Kishi Bashi - I Am The Antichrist To You

An interesting departure for animator Anthony Scott, as he teams up with long time friend and indie violinist/filmmaker, Kishi Bashi and his artist wife Mocha of the band Jupiter One. The music video for Kishi's new track 'I Am The Antichrist To You' was shot at Anthony’s home whilst he was in between projects.

Anthony shares a little background on the production:

"I had some downtime between projects and wanted to try something completely different, so I approached my friend K about shooting a music video. I had the time and he had a concept ready to go. We collaborated for 3 months shooting the film, using Skype as a platform for our production meetings. Once I finished my bit, the project sat in post-production limbo for awhile. The original song eventually was replaced with ‘Antichrist’ and was recently released in conjunction with Kishi Bashi’s tour. The new song is both beautiful and mysterious. I am very pleased with the way the video turned out, especially considering it was shot with the simplest and most basic of setups; including a homemade wooden camera rig, paper characters, and a budget of zero. If I could spend the rest of my life making films with friends I would be a happy animator."

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