Little Miss Stella

Stella McCartney is launching a capsule collection of childrenswear inspired by the Little Miss Stella character, both of which hit the stores recently. The Little Miss collection comprises of seven pieces - including a T-shirt, jumper, pyjamas, bag and a baby all-in-one - and all come with a set of fabric pens that can be used to draw on and customise the items.

The Little Miss Stella character first appeared back in 2006/07 when author and illustrator Adam Hargreaves created a 32 page story in the style of the original books as an invitation for a fashion show. The book tells the story of Little Miss Stella meeting Little Miss Nobody, who is constantly bumping into people because no one notices her. Little Miss Stella solves Nobody's problem by designing a bespoke suit, magically transforming her into "somebody".

Whilst the story in the book sounds horribly shallow the range of clothing and the sweet animated promo from Bill Porter (posted below) are pretty nice!

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