-Mobile...

EDIT: Junaid had let us know 'Bad Days' is actually a 12 part series, not a one-off short, which is excellent news. We're looking forward to seeing the entire series unfold.

Zebra Face Animation

Kid Acne's 'Zebra Face' animated series will premiere a week today, on the 22nd July, as part of Sheffield’s Tramlines festival. To coincide with the imminent release official Twitter and Facebook pages have launched along with these first stills...

Jublin's Injured Pokémon

Los Angeles, California based artist Justin White (Jublin) has just released a second batch of 'Injured Pokémon' stickers. The pack includes the original three starting Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander) all in need of immediate medical attention for Jublin's 'Gotta Help Em All' series of illustrations. The first pack featuring Jigglypuff, Slowpoke and Psyduck is now sold out.

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Olly Moss Adventure Time Print

Another brilliant Olly Moss SDCC 2012 exclusive print, this time featuring 'Adventure Time' done in a "silly film noir" style.

image name

Frankenweenie Trailer

This is the first trailer for Tim Burton's animated version of 'Frankenweenie.' We love it's 1950's B-Movie aesthetic, looks like it's going to be pretty fantastic!

Puny: Catboys

Puny, the interactive entertainment studio based in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, who are best known for their work on hit children’s TV show 'Yo Gabba Gabba', have recently released a new animated short. Kelsy Abbott and John Olsen collaborated to created 'Catboys!'

Tal Rachmin: Mommy Says Come Home

Very promising sneak peek at a scene from a forthcoming animated project by director/animator Tal Rachmin, created during his 3rd year at the Bezalel academy in Israel.

Olly Moss Princess Mononoke Print

We posted Olly Moss' 'Totoro' prints created in collaboration with Mondo last December. Mondo produce limited edition screen printed posters and products for their favourite classic and contemporary films, although the 'Totoro' prints were, unbelievably, their first Studio Ghibli tribute.

This second Ghibli print from Olly Moss & Mondo features our favourite Ghibli film, 'Princess Mononoke', in English and Japanese alternative colourway editions both available via Mondo's Booth (#437) at SDCC 2012.

Gnomon Studios: Exoids

'Exoids' is a CG VFX extravaganza from Gnomon Studios, the original content creation wing at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Gnomon Studios prepares advanced Gnomon students for their professional careers by giving them the opportunity to work on their own projects in a studio environment under the guidance of actual production professionals.

"'Exoids' follows the octane-fueled adventures of the nomadic desert slug Gus Nitrous on his search for precious water. The story takes a dangerous turn as Gus ventures into the Exoids-occupied city of Los Angeles, culminating in a high-speed desert car chase that ends with an epic showdown."

Andrew Onorato: Elements LoopDeLoop

For the 'Elements' LoopDeLoop challenge Andrew Onorato has animated this perpetual loop of Captain Planet prancing across the screen. We also posted Andrew's ludicrously hilarious 'Simpsons Walk Cycles' last month.

Poketo Adventure Time Wallets

Husband-and-wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung aka Poketo produce a range of design-driven wares that "take art off the gallery walls and into people’s lives." They're best known for their collections of limited-edition vinyl wallets illustrated by some of the world most renowned artists.

The latest series of wallets all feature 'Adventure Time' inspired artwork including one designed by the series creator, Pendleton Ward! You can visit Poketo's website a read a bit of background information on each artist.

We've posted pictures of all 7 wallets below. Do you have a favourite? We especially like the Bemo illustration by Jolby.

Illustrated by Peskimo.

Illustrated by Peskimo.

Illustrated by Pendleton Ward.

Illustrated by Jon Vermilyea.

Illustrated by Jon Vermilyea.

Illustrated by Jolby.

Illustrated by Andy Ristaino.

Havard Forland Isaksen: Spray

Norwegian Havard Forland Isaksen created this film in CG as his graduation piece from RMIT Melbourne Australia, Animation & Interactive Media course.

