Alfred Steiner Watercolours

Alfred Steiner, an Ohio born artist, creates wonderfully freakish watercolour painting which are so detailed they look more like collaged photography. Many of Steiners works feature popular cartoon characters re-constructed using sexual organs, body parts, animals and everyday objects. Here we've posted SpongeBob SquarePants, Mickey Mouse, Maggie Simpsons and Yosemite Sam, but if you head over to Stenier's website there are many more Frankenstein monstrosities to be seen.

Alfred Steiner has a new exhibition opening at the Poulsen Gallery Copenhagen in early November. As part of the artist profile on the Poulsen website Steiner talks about his childhood experiences which have since helped shape his work:

"I spent my elementary school years in rural Ohio—in a big pile of animal parts. My best friend's dad had a VCR with only three VHS tapes, one of which was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was my favorite, and not just because the fictional events took place on the day I was born. There's a scene in it where one of the nubile victims stumbles into a room strewn with bones—mostly animal—at once terrifying and rustic in the yellow Texas sun. Not to be outdone, my friend and I discovered a boneyard ourselves while roaming a nearby farm, and harvested a few cow skulls that we cleaned with bleach. There was also a fur dealer who lived nearby in a hovel just past the creek. In our only encounter, I watched this man enthusiastically carve out the heart of a fox and hand it to me. But even that experience didn't prepare me to find a severed blue eye staring back at me from the mailbox. Lowering the door of the box, I found the milky, apple-sized sphere suspended in a jar of formaldehyde. It was an unsolicited gift from our veterinarian, who was indulging my predilection for the anatomical. Pressing my memory for other seminal experiences involving entrails, I come up empty. But I do remember my friend telling me that his dad had a fourth videotape: Adult Cartoons."

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