Philipp Artus: Snail Trail

The Animated Review posted Philipp Artus' 'Snail Trail' back in February in its original projected phosphorescent sculptural format, but now it's be re-tweaked and developed for the final instalment to Cartoon Brew's 3rd annual Student Animation Festival.

In the sculptural format an animation of a snail is projected onto a drum coated with a phosphorescent material, which creates an after-glowing trail, fading out slowly. The animated sequence ends where it started so can be watched as a perpetual loop around the cylinder. It's difficult to describe the piece and do it justice, 'Snail Trail' is a truly visual extravaganza, Artus’ vision is startlingly beautiful.

To achieve this newly developed version Artus applied a similar technique to the real-time projection by using the same 3D Max animated character projected with a laser onto a phosphorescent sheet and recording it frame by frame with Dragon Stop Motion, with some post production tweaks in After Effects. This proved to be a very time consuming process, but it achieves a unique style that looks both digital and hand-drawn. This progression has taken this new piece to a step above the original installation.

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