'Spray' sees a boy receive a mysterious can of spray in the post. The spray makes hair grow rapidly on people and the boy gets carried away and empties the can on himself...

Ron English 'The Bart Grin' Vinyl Toy

3DRetro's awesome San Diego Comic-Con 2012 release... From Ron English and Matt Groening comes 'The Bart Grin' ("Ron English" colorway.)

There will 200 pieces available worldwide, each standing 10" tall. However, there will only be 50 pieces available at the 3DRetro Booth. The other "Original" colorway will also be available via Toy Tokyo (Booth 5336) at SDCC 2012.

Tor Fruergaard: Venus

Tor Fruergaard’s graduation film 'Venus', created at the National Film School of Denmark in 2010, won the animation prize at Slamdance last January, and has been screened at a whole host of festivals including Annecy and Future Shorts.

Watch the film below and download the 'Art of Venus' pdf book featuring a series of pictures and artwork from the production.

Howlin' Wolf - Evil

We Are Royal animated this CG "scratch board" effect music video for 'Evil' by Howlin' Wolf as part of the Videophonic session at the 2012 PromaxBDA Conference. The only restriction on the project was Royal could only select a piece of music recorded pre-MTV.

Being Elmo DVD

'Being Elmo - A Puppeteer's Journey' is released on DVD next Monday (16/07/12). The documentary is about the life of Kevin Clash, the man behind the much-loved Sesame Street puppet Elmo. The film traces Clash's life from a young boy in Baltimore harbouring the unusual dream of working as a puppeteer, to becoming the voice, heart and soul of Elmo, one of the world's best-known puppet characters!

We posted the trailer last September which you can still watch here.

Evan Red Borja: Otzi

The second film from Cartoon Brew's third annual Student Animation Festival, Following on from Caroline Torres' '21 Years in 7 Minutes' comes Evan Red Borja's animated short, 'Otzi.'

Whist the story of 'Otzi' is fairly predictable, as soon as a time machine is mention you know where it's heading, there is an undeniable quality to Evan's animation style. Evan sites J G Quintel's 'Regular Show' as a major influence and you can see many similarities in the line quality and humour of the short.

Pedro Eboli: Some Dude At The Subway

We couldne't resist posting Pedro Eboli's funny little short, 'Some Dude At The Subway.'

John Talabot - Lamento

Parisian video artist Joshua Catalano has animated a wonderful unofficial music video for John Talabot track 'Lamento.' The video builds layer upon layer of geometric madness to a trippy finally.


Thierno Bah, Noé Giuliani, Pierre Ledain & David Martins da Silva's graduation short of EMCA, France. 'Oben' ('Up') sees a man battling for life on a hospital bed whilst simultaneously remembering past mountaineering glory.

We also recently posted David Martins da Silva's own short, 'Thoughtlessness'... you should watch that too!

La Souris Sue Le Gateau Sculpture

Graphic design firm La Souris Sue Le Gateau applied their skills in the creation of this set of digital sculptures entitled ‘Holly Wood.’ Some iconic movie and video game characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse and others have been recreated as part of this project

Zac Brown Band - The Wind

An animated, guitar-shredding, big game hunting robot stars in the latest Zac Brown Band video for 'The Wind,' directed by Mike Judge ('King of the Hill' & 'Beavis and Butthead') and produced by Titmouse.

David Broner: Superdreamer

'Superdreamer' is David Broner's psychedelic 2nd year Supinfocom short.

Luca Tóth: Champion Trailer

Luca Tóth, who studied at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, is now working towards a MA at the Royal College of Art. Here is the trailer for his first RCA piece, 'Champion.'

"Martin's first experience of life was rather positive. He was swimming with thousands of similar sperms towards the warmly inviting egg. Reached it, Martin was the winner, the quickest one of all... Determination or beginners luck?"

Mondo Iron Giant Figure

Mondo create limited edition screen printed posters and products for their favourite classic and contemporary films alongside their gallery space in Austin, Texas.

