Julia Pott: Belly

Royal College Of Art graduate Julia Pott has finally released the full length version of her short film 'Belly' online, you may remember we posted the trailer back in September 2011. It's been worth the wait and in this time the film has toured a number of festival and picked up a whole host of awards. A list of the screenings and awards can be found over on Julia's blog.

The story sees Oscar coming of age, but in doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving something behind. An idea lifted from Julia's own life experience as a child:

"The starting point for 'Belly' centred around the cross-over period between going to sleep in back of the car at night, then seamlessly waking up in my bed the next morning. Then I got too old and heavy and was woken up by my parents, forced to trudge upstairs, brush my teeth and put myself to bed. I remember being acutely aware that I had had things pretty good for a while, and now it was over."

The above quote comes from a fantastic interview conducted by Motionographer, head over there now and read the entire article.

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