Gero Doll: Logan's Run

Gero Doll created this surreal piece as an antidote to the boring slick CGI animation we're all used to seeing. This type of intentionally "ugly" animation is currently experiencing a wave of success and popularity, we've recently posted The Great Nordic Sword Fights music video for Birdy Nam Nam and Ian Cheng's glithcy Motion Capture work.

Initially the idea was to create a film, depicting a character lost in their own subconsciousness, but over the course of the films 3 month production, Gero expanded on the concept and the narrative became increasingly bizarre.

Gero outlines the story for us:

"The Main Character Logan, walks with handicapped motion in a lonely surreal environment, as she battles to survive... Non the less, this does not keep her from going on.

Suddenly, strange creatures with jagged heads and marshmallow body’s creep up on her. At the same time crippled and manipulated spring heads attached to melting bodies would go crazy.

Robot like machines driving in circles and bumping into each other– A hallucinatory trip loaded with unexpected character animation.

Suddenly at the end the “floating Clown”, peacefully and cheerfully floating through the calm thin breeze, interrupts the chaos. However, the floating clown shows negative effects of consumerism thus he is surrounded by orbiting junk."

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