Moving Graphics Book

Moving Graphics - New Directions in Motion Design

Editors: Dopress
Release Date: August 2012
Features: 256 pages, full cover, hardcover, incl. 2 DVD's
Language: English/Italian
ISBN: 978-8492810468

As motion graphics surround us in today's digital age, this exciting area of graphic design has become increasingly important in the area of visual communication. Innovative advances in technology have given designers, illustrators, and new artists the means to create cutting-edge work and material using moving images. With its pioneering vision of the motion design scene, 'Moving Graphics' presents stunning examples of the work of a new generation of designers currently pushing the boundaries in this exciting and constantly-evolving sector of the industry.

Divided into four key chapters - Art and Culture, Commercial Advertising, Show-Openers and lastly Fun and Others - 'Moving Graphics' offers a panoramic overview of the dynamic motion graphic design scene, with breathtaking examples of work from international leading designers working across all sectors of the industry.

This book is illustrated by screen grabs, storyboards and sketches, and a short description of the work with information about the project and the designers accompanying each case study. The book includes 2 DVD with extra useful examples of work featured and images from actual motion graphics professionals.

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