Released today, at a yet undisclosed time, is this articulated 'Iron Giant' figure illustrated by Kevin Tong. The figure is beautifully screen printed, stands at over 30 inches tall, features a rotating/swivel head so that a “normal” or “war-mode” head can be displayed and will retail at $75. The last few copies of Laurent Durieux's amazing posters for 'The Iron Giant' will also go up for sale. Act quick Mondo releases have a reputation for selling out in minutes.

EDIT: The articulated 'Iron Giant' figure went up for sale earlier and sold out in under 3 minutes!

Dubstep Dispute

A family of Dubstep loving droids have a dispute at the dinner table and argue it out the only way they know how.

We love a bit of Dubstep at the Animated Review and the music for this short has been provided by Nostalgia.

Check it out!

Passion Pictures For BBC Stadium UK

We weren't particularly excited about the London 2012 Olympics until we saw the monumental new animated teaser for the BBC’s coverage, directed by Pete Candeland at Passion Pictures.

We Think Things Childhood Heroes

Felix Meyer (one half of design/illustration/animation due 'We Think Things') has started a series of illustrations of his earliest pop culture influences.

"The ongoing series of portraits showing my Saturday morning heroes. By illustrating them in a more real life based fashion I try to make them fit right in between ones family portraits making them a part of it."

image name image name

Malcolm Sutherland: Ninja Turtles Tribute

The Animated Review has seen some great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pieces since the release of the teaser footage of Nickelodeon's forthcoming re-boot series... most notably the grotesque 'Ninja Turtle Sex Museum' artwork from James Unsworth.

A couple of days ago Malcolm Sutherland uploaded his 'Ninja Turtles Tribute' to his Vimeo channel. Malcolm is clearly a huge fan and freely admits "its super nerdy to make fan videos but... making this was like my 10 year old dreams come true." This love for the franchise has resulted in the excellent short posted below...

Caroline Torres: 21 Years in 7 Minutes

Cartoon Brew, the long established Animation Blog from Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, have launched their third annual Student Animation Festival with Caroline Torres' short '21 Years In 7 Minutes.'

Caroline Torres studied at Rhode Island School of Design. Autobiographical stories are a typical theme for student filmmakers, but rarely executed with the level of originality and confidence seen in Caroline's work.

Visit Cartoon Brew for updates on the festival and an interview with Caroline Torres.

David Stodolny: Everyday Hulk

David Stodolny, an animator at Dreamworks, works on his own amusing, pop culture inspired, shorts. The Animated Review posted his 'Harrey Podder' piece last year and now he's back with, this 'Avengers' inspired piece, 'Everyday Hulk'.

Happycentro For La Vita Nòva

This spot, animated by Federico Galvani & Samantha Di Prospero at Happycentro, initially passed us by... we watched it an assumed it was a pretty uninspiring piece of CGI. We were surprised to discover, when the 'making of' was uploaded later, the film was actually an incredibly smooth, painstakingly crafted piece of stop motion!

The spot is designed to highlight that every year seven new cities as big as New York are born. La Vita Nòva introduces this animation to depict the evolution of new cities through six key concepts that encapsulate the vital features of these future cites. The use of actual LEGO bricks beautifully represents the construction and metamorphosis of these cities.

Nacho Rodriguez: A Paedophile

Nacho Rodriguez aka Mister Coo has animated this amazing piece with a serious message. 'A Paedophile' takes us on a surreal journey down the psychological abyss of paedophilia... and an exploration on guilt and punishment.

Tom Mathieson: Potlatch

Tom Mathieson recently graduated with a 'Moving Image' degree from Stockport College. His final short, ‘Potlatch', was inspired by Native American folk tales, especially those stories about death and the afterlife.

Moon Man First Look

We posted about Cartoon Saloon's forthcoming feature film 'Moon Man' (not to be confused with their forthcoming TV series 'Moone Boy') last year. 'Moon Man', an adaptation of one of the most well known books by Tomi Ungerer, is set to premiere on July 7th in the IFI – Irish Film Institute. In the meantime Cartoon Saloon has released a few still to whet our appetite.