J. J. Harrison Adventure Time Print

J. J. Harrison is clearly a huge fan of ‘Adventure Time’, there are dozens of tribute illustrations, doodles and prints over on his blog.

Harrison is probably best known for the still-in-high-demand and hard to come by (there were only 40) 'My Neighbor Jake' giclee print released back during Mondo’s Adventure Time gallery show. This new print from Mondo is also sure to be in high demand, based on 'The Creeps' episode it's very different to Harrisons other 'Adventure Time' prints, but still stunningly brilliant!

To show the variety of Harrisons work and his love of 'Adventure Time' we've posted an image of 'The Creeps' print alongside 'My Neighbor Jake' and our personal favourite print 'A.T.', an 'E.T.' & 'Adventure Time' mash-up.

image name image name

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