Max Hattler: X

It doesn't see that long ago we were posting about Max Hattler and his latest visual triumph, but he's already back with another stunning project.

Max's Canal Commission: 'X', part of the Vauxhall Ampera Season at KXFS in King's Cross, launched last Thursday (6th September) and runs every evening until the 16th. If you can't get to London to see it live Max has kindly posted a video of the piece on his Vimeo channel which can be viewed below.

We're a big fan of Max's visual output and each piece seems to have surpassed the last. 'X' is no exception, albeit taking a unique departure from his other recent works. The kinetic futuristic geometric neon visuals are back-projected onto a 10x15m screen of water rising from the canal giving the animation a ghostly shimmer. So whilst 'X' is a continuation of Max's abstract exploration into his other-worldly aesthetic, it's a whole new experience. One we hope to experience again in subsequent works, and with Max's prolific output we shouldn't have to wait too long.

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