Junaid Chundrigar: Bad Days

We posted Junaid Chundrigar's excellent Marvel comic inspired short, 'Disassembled', back in May. At that time it was having moderate success online, since then it's gone viral and even caught the attention of Stan Lee, who has now recorded an introduction to the piece. Junaid has also been commissioned to create an extended version for 'Stan Lee's World of Heroes' YouTube channel. The new short, 'Bad Days', is set to premiere soon, but this trailer has already been posted. Enjoy watching your favourite super heroes and villains on their worst days. Whether Green Lantern is wasting time with an emerald Yo-Yo or Batman has locked himself out of the Bat-Mobile...

EDIT: Junaid had let us know 'Bad Days' is actually a 12 part series, not a one-off short, which is excellent news. We're looking forward to seeing the entire series unfold.

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