Sawe: Mute 'Enjoy The Silence'

Catalan graffiti writer, Sawe, released a collaborative video with Herokid and his 'Concrete Walls' project back in June. Unlike the shaky, out of focus, poorly shot graffiti videos usually posted online, Sawe used his illustrative characters to animate over a well shot video intentionally framed to incorporate these animated elements.

In his latest audiovisual collaboration, Sawe has teamed up with Montana Colors and created a similar video. This new collaboration is to market and highlight the usefulness of the 'Mute Magnet', a magnetic disc designed to silence your spray cans rattle... essential for that illegal late night painting!

Below we've posted Sawe's original piece with Herokid and 'Mute: Enjoy The Silence', the new collaborative promo for Montana.